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Be Wary of NFL Lines This Week on Favorite in Seahawks vs Cowboys

The Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys game in Week 13 is one of the more intriguing matchups and a potential trap game for the home team.

This game looks like a significant mismatch on paper, and the NFL spread at 9½ points suggests the Seahawks are walking into beating. But I think it’s the Cowboys heading for trouble in a potential trap game as they look ahead to a big matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14.

Be Wary of NFL Lines This Week on Favorite in Seahawks vs Cowboys
Be Wary of NFL Lines This Week on Favorite in Seahawks vs Cowboys

Are Dallas’ Heads in Week 14?

If you look up the term “trap game” in the dictionary, the Week 13 game between the Seahawks and Cowboys could be the definition. The Cowboys wore their big boy pants and smoked the Washington Commanders 45-10 in Week 12. In doing so, they ticked one trap game box with a big divisional win.

While the Cowboys have been blowing out teams as NFL betting favorites, I have to call out how easy their recent schedule has been. The Cowboys had the luxury of facing the New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, and Commanders.

This may not sound like a plus for the Seahawks, and in almost every way, it isn’t, but the Cowboys are also winners of 13 straight at home. All these positive results can leave a team vulnerable due to playing down to the level of their opponents. Plus, cruising to so many home wins can lead to overconfidence.

I don’t know if I can qualify this as the best bet for NFL Week 13, but I can’t help but be tempted by the value of Seattle to pull off a major upset. The Cowboys have already shown the potential to lose to any team after getting beat by the Cardinals, so don’t assume I’m talking crazy over here. The Cardinals stink and were worse when they beat the Cowboys; which is a consideration when making this bold call.

The Cowboys have much going for them on paper, but their position is much more precarious than it looks, especially in the playoff race. That adds to the pressure of a game like this and could lead to Dallas blowing another winnable game.

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Question Of The Day

What are some of the most common types of trap games?

Games with large favorites who overlook lesser opponents and end up losing. Also, teams with a big game the following week must remember to game plan for this week.

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