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What The Chiefs Need: Get Mahomes Some Receivers ASAP!

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions once again! But who am I kidding, that’s something all

NFL lines fans know already.

What The Chiefs Need: Get Mahomes Some Receivers ASAP!
Isiah Pacheco #10 of the Kansas City Chiefs | Steph Chambers/Getty Images/AFP

After beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in a thrilling OT matchup, led by yet another MVP performance from Patrick Mahomes and KC’s defense coming through tremendously, the Chiefs are already thinking about going for three titles in as many years.

With everybody putting Chiefs at the top of their No.1 target list for next season, what should the team do to stand above its competition once again?

NFL Draft: Receivers, Receivers, Receivers!

If I had a nickel for every time a Chiefs wide receiver dropped a pass this season, I’m not saying I’d be rich, but I’d at least have a couple of bucks.

Taking out rookie Rashee Rice, who was the team’s only truly viable option at wideout, Kansas struggled badly to get something going with its passing offense.

It’s almost dumbfounding that a player of Mahomes’ caliber had to struggle so much in a season where the team’s main goal was to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

It was mainly because of the team’s defense that the squad managed to continue on top of all NFL betting lines fans’ preferences.

With the last pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Chiefs have to make it a point to draft a new wide receiver.

Thankfully, there are enough top-tier prospects to go around, meaning that by the time KC is picking, players like Florida State’s Keon Coleman should still be around.

Coleman fits the bill of what the Chiefs need to a tee. His 6-foot-4, 215-pound frame, plus ball skills after the catch and pop down the field, can turn him into a true difference-making receiver in the near future.

After that, I say keep going. Draft at least one or two more receivers, followed by a couple of interior defenders and edge rushers and a cornerback – all mainly for adding depth in the team’s defense.

If those needs can be met, it will be easy for KC to reclaim their title as NFL odds favorites in 2024.

Free Agency: How About Veteran Free Agent WRs as Well?

I know I just mentioned the Chiefs need to focus their draft strategy on getting some receiver prospects to groom for the future alongside Rice.

But with a little over $30 million in projected cap space and with the odds of the Chiefs paying Chris Jones the money he truly deserves not looking as sharp, why not focus on getting a top-caliber veteran wideout?

With plenty of top receivers hitting free agency this offseason, why not swing for the fences and try to land someone like Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans?

Imagine a mix of Rice’s speed and Evans physicality and power against opposing defenses. With tight end Travis Kelce taking care of the team’s short- and mid-range passing plays, Mahomes could finally have a top-caliber receiver corps to work with.

At the end of the day, considering the money is there, why not go for it? It would make KC look even more enticing for betting fans wanting free NFL picks.

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Outlook: Is it Time to Bust Out Chiefs Dynasty Shirts?

This is a yes and no deal for me.

Yes, because as reigning back-to-back Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs have everything going for them to make a case for going for the three-peat and becoming one of the strongest dynasties in football history.

No, because unlike last season, where even after seriously struggling from time to time, the Chiefs managed to push through. Next season, the level of competition in the AFC will be substantially higher.

Even if the Chiefs share the top of our Super Bowl LIX winner odds list with the San Francisco 49ers, it’s going to take a whole lot more than just trusting Mahomes to get the job to win the title.

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Questions Of The Day

Are Chiefs Favorites to Repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

According to BetUS Sportsbook, the Chiefs are second in line to win Super Bowl LIX next season, tied with the San Francisco 49ers.

Is Patrick Mahomes the NFL’s GOAT?

While many NFL rumors sites have continuously opened up the discussion on whether Mahomes has surpassed Tom Brady as the sport’s GOAT, it will take at least two more Super Bowl wins to take over as the NFL’s greatest player ever.

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