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NFL Picks & Predictions

Be confident our NFL picks will not only inform but entertain you on the latest NFL games. We look for the edge in all the NFL betting odds to find you some valuable NFL bets, from betting against the spread advice to nabbing a dark horse Super Bowl contender. 

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We’re blushing from the weight of our “expert” monikers here. But we’re confident every pick and every game is thoroughly researched. At worst, you still get a fun read with a detailed analysis of over 300 NFL matchups

Our selections range from picking the winners on each side to a point spread and/or straight-up perspective. We deal with prop bets too, update the futures, and play some survivor or fantasy once in a while. There’s something for everyone here. 

We cover the NFL from its preseason to its offseason with a focus on the NFL odds. Our experts are seasoned handicappers who put their money where their mouths are. Here’s a sample of the types of articles you will find: 

  • Straight-up picks:

    Finding the valuable bet between two teams. Sometimes the big underdog wins and we’re more likely to stake our reps on that than to keep padding our records with hefty chalk. 

    • Point spread picks:

      the cream of the crop of betting picks, getting the point spread right can be a challenge.

    • NFL picks against the spread: Picking NFL winners against the spread is no easy task, but it can be one of the most rewarding. Listen to the expert handicappers and study the form to make the most accurate top nfl picks.
    • Totals and team totals: If we’re bucking the pick between teams, we might focus on finding an advantage in how many points are scored in a game.
    • Props: We can’t cover all of them, but we’ll find enough prop bets ranging from player props to specific game outcomes.
    • Futures: We keep you updated on the moving Super Bowl odds favorites to division winners and individual player awards. 

    Or fade us if you disagree. Either way, there is plenty of variety in the NFL betting markets, as offered by the online sportsbook. We’ll continue to provide blanket coverage of this great game.

    NFL Picks Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How does betting on NFL games work?

    A. There are many ways to bet on NFL games, but three are easily the most widespread: point spreads, single game, and totals. Each type of wager will have varying lines, depending on the game. You pick the side you like, risk what you feel comfortable with money-wise with a sportsbook and have them place toys wager. If you win, you get your risk amount plus win amount back as a payout.

    Q. How do NFL betting lines work?

    A. The main NFL betting lines are point spreads, moneylines and totals (or Over/Unders). Point spreads pre-set the number of points a favorite has to win by, or an underdog remain within range of. A moneyline is simply a bet on who will win. Totals can be Over/Under the total points scored in a game, or they can be based on each team’s total points.

    Q. How do you read a point spread?

    A. If a point spread betting number has a PLUS (+) sign, that team is the underdog. If the number is a MINUS (-) sign, that team is the favorite.

    Q. Why would you bet on negative odds?

    A. Negative odds merely indicate the favorite in a game. In a point spread, it means that the team must win by more than that number of points. In a moneyline, it indicated the amount you must wager in order to win $100.

    Q. What is a moneyline in sports betting?

    A. A moneyline indicates both the favorite and underdogs in a matchup, and the payout amount. If the moneyline is negative, it means you must wager that amount to win $100. If the moneyline is positive, it means you win that amount with a wager of $100.

    Q. Where can I find free NFL expert picks?

    A. You can find free NFL expert picks right here at BetUS in our Locker Room in the NFL section. We handicap every single game from multiple perspectives.