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AFC East Predictions: Battle Between Three Betting Odds Favorites

Hi, my name is Daniel Sáenz, and I’m the biggest New York Jets fan you’ll have to put up with for the time being. But don’t sweat it, I can play fair and offer realistic NFL betting advice.

Our AFC East Division NFL odds were put into hyperdrive after New York took the leap and brought in bonafide Green Bay Packers legend and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers to lead its offense. While it felt as if the division would once again be a playground for the Buffalo Bills, with the Miami Dolphins playing second fiddle, the Jets have officially joined the fray, turning the race for the divisional crown into a three-horse race.

But wait, what about Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots? Yes, what about them?

In a division that promises to be one of the most entertaining in 2023, what are some of the best NFL predictions to consider?

Let’s talk.

Buffalo Fails as NFL Odds Favorite to Win AFC East

Don’t tell Buffalo, but the clock on their title window closing has officially started to tick down. After failing to make it to the Super Bowl in the last two years despite having what many consider the best all-around roster in the AFC, “now or never” has begun to take on a whole new meaning for the Bills.

Don’t let the team’s +900 NFL lines to win Super Bowl LVIII fool you. Buffalo could make it to the championship game, I’m not here to argue that. But how they make it there, that’s where I have a bone to pick.

I’m all for honesty, and the truth needs to be said. Buffalo is coming into the season with the most pressure to perform and dominate. Losing is something this team cannot afford anymore. Even if they try to sell the idea that all is good and well at Orchard Park, cracks within the team are starting to show, and that’s where the Jets and Dolphins could end up raking the biggest rewards.

Buffalo’s week 1 MNF showdown against the Jets in New York could be a detonator for a season where taking 2nd place in the division is the most realistic NFL picks to ride with.

For NFL betting lines pundits counting on Buffalo as their preferred pick to win the AFC East, winning the division might not be in the team’s future.

Garrett Wilson Finishes as Division’s Best WR

Alright, let’s talk some Jets football now. Going from the division’s perennial losers to this season’s online NFL betting sweethearts, the Jets are ready to take flight and slay their competition on their way to the playoffs.

So, what are my top NFL expert picks for Woody Johnson’s team in 2023? No, not New York winning the Super Bowl. Although at +1600 on our Super Bowl LVIII odds page, tell me that’s not an enticing move. And no, not the Jets winning the AFC East division, with our sportsbook having the team at +250 to win the crown.

AFC East Predictions: Battle Between Three Betting Odds Favorites
New York Jets owner Woody Johnson | Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

I’m going all in on New York’s best non-QB player on offense, last year’s OROY winner, WR Garrett Wilson, and his chance to end up as the AFC East’s best receiver.

Experts around the league have predicted that Wilson could be in for a developmental process and explosion, just like Davante Adams had in Green Bay. What did they both have in common? Rodgers leading the passing game.

In a division that holds the likes of Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs and Miami’s Tyreek Hill and

Jaylen Waddle, Wilson’s chance to have a breakout sophomore season, now with Rodgers as his passer, could pay off the biggest reward. With the former Ohio State star on par to break the 1250 receiving yard mark and with expectations of having at least nine receiving TDs, it would be idiotic not to take Wilson to have the most receiving yards in the AFC.

Miami Misses Playoffs

If you’re a Dolphins fan, I won’t judge you. We all have phases in our lives that are sometimes hard to let go of. Look at Emos, people who say “YOLO” and “epic”, or Furbies. They were all fun at one point, but then only the truest fans stuck around.

The Dolphins are that team in the league that no matter what they do or how many players they bring in each off-season, something always seems to get in their way. Last year it was Tua Tagovailoa’s injury scares. I’ll go as far as to say that if Tua had stayed healthy all season, Miami could have gone far.

This year, even with the Fins looking to be in tip-top shape and ready to bring the fight to anybody who wants a piece, I can’t see them making it to the playoffs. Looking through Miami’s roster alone, any fan looking to bet on NFL action wouldn’t think it over for a second to take the Dolphins in any game, but the hype might end up being too much and the spark too little.

With the Bills and Jets poised to make a strong push for the divisional title and the playoffs and a slew of other AFC teams fighting for a Wild Card berth, Miami could end up falling victim to too many good teams and not enough room in the postseason.

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