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Monday Night Game

Monday Night Picks

If you’re a true fan of NFL action then there’s one you know when football season comes around, Monday nights are for one thing and one thing only, Monday Night Football!

If you were to take a look back in the history of Monday Night Football, you would see that some of the best players to ever grace the gridiron all had at least one magical MNF night.

And if not that, you will most definitely find that some of the best football games ever played all just happened to go down on a Monday night. Need any proof? Just look back at 2018, November 19th, 2018 to be exact. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams, LA Memorial Coliseum, 77,002 fans in attendance, millions watching on TV. What happened that Monday night? One of the best, if not the best ever regular season football game in the history of the NFL happened, with the Chiefs outlasting the Rams by three points to take the game by a score of 54-51.

Ever since making its debut in 1970 for ABC up until 2005 when it was then moved to ESPN, it can easily be said that Monday Night Football has become one of the cornerstones to the continuous rise of popularity of the NFL not only in the USA where football can effortlessly be deemed as the most popular sport in the country but around the world as well. Nowadays, after the NFL decided to extend the regular season for one more week, making it 17 in total for the season, that equals to 17 Monday Night Football showdowns, were not watching them is not an option.

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Monday Night Game Schedule:

Monday, November 14th

8:15 PM Commanders vs Eagles Game Picks

Monday, November 21st

8:15 PM 49ers vs Cardinals Game Picks

Monday, November 28th

8:15 PM Steelers vs Colts Game Picks

Monday, December 5th

8:15 PM Saints vs Buccaneers Game Picks

Monday, December 12th

8:15 PM Patriots vs Cardinals Game Picks

Monday, December 19th

8:15 PM Rams vs Packers Game Picks

Monday, December 26th

8:15 PM Chargers vs Colts Game Picks

Monday, January 2nd

8:30 PM Bills vs Bengals Game Picks

NFL Monday Night Game News

Tom Brady said what? Another Dallas Cowboy got arrested? You’ve seen the breaking news! Now you need the latest updates on the NFL news and rumors. Track how you can use all this juicy information to get a head on the betting lines.

Monday Night Game Schedule:

Monday, September 12th

8:15 PM Broncos vs Seahawks Game Picks

Monday, September 19th

8:15 PM Vikings vs Eagles Game Picks

Monday, September 26th

8:15 PM Cowboys vs Giants Game Picks

Monday, October 3rd

8:15 PM Rams vs 49ers Game Picks

Monday, October 10th

8:15 PM Patriots vs Cardinals Game Picks

Monday, October 17th

8:15 PM Broncos vs Chargers Game Picks

Monday, October 24th

8:15 PM Bears vs Patriots Game Picks

Monday, October 31st

8:15 PM Bengals vs Browns Game Picks

Monday, November 7th

8:15 PM Ravens vs Saints Game Picks

Betting on Monday Night Football Game

With plenty of eyeballs comes plenty of betting. Thus, you can expect a lot of betting odds available for Monday Night Football, maybe even more than Sunday. BetUS is the home for all this Monday night action. The online sportsbook offers deposit bonuses to reward fans with plenty of free tries to get into the action.

BetUS’s Monday Night Football betting selection includes the big four markets: the point spread, money line (straight-up betting), total, and team total. Second-half betting is also widely available along with live betting. Beyond these, find a plethora of props that include but are not limited to:

The sportsbook also provides key matchup stats for the teams involved. From 2010 to 2020, the Seattle Seahawks have the best MNF record with a win rate of over 80 percent. They are trailed by Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Tennessee. On the flip side, Washington, Miami and the Los Angeles Chargers have three of the worst records.

Another interesting note is that since 1999, most teams that play on Monday end up losing their next game, depending on the coach. Bill Belichick, Andy Reid and Sean Payton all have winning records the following week after their teams play on MNF, as of the 2022 season.

Find whatever helps you find your edge when it comes to betting Monday Night Football. Turn to BetUS for help and find the bet that’s best for you.

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