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NFL Primetime Parlay Week 5: Colts vs Broncos

Double Down on TNF Matchup

The Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos get proceedings started this week with a Thursday Night Football showdown at Mile High.

We’ve constructed a same-game parlay to top up your NFL betting thrills. Find out how we’re lining up our NFL picks for this fascinating contest between two teams that haven’t lived up to expectations – yet.

NFL Primetime Parlay Week 5: Colts vs Broncos
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Let’s check the latest NFL odds, stats, injury reports, and NFL lines for Colts vs Broncos. We’ve plenty of Vegas NFL odds for you to consider.

So, without too much fuss, let’s get started.

Colts vs Broncos NFL Odds

  • Spread: Broncos -3½ (-110)
  • Moneyline: Colts +160 | Broncos -180
  • Over/Under: O 42 (-110) | U42 (-110)

Colts Under Pressure

When the Colts signed veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, they probably envisioned a much better start to their 2022 campaign than their current 1-2-1 record.

It would be unfair to lay the blame on Ryan alone because the Colts’ struggles aren’t merely down to the offense, although it is admittedly struggling to score and boasts the lowest points per game (ppg) tally after four weeks.

The team’s struggles are widespread, covering all facets of the game and, dare it to be said, include some of the play calls coming from the sidelines too, putting heat on head coach Frank Reich and the coaching staff together.

Broncos Underwhelm

When the Broncos signed veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, they had high expectations for their 2022 campaign – not unlike the Colts. Four weeks into the season and the Broncos are in slightly better shape behind a 2-2 SU record, but their performance through the first four weeks leaves much to be desired. In fact, some might argue the Broncos are very lucky to be at .500, to begin with.

The Bronco’s defense has been solid, but the offense is letting the side down. Wilson’s transition isn’t quite as seamless as many had hoped it would be and the offense looks clueless and sloppy at times.

However, there’s also the case of the inexperience of the head coaching staff to consider, which is coming through on the big occasions to their detriment.

Colts vs Broncos Same-Game Parlay

First Leg: Broncos -3½

The thing about the Colts and the Broncos is that they bear some similarities. Mainly in that both went to the market to sign veteran quarterbacks that they hoped would take them to the Promised Land, And the NFL betting markets agreed, installing both clubs competitively in Super Bowl LVII markets.

We’re only four weeks into the season, so it might be premature to panic at this stage. But in a 17-game season, time is limited. If they don’t perk up soon, it might be too late to salvage the season.

Thus, the premium on the win in this TNF tilt at Empower Field at Mile High is quite high. It’s a m\ust-win game for both sides, no ifs or buts about it.

The Broncos, quite rightly, go into this game as the favorites at the sportsbook exchange. They have home-field advantage and, in the eyes of many, they’re thought to be the better team.

Markets opened with the Broncos as the -3 favorites, but since doors opened, the line has moved up to Broncos -3½. That incremental move is in part due to the public pounding the Broncos on the spread.

Another reason for this move is the questionable status of Colts running back Jonathan Taylor. Taylor (ankle) is doubtful to start. However, if he does start, his questionable fitness is likely to reduce his effectiveness.

Ultimately what that means is the Colts will have to rely on Ryan and the passing game to lead the way against a fierce Denver pass defense. An alarming scenario that isn’t inspiring much confidence among pundits, If the movement on the NFL odds board is anything to go by.

The Broncos are in a similar situation, if not worse. running back Javonte Williams suffered a season-ending knee injury last week against the Las Vegas Raiders. They’ve also let it be known that Wilson is dealing with a shoulder injury, but he’s probable to start.

Despite these setbacks for Denver, the public still has confidence in Wilson, his prowess in the passing game and the Broncos overall.

All told, the Broncos are the choice NFL pick here to win and cover. If you can get them at -3 for this parlay – all the better. However, even with the extra ½ -point hook, the Broncos are worth the tickle. To be fair, this game might not even be that close at all.

  • Pick: Broncos -3½ (-105)

Second-Leg: Over 42

Taking the over on the totals here might be contrary to intuition and the established trends by these teams so far. Neither offense has lit up yet. The Colts have the lowest-scoring offense in the league with 14.3 ppg while the Broncos aren’t too far behind with 16.5 ppg.

However, taking into consideration the importance of this game for both teams and the national attention that it’s going to enjoy as a TNF primetime showdown, it’s an opportunity to shine. Especially for Wilson, who – let’s face it – loves the limelight. He doesn’t shy away from big occasions at all.

Another reason why the over might be the better play right now is that the line has dropped significantly.

Lookahead lines had this game projected as high as 45 on the total line, but markets opened at 43½ points at the start of Week 5. Now, with kickoff fast approaching, the line has moved again, down to 42 points.

Many of the offensive struggles Ryan and Wilson have endured so far are likely down to adjust to new teams and offensive schemes. But both of these future Hall of Famers can put up the points in a hurry. They aren’t afraid of the deep ball or going for it either, which can work both ways.

It can lead to great scoring plays or mistakes and turnovers. Put it all together and we could end up with a high-scoring affair contrary to the NFL odds.

  • Pick: Over 42 (-110)

Colts vs Broncos Same-Game Parlay Prediction

The same-game parlay, therefore, is combining the Broncos at -3½ (-105) and the over 42 (-110), which yields odds of +264 as per the BetUS parlay calculator.

  • Parlay: Broncos -3½ (-105) and Over 42 (-110) at +260

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