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Rodgers Said Yes to The Jets! Is It Time To Start Chilling Champagne?

After weeks of speculation, the four-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner Aaron Rodgers has finally made his intentions for next season clear. Making an appearance on “The Pat MacAfee Show” Thursday, Rodgers answered the question that had been taking over NFL news and rumors outlets all around.

“Since Friday, I made it clear that my intention was to play and it was my intention to play for the New York Jets.”

Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers - Patrick McDermott/Getty Images/AFP

With those words, Rodgers brought a whirlwind of doubt and speculations to an end, bringing immense joy to Jets fans all around, myself included, and squashing the chance for a return to Green Bay.

While details of the trade have not yet been agreed upon by both teams, the cat is out of the cage for all parties involved. Rodgers wants in with the Jets and the Jets finally will land the franchise QB they’ve been yearning to have for, um, forever.

So, is it time yet? Time for Jets fans to get excited? Time to start saving up for a trip to the Super Bowl? Yes, yes, and yes, and here’s why.

Jets Ready for True Taste of Victory

Ever since 1969, when “Broadway” Joe Namath led the Jets to their only Super Bowl title, the team has been looking for a franchise QB to lead them back to football’s promised land. There have been some that came close, like Vinny Testaverde at the end of the ‘90s, or Mark Sanchez in 2009 and ‘10. And what about the others? Well, let’s just say the Jets have seen much better days.

Now that Rodgers is seemingly headed to the Big Apple, that inevitable sensation of finally getting to the end of the road, where a victory-ridden rainbow awaits is finally here. Even if Rodgers still hasn’t suited up in the green and white, a feeling of hope and newfound excitement for the team has officially taken over.

At least for now, gone are the days of the Jets being a joke at the expense of their QB experiments. Even if Rodgers only plays for two- or three years tops with New York, I’m sure I speak for all Jets fans when I say that I’ll take that over the same old shtick over and over again.

If New York Is Going All In, Rodgers Should, Too

If you would’ve jumped on Twitter or any social media outlet in the past few days, the chances of witnessing a slew of different Jets players going all out trying their best to recruit Rodgers to New York would’ve smacked you right across the face.

From “Sauce” Gardner burning the infamous Cheesehead he wore at Lambeau after the Jets beat the Packers last season, to the rest of New York’s players showering Rodgers with all kinds of love, they were channeling what all fans were thinking and wanting to say.

Everyone in NY is all in for Rodgers, now it’s on him to dish some of that love back and start a new era for the green and white.

You know what could help his case in that argument? Leading a team like the Jets, with a fanbase and roster sold on the idea of him being the pinpoint of a new beginning, to a Super Bowl win.

After that, let him ride into the ayahuasca-ridden horizon for all we care, for there will be nothing left for him to accomplish.

Cautious Optimism or Overlapping Excitement, What Works Best Now?

Give me both and I’ll be more than happy from here until the season starts. Yes, taking a bet on Rodgers and what he can bring to a team that has been dubbed as a squad that’s a QB away from being a contender is a leap of faith. But let me paint you a picture for a second.

Rodgers at QB, Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and Elijah Moore as receivers, a returning Breece Hall taking care of the running game, and an offensive line that actually works. Tell me that doesn’t sound good.

Hell, the season hasn’t even started and I’m already salivating at the idea of the Jets crushing the AFC East, making a strong run in the playoffs, and who knows, maybe finally making it to the AFC Title and Super Bowl LVIII.

Screw caution, I’ll take optimism and excitement every day now. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be by the cooler putting the bubbles to chill, because the “J E T S JETS JETS JETS” are about to take flight.

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