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Leading Our Week 3 NFL Prop Bets: Lamar’s Passing Game and Cleveland’s Attack Post Chubb

Is anybody else noticing how good the Baltimore Ravens are playing? As a matter of fact, can we take a moment to talk about how good all teams in the AFC North have been doing?

The Cleveland Browns are starting to take shape, and the Pittsburgh Steelers look like they are ready to go to war each game they play. All is good up north. Except for the Bengals. I don’t know what’s going on in that team but they don’t look anywhere close to being taken seriously as 2024 Super Bowl odds contenders.

Leading Our Week 3 NFL Prop Bets: Lamar’s Passing Game and Cleveland’s Attack Post Chubb

The Ravens on the other hand? I can buy into that idea. But for now, let’s focus on some of the best NFL props for AFC North games this weekend.

Alright? Perfect! Let’s get to it.

Keep an eye on Lamar Jackson’s passing game

Everybody always talks about Lamar Jackson’s running skills. But can we focus for a second on how much his passing game has improved in the beginning of the season?

Ever since Jackson was dazzling at Louisville back in his college football days, you could tell this man had a rocket launcher for an arm ready to be used when needed. But it was his running game that made everyone lose focus of his passes and focus elsewhere.

This season, now having a strong core of receivers, Jackson has started to loosen up his arm more, something that Ravens fans are loving. With players like TE Mark Andrews, rookie WR Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham Jr when healthy, Jackson is now stocked to the brim with targets to hit and he is making good use of them.

On Sunday, against the Indianapolis Colts, betting on Jackson to pass for over 225.5 yards feels like a perfect move. As long as he is given enough time to get the ball out to his receivers, there will be no stopping the former MVP.

NFL Pick: Jackson passes for over 225.5 yards (-107)

Cleveland’s passing attack needs to step up now more than ever

Man, Monday was nightmarish at some points for the Browns. In their game against divisional rivals Steelers, both teams were tearing down the house and each other. All seemed like some of that typical, exciting, and physical AFC North football, until tragedy struck.

With a leg injury that made everyone in the stadium squirm and look away because of the pain, Cleveland’s star RB Nick Chubb was taken out, not only from the game, but for the season. Besides it being one of the most impactful injuries this season, NFL betting lines pundits wagering on the Browns took a hit of their own as well.

One of the biggest, if not biggest reason why NFL odds fans bet on the Browns is because of Chubb and what he brought to the field each game. But now that he’s gone, it’s time for DeShaun Watson and Cleveland’s passing game to step up and take the lead.

Thankfully Watson has enough weapons to work with on Sunday and moving forward. From Amari Cooper, to Elijah Moore and David Njoku, Cleveland’s star passer should have enough firepower to go around and pass for at least 1.5 TDs against the Titans.

Week 3 NFL Vegas odds have a strong passing performance from Cleveland as one of the best prop bets to focus on, and we couldn’t agree more. So go for it and prepare to see those dollars stack up.

NFL Pick: Watson passes for over 1.5 TDs (+131)

What’s next for the Browns without Chubb? Let Jerome Ford answer

As I just mentioned, the Browns had to endure one of the biggest blows last week when they lost Chubb to a season-ending leg injury last game. For a moment, all Cleveland could think was “what now?”. The team had just lost their most dangerous weapon on offense for the season. But without skipping a beat, RB Jerome Ford stepped in and took over Cleveland’s backfield like it was nobody’s business.

With 16 carries for 106 yards last game, Ford is now poised to make his first start with the Browns this season one to remember. Our week 3 NFL odds have Ford rushing for over 45.5 yards as one of the more intriguing prop bets for Cleveland’s game against Tennessee this Sunday.

After dominating Pittsburgh’s defense against the run last week, Ford should have no big issue putting up some strong numbers against Tennessee’s defense this weekend. So take the man and his rushing skills to make a couple of extra bucks.

NFL Pick: Ford rushes for over 45.5 yards (-118)


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