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What The Bills Need: If At First (Or 21st Time) You Don’t Succeed Try, Try Again

Let’s talk a little Buffalo Bills history for a second.

Hold on for a second though, we’re not diving into any future history dealings here. There will be no discussing any potential Bills NFL projected scores. The season finished a couple of days ago. There are many people still hungover from the weekend to start thinking about next season already.

What The Bills Need: If At First (Or 21st Time) You Don’t Succeed Try, Try Again
Stefon Diggs #14 of the Buffalo Bills--Al Bello/Getty Images/AFP

For today, let’s go back in time, firstly to last season. After starting out as one of the AFC’s top NFL betting odds candidates, Buffalo learned the hard way that favoritism is not just a trait, but also a rather vast handful.

Finishing the regular season with an 11-6 record, riding a five-game winning streak that saw them take the AFC East title from the Dolphins in Week 18, things were looking up for the Bills.

Then the divisional round of the playoffs came around, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs paid a visit to Orchard Park, and well, you know the rest of the story.

That postseason loss marked the 20th time the Bills have made the playoffs in 64 seasons without being able to win a Super Bowl. Yes, that includes that horrible four-year, four straight Super Bowl losing run between 1990-93.

So what’s next for the Bills? What should they focus on this offseason to try and finally make it to the Super Bowl once again, hopefully winning at the end?


NFL Draft: WR first, Then Defense Through and Through

Josh Allen needs help. Stefon Diggs needs help. Von Miller needs help. I could go on with the list, but for now, let’s stick to those names, and why they are so important looking into Buffalo’s potential 2024 NFL draft strategy.

With 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including the 29th overall pick to start, the team’s main focus points should be finding Allen and Diggs a new prospect at wide receiver to work with, and landing an edge rusher to help strengthen Miller’s defensive line.

If it’s me who’s picking, I’m going offense first here. This team already has a good enough defense, with enough players to go around and not have to worry right now. On offense though, if they wish to continue being NFL betting lines heavy hitters, the Bills will need more pop.

Players like Keon Coleman, Troy Franklin, Ladd McConkey, Adonai Mitchell or Johnny Wilson all feel like they could be great fits to learn from Diggs.

Afterward, in the edge department, if Leonard Taylor or Kris Jenkins are around, then Buffalo needs to target them. If not, Adisa Isaac could be a perfect plan B pick.

Once all that is done, going for a couple of prospects for the team’s secondary, especially in the safety department, a running back and some interior defensive help should be the plan.


Free Agency: Does The FA Market Offer Layaway?

Allen at $47.1 million, Diggs at $27.9 million, and Miller at $23.9 million constitute the team’s biggest salary-cap hits. Keep that in mind for a second, especially once you learn Buffalo’s projected salary cap space for the 2024 season is slated at -$41.4 million.

There are only two teams this offseason that have it worse off than the Bills, the Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints. So, yes, it kind of stinkss to be the Bills financially.

With needs to be addressed, and above all, money to be collected somehow in order to make it to the start of the season, restructuring, cutting and then bargain shopping is the name of the game here.

Starting by getting the three players mentioned above to restructure their deals would be the absolute best way to go. By pushing some of that money to be paid further in the future, Buffalo could focus on some important “right now” issues.

Once money is freed up, maybe looking for some cheap help on defense, mainly to add depth to an already stacked line could work best.

But right now, the Bills should just start by trying to make money appear.


Outlook: Sorry Bills Fans, No Super Bowl For You Next Season

You’d think since I’m a Jets fan I would love to be the one to give this NFL prediction. But no. In all honesty, I like Bills fans. They remind me of me and my friends back in high school. Yes, there was drunken rowdiness and broken tables just like them.

With that said though, the competition in the AFC is only going to get tougher, and Buffalo’s title window continues to close faster and faster while its main competitors grow.

I like Allen, and I’ll put him right up there in my future NFL picks for MVP next season. But besides that, if it’s a Super Bowl trip Bills fans are waiting for, that’s not going to happen.


Questions Of The Day

What Are Buffalo’s Main Draft Needs In 2024?

Wide receiver, edge rusher, interior defensive lineman, safety, cornerback, and running back are Buffalo’s main needs going into the 2024 NFL draft.

How Much Cap Space Does the Bills Have To Work With?

The Buffalo Bills have a projected -$41.4 million salary cap to work with this offseason, putting them with the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints as the teams with the worst cap situation in the NFL.

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