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What The Packers Need: Time for Green Bay’s Step Up To Next Level

Funny how there are teams that based on history alone usually find a way to muster through any adversity and still churn out some strong results. That at least is my take on last season’s Green Bay Packers, who went from not being in anybody’s radar, even for free NFL picks, to almost making it to the NFC Title game.

With a roster full of young players, and pulling on the team’s history of always bringing the fight to anybody, the Packers went from an initial 3-6 start to finishing the season with a 9-8 record.

What The Packers Need: Time for Green Bay’s Step Up To Next Level
Jordan Love #10 of the Green Bay Packers | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images/AFP

In the playoffs, the Packers, heavy NFL betting lines underdogs not only went to Dallas and gave the Cowboys a beating to remember, but then carried on and gave the San Francisco 49ers a true run for its money in the divisional round.

Now, with the chance to give the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings a scare in the race for the NFC North title, what should the Packers focus on to come into the 2024 season stronger than before?

NFL Draft: Get This Offense More Help

Let’s play a game of constructing Green Bay’s 2024 NFL draft strategy. First, we need to focus on what the team needs?

If you ask me, the offensive line needs at least one game-changing, pro ready prospect to lead their draft class. Be it a left tackle or a center, whichever seems like the best pick available at the time of choosing in the first round, that’s who needs to be taken.

In an ideal world either Oregon State’s offensive tackle Taliese Fuaga, who can excel at tackle or guard, or Washington’s offensive lineman Troy Fautanu, who can also line up at tackle or guard, should be the team’s main first-round targets.

Either one of the two could slide into the guard position, thus moving Rasheed Walker to protect Jordan Love’s blindside and be set for quite some time moving forward.

After all this is said and done, getting Jaire Alexander a little help in the cornerback department, as well as trying to land a strong prospect at safety and a couple more offensive weapons for Love to work with need to be on the list of tasks ahead.

Free Agency: Is It Time To Let Bakhtiari Walk?

How much money the Packers are set to pay stud left tackle David Bakhtiar: $40,018,311 if they decide to keep him? The projected sum of money Green Bay would free up by releasing Bakhtiari would be $21.4 million.

Let that sink in for a second.

With a projected cap space of around $10.4 million for this offseason, and with the LT only having played a couple handful of games in the past three seasons because of injury issues, releasing him should be in the team’s agenda before the start of the pre-season.

Yes, Bakhtiari is one of the team’s last remaining leaders from its Aaron Rodgers-led generation. Yes, the one that used to be Las Vegas NFL picks darlings. But imagine all that could be done with the extra money the team could bring in from releasing him.

Moving on from the tackle would allow Green Bay to have enough monetary power to become strong players during the free agency period, being able to bring in some much-needed help in areas like the team’s secondary for example.

Outlook: What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Everybody thought the Packers would bomb last season. Having the youngest roster in the league since 2017, many NFL predictions experts thought Green Bay would end up being everybody’s perennial punching bag.

But low and behold, they made it into the playoffs and were three points away from making it to the NFC title game.

So, in all honesty, what’s the worst that can happen next season?

Everybody knows all attention in the NFC North will be on what the Detroit Lions do. So why not try to go for being sneaky NFL lines dark horse once again?

If Love gets enough help on offense, and he is able to continue to show substantial growth as the team’s franchise QB, the future looks brighter and brighter for Green Bay as time progresses.



Questions Of The Day

How Many Draft Picks Do The Packers Have This Offseason?

The Packers hold a total of 11 picks.

What Is The Projected Cap Space For Green Bay In 2024?

The Packers have a projected cap space of $10.4 million to work with in 2024.

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