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NFL ATS Games of the Week: Fly With Eagles, Bills and Lions

Man, how about that for the start of the 2023 NFL season? Between the Kansas City Chiefs losing at home on TNF, the New York Giants getting a stomping from the Dallas Cowboys on SNF, and Aaron Rodgers doing as much for the New York Jets as I would have done if they signed me to play QB, NFL betting fans were treated to some thrilling action all weekend long.

But that was the past. It’s time we start focusing on Week 2’s best ATS games and how you can make some cold, hard cash betting in our sportsbook.

NFL ATS Games of the Week: Fly With Eagles, Bills and Lions
Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills - Mike Stobe/Getty Images/afp

Some teams could be looking at Week 2 as the perfect bounce-back scenario after shaky or just plain bad season starts. But don’t worry, I got your back. We won’t be lurking in the NFL lines pool for upsets this week.

With a trio of safe choices to ride with, let’s get to my NFL ATS picks of the week.

Philadelphia Eagles (-6½) vs Minnesota Vikings

Don’t lie. I know for a fact you thought the Philadelphia Eagles were going to lose against the New England Patriots on Sunday. But come on people, this is the Eagles we’re talking about, one of the best all-around teams in the NFC. They’re allowed to start the season a bit rusty and still be considered favorites on our NFL betting lines for every game they play.

Now, in Week 2, with its first game home, Philadelphia is ready to shake off that rust and kick some Viking butt.

After losing at home in Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Minnesota Vikings will be looking to step up their game and try to tear Phily a new one. However, the Eagles will not lose their first home game, especially in a season where they’re pitted as Super Bowl LVIII odds favorites. Also, when have you ever seen Vikings QB Kirk Cousins perform well in a prime-time game? Exactly, never.

Buffalo Bills (-9½) vs Las Vegas Raiders

My Monday night was nothing short of a roller coaster of emotions. As a diehard Jets fan, I was one of those people waiting for this to be our year, only for Rodgers to leave the game injured and out for the season. I was heartbroken. But what was to come was something no NFL game betting expert could have predicted.

Yes, the Jets beat the Buffalo Bills with one of the most exciting finishes I’ve seen in a MNF game in some time, and all was well again.

For Buffalo’s Week 2 game at home against the Las Vegas Raiders, losing is not an option. And honestly, barely scraping a win isn’t one either. The Bills will be out for blood, and the Raiders? Well, I hope they bring some band-aids because they are about to go through a world of pain.

Expect Josh Allen to have a multi-touchdown, high 300-yard passing game as the Bills beat the Raiders and make a statement to all critics.

Detroit Lions (-6) vs Seattle Seahawks

Do you remember last year’s Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks games? With a 48-45 scorcher of a win in Ford Field, followed by a 51-29 mauling at Lumen Field, Geno Smith’s Seahawks routed Detroit twice and showed them what’s up.

On Sunday, all signs are pointing to a Lions’ payback, and according to the top Vegas NFL odds makers, going with Detroit at -6 is as sweet of a deal as you will find.

Detroit is coming off pulling the first big upset of the season by beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead. To this day, I’m still pretty sure that Lions fans who bet online on that game are still either partying or hungover. Now, with the Seahawks coming into town, it’s time to continue riding on that wave and send the Seahawks packing with a stomping and an 0-2 record.

This Lions offense has continuously shown that if it’s points on the board that fans want, that’s what they shall get. Expect a shootout once again from both teams, with Detroit winning and making people who bet on them ATS wealthier.


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