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NFL Survivor Pool Guide Week 3

You are alive and well if you have been following my NFL Survivor Pool Guide the first two weeks of this funky NFL season. Keep tracking my expert advice on this also for NFL betting if I have a play as strong as this week’s play.

Week 3’s Rundown

I gave you the Buffalo Bills first week and Pittsburgh Steelers last week in my NFL Survivor Guide with both teams keeping the intelligent followers of this series in contention for the sole Survivor! This week I expect to keep my run and your advancement alive and well by taking the Atlanta Falcons to easily defeat the fake news Chicago Bears, who are 2-0 after defeating the Detroit Lambs in Week 1 and New York Giants in Week 2.

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The Falcons are playing the perfect team in what amounts to a must get right spot and have already put themselves in a must-win spot three weeks into the Covid-19 2020 NFL season. This already feels like the middle of last season when they had to rally to save their head coach Dan Quinn’s job by closing the NFL season 6-2 after starting 1-7. They will win in this one by double digits from what I can see, and this is a great NFL Week 3 bet at BetUS.

Atlanta proved last year that when embarrassed and motivated it can actually win games and last week covers both of those situations. There isn’t much that could be more embarrassing than last week’s recreation of their devastating Super Bowl Odds L! loss to the New England Patriots. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t come back from 25 points in beating them 40-39 but will stand out just the same.

Dan Quinn on the Hot Seat

In this loss, the Falcons did not have a single turnover and scored 39 points, which had happened 440 times in NFL history. In those 440 times, not a single one of those teams lost the game, but Atlanta did. I guess the Falcons can look at themselves as the exception that proves the rule. Whatever it is, if a team doesn’t have enough respect for itself to come out strong the following week then the coach definitely has to go.

If they were to lose this game, Dan Quinn would probably climb up to the second favorite to be the first head coach fired by BetUS.com odds this year. If you thought maybe he would be the favorite to get canned, don’t worry because nobody will pass the New York Jets coach Adam Gase. He is a virtual lock not to make it halfway through the 2020 NFL season as a head coach. His ride on Peyton Manning’s coattails is done.

Atlanta couldn’t have a better team to go against to cure its blues and I couldn’t have a better team for my NFL Survivor Pool Week 3 pick to play against than the Chicago Bears. They are still holding onto hope that Mitchell Trubisky turns out to be almost as good as Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, who DUH Bears passed on to pick up Trubisky in that draft year. That is dumbfounding with emphasis on the dumb!

Take the Falcons

This is not only to get right for the Falcons, but it is also a get wrong for Trubisky. Though Atlanta has not demonstrated good defense, in this motivated game the Falcons will prove Trubsiky to be the B!%$& he has always been and will always be. The Bears are 2-0, and they are still ranked towards the bottom of my BetUS NFL Power Rankings at No. 26. This game should show you why that is.

Confidently post up on the Falcons for your Survivor Pool pick, and on this one definitely bet the NFL odds on the Falcons covering a spread up to 9 points at BetUS.

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