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Profit from 6-Point Teaser in Best NFL Bets Week 18

A few games feature NFL spreads that are a little too close for comfort in Week 18. By this, it would be great to move those lines a few points in our favor to give us a better chance at winning. Luckily, we can do that with a six-point teaser at BetUS Sportsbook.

Let’s make this Week 18 parlay count, as it might be the last teaser we see this year with multiple quality picks on the alternative line.

Profit from 6-Point Teaser in Best NFL Bets Week 18
Profit from 6-Point Teaser in Best NFL Bets Week 18

Week 18 NFL Teaser Picks

Teaser Leg No. 1: Ravens +3.5 → +9.5 vs Steelers

I’ll start off this leg of our parlay with a question. Do you think the Steelers will blow the Ravens out by double digits on Saturday? Even with Lamar Jackson and other starters sitting for Baltimore, is that an outcome you can really see coming to fruition?

What has Pittsburgh done that would lead you to believe it can blow any team out? The Steelers’ largest margin of victory is 23 points against a hobbled Cincinnati Bengals. Other than that game, the Steelers have yet to win a single matchup by more than nine points.

Add to all the other red flags that the Steelers are ending their season with – back-to-back road games – and there is little to dislike about taking a shorthanded Ravens team at +9.5 on the adjusted NFL spreads this week.

Teaser Leg No. 2: Jets +1 1/2 → +7½ at Patriots

You don’t see a lot of NFL stats specifically geared toward parlays, but I’m here to share one with you that should inspire confidence. The Jets have a 17-2 NFL betting record on six-point teasers when their starting odds are the same as Week 18, dating back to 2018.

I don’t care who you are or how much you fear trusting the Jets with NFL picks, but 17-2 is a strong trend. FYI, the Bears (18-1) and Broncos (17-1) are the only two teams with better records in that span when the Vegas betting odds are adjusted six points.

At the end of the day, this game is disappointing teams looking to end the year on a high note. No matter what happens, the Patriots will end up with the worst record in the AFC, while the Jets fondly remember the few minutes when Aaron Rodgers was their quarterback.

The Patriots’ failures are significant here because, while they did win four games, they have yet to win a game by more than five points. The adjusted spread at eight points should be enough for us to cash.



Questions of the Day

What are the critical numbers for the NFL teaser?

For NFL betting in general, key numbers, or breakpoints, are three and seven. The most common margins of victory in the NFL are three, six or seven. So, find a teaser leg that helps you incorporate those numbers to maximize value.

What teams are featured in the Teaser of the Week?

The Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets are the teams we’re focusing on for Week 18’s NFL teaser parlay.


The odds and predictions in the article are based on the time of writing and publication. They may differ as to when the actual event takes place.

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