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Will Any of These NFL Teams Go 0-17 in 2024?

Given the nature of the NFL’s schedule, compared to the other top sports in the United States, it is the league with the best chance of a team going a season without a win. Because football has always had fewer games played, currently at 17 in the regular season, there are more chances for a team to go winless. While it is rare, BetUS has NFL odds for every team to go 0-17 in 2024.

In the post-Super Bowl era of the NFL, there have been four winless teams. The first time it happened was in 1976 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 0-14. However, it happened in their debut season, and very little was expected from them. They eventually won a game on December 11, 1997, losing their first 26 games in the NFL.

Will Any of These NFL Teams Go 0-17 in 2024?
Bryce Young #9 of the Carolina Panthers | Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images/AFP

The Baltimore Colts would be the second team to have a winless season, but there were some caveats. The 1982 season was shortened because of a player strike, and the Colts tied one game. They finished with a 0-8-1 record.

It would not be until 2008 that the Detroit Lions had the first ever 0-16 season. The Lions were the first non-expansion franchise team to lose every game of the regular season during the Super Bowl era and the first team to lose 16 games, with the NFL expanding the schedule in 1978.

Since then, one other team, the Cleveland Browns, had a 0-16 season 11 years later in 2017. The Browns would arguably have one of the worst two-season stretches in league history, going 1-31 in 2016 and 2017.

However, since the NFL added a game to make the regular season 17 games, a team has never gone 0-17. The closest was the Carolina Panthers in 2023, with a 2-15 record.

Panthers Primed for Perfection…of the Wrong Kind?

Because the Panthers only managed to get two wins last season, they seem in line for another tough year, which leads to them having odds set at +2200 to finish 2024 with the first-ever 0-17 record.

Before the 2023 Draft, the Panthers traded away their first-round pick for 2024 to the Chicago Bears, receiving the first overall pick to select quarterback Bryce Young. However, the Panthers’ 2023 season didn’t go as planned, leading to the worst record in the league but not getting compensation for their struggles.

That only increases the Panthers’ chances of struggling again this season. Usually, when a team is terrible, it can rely on the draft to bring in some top-tier talent, and the Panthers did not have that chance in 2024. Furthermore, they traded away one of their best defensive players, pass rusher Brian Burns.

There is little to be excited about when looking at the Panthers roster. With Young struggling as a rookie and not living up to the expectations of being the first-overall pick, this could only get worse. They will also have a first-time head coach, Dave Canales, in charge of the team.



Who Else Could Go Winless in 2024?

While the Panthers are the clear favorites to go winless in 2024, some other teams are in the running. At +2500 betting odds to go 0-17 in 2024 are the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. Both teams could have a rookie as their starting quarterback, increasing their chances of going winless.

After nearly two decades of dominating the NFL, the Patriots’ time on top of the league seems to have ended. They had a 4-13 record in 2023, which led to Bill Belichick stepping down as the team’s head coach and being replaced by former player Jerod Mayo. They selected Drake Maye with the third overall pick in the 2024 draft, but he is not a finished product at quarterback.

It’s unclear whether Maye will be the Week 1 starter. With Jacoby Brissett on the Patriots roster, he has the advantage just because of experience. That could ultimately help the Patriots at least win a game, along with what should be a decent enough defense.

On the other hand, the Broncos might be a little concerning. They selected Bo Nix with the 12th pick, and he is speculated to be the Week 1 starter. The other quarterback options on the roster are Zach Wilson and Jarrett Stidham, giving Nix a clear path to winning the starting job.

However, the Broncos still have a Super Bowl-winning head coach, Sean Payton. He somehow managed the Broncos to an 8-9 record, which was surprising given the numerous issues with the Broncos in 2023.

Two more teams that have solid chances of going 0-17 are the Las Vegas Raiders and Washington Commanders. The Raiders odds are set at +6500, but they missed the quarterback sweepstakes during the 2023 draft. Whoever ends up being their Week 1 starting quarterback will not live up to the talent around the league, which does open the door for them to struggle.

With odds at +7500 to go winless for the Commanders, there is not much to get excited about on their roster other than a solid defensive line and the second overall pick, Jayden Daniels, who won the 2023 Heisman Trophy.


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0-17 Lock? Raiders’ Woes Make Them Winless Frontrunner

The best three chances of a team going winless this season are the Panthers, Raiders, and Commanders. However, if you had to pick one, the Raiders might be the best team to be back.

The Panthers and Commanders have some talent and quarterback options, but the Raiders are in a rough spot, especially with the possibility that Davante Adams will want to be traded. Making them the best bet at BetUS Sportsbook.



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Will a team go 0-17 in the 2024 NFL season?

There is a lot of talent on each NFL team, but it does seem like the Raiders have the best possible chances of finishing 2024 with a 0-17 record.

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