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Bills,Dolphins Lead Way in NFL Props This Week

We made it. The final week of the 2023 NFL regular season is here and with it, our last chance to talk about the best AFC East NFL prop betting picks to target this weekend.

It’s been a hell of a ride, at least for everybody except New York Jets and New England Patriots fans. Let’s face it.

Bills,Dolphins Lead Way in NFL Props This Week
Bills,Dolphins Lead Way in NFL Props This Week

Even as they are set to play their season finale at Foxborough on Sunday, there are better online betting odds on how many hot dogs the vendors will sell than how any player on either team will perform.

That’s why for this week, I’m focusing on the one game that truly matters in the division. The game with real implications both in the divisional title race as well as the conference playoff picture.

Yes, I’m talking about the Buffalo Bills visiting the Miami Dolphins.

So, without further ado, let’s break down the top online prop bets for this pivotal, AFC East title deciding bout in Hard Rock Stadium.

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Buffalo Needs Diggs To Pop Off Badly

I sometimes wonder whatever happened to Stefon Diggs this season. He’s that one Buffalo player that you could always count on to bring it, no matter how the team was performing.

And then, he just fizzled out.

Still, all it takes for Diggs to come back and show why he is one of the best receivers in the league is one game, one big game to be exact. And I don’t know why, but I have a feeling this game against Miami might just be it.

But, hear me out. Before you decide to revolve your NFL betting odds game around the idea of Diggs popping off, let’s break down how this scenario needs to happen in order for everyone to get what they want.

Buffalo needs Diggs to once again ignite his connection with Josh Allen. Everybody knows that, including the Dolphins and CB Jalen Ramsey specifically. So what should Allen and Diggs do to make the plan work?

Not go for long-yardage plays and instead, have Diggs hit the mid-range passes and use his speed to break off defenders and gain ground. Those long plays can be left for Gabe Davis and the short yard passes for rookie TE Dalton Kincaid.

If Diggs can set himself up as sort of Buffalo’s middle man in the team’s passing game, hitting his over in receiving yards will be easy, thus leading NFL betting fans to take his prop for beating his over to make bank.

NFL Pick: Stefon Diggs Over 61 Receiving Yards (-124)

Run, Josh Run!

If you had to pick as to which team has the most pressure coming into this game, which squad would you pick and why Miami?

Is it because of the fact that back in Week 4 the Bills gave the Dolphins a 48-20 beating they are probably still sore from? Or could it be the fact that a loss here could mean letting the AFC East title slip out of their hands?

Whatever it may be, all this means two things. One, Miami will surely be looking to buff up its defensive strategy by the boatload to try and contain Allen, and the rest of Buffalo’s attack.

Secondly, with the Dolphins most likely going above and beyond playing lockdown defense down the field to try and stop Allen from hitting his typical long-range bomb passes, running lanes and short yardage rush plays could be ripe for the taking in Buffalo’s favor.

With Allen averaging over 50 rushing yards per game in his career against Miami, and with his rushing yard total slated at 35.5, if you ask me, this is an NFL prop bet that shouldn’t be missed.

NFL Pick: Josh Allen Over 37 Rushing Yards (-109)

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Betting on Tagovailoa Always a Good Idea

A lot has changed for both the Dolphins and Bills since the first time they both met this season. One thing that hasn’t changed much has been Tua Tagovailoa’s effect on Miami’s offense this season.

After being touted for part of the season as one of the top NFL MVP odds frontrunners, Tagovailoa has been instrumental in keeping Miami as one of the biggest threats in the AFC playoff picture. When the Dolphins play the Bills with the AFC East title on the line, I’m counting on Tagovailoa to once again spearhead Miami’s attack.

With the Dolphins looking to move the ball around more through its passing game instead of its ground game, this Tagovailoa beating his over in passing yards prop feels like one of the best NFL bets for Week 18.

In all honesty, I don’t see this game being a head-to-head shootout between both offenses. I envision this being a game where Miami will have to catch up to Buffalo. That in itself should be reason enough for Tagovailoa to bring the heat even more so and go for 270+ passing yards here.

NFL Pick: Tua Tagovailoa Over 263.5 Passing Yards (-113)

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Questions Of The Day

Could the Dolphins pull off an upset against the Bills and shake up the playoff picture in the AFC East?

Yes, with the NFL spread only at two points in favor of Buffalo, Miami could pull off an upset.

Can the outcome of a seemingly meaningless Week 18 game in the AFC East have major playoff implications and impact other divisions as well?

No, the outcome of the game between the Jets and the Patriots will not have any major playoff implicationsl.

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