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Run-Heavy Picks Lead NFL Prop Bets for Bills-Steelers

If you look for any NFL playoff predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers-Buffalo Bills Wild Card Game Sunday, you’ll be smacked across the face with everybody serving the Bills as the overwhelming favorites.

And it makes sense when you think about it. The Bills are playing at home. Pittsburgh will be without T.J. Watt. The weather is expected to play a major factor come game time, with lake-effect snow and winds as high as 65 mph.

Run-Heavy Picks Lead NFL Prop Bets for Bills-Steelers
Run-Heavy Picks Lead NFL Prop Bets for Bills-Steelers

But what about if you’re looking to get in on a little online prop betting action?

Considering the weather will most likely lead both teams to have rush-heavy offensive strategies to combat the chill, that’s exactly where my trio of NFL expert picks for best props for this game will be circling around.

So, without further ado, and with picks to be talked about, let’s break down my trio of best prop bets for this AFC wildcard game.

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Josh Allen Scoring Anytime? Lock That Bet! (-105)

When it comes to football in Buffalo there are unmistakable certainties. One is that Bills fans love wrecking Costco tables as if it was a sport in itself. And secondly, if Josh Allen is near the end zone, with the ball and enough room to move, he will rush for a TD more times than you’d think.

This season alone Allen rushed for 12 TDs in 17 games. Even if Pittsburgh has yet to allow a passer the chance to score a rushing TD this season, who better to break that streak than Allen, a specialist in the field.

As the Bills look to strengthen their odds for Super Bowl LVIII by starting out the playoffs with a strong home win, it’s obvious Allen will be expected to spearhead the team.

So, take Allen’s prop to score at least one TD here via one of his biggest strengths, running the ball.


NFL Pick: Josh Allen At Least One TD (-105)


Take James Cook To Rush for a Score (+130)

As I mentioned back at the beginning of this piece, considering the weather will most likely lead both teams to have rush-heavy offensive strategies, for my second NFL prop bet, I’m going with a rushing score once again. This time though, I’m going with Buffalo’s star RB James Cook to get the job done.

Considering Cook will most likely be carrying the vast majority of rushing reps for Buffalo, it’s a given that at one point or another in the game, most likely in a goal line play, Cook will reach the end zone.

With strong winds surely pushing teams to keep their offensive schemes grounded as much as possible, this is the perfect definition of a sure fire NFL bet.


NFL Pick: James Cook At Least One TD (+1309)

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If Harris Finds Room, Harris Will Score (+210)

Last, but certainly not least, showing the Steelers a little love too, guess what? Yes, another rush scoring prop to close out my picks.

If I had to define Najee Harris, especially in Pittsburgh’s last run of games during the regular season, “beast” would be a perfect word to describe him. Having scored four TDs in his last three games, including two against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17, and one against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18, Harris scoring is the definition of a lock bet.

With Pittsburgh most likely ready to set its offensive strategy similar to how it played against Baltimore in the heavily windy and rained on season finisher, using Harris an astonishing 26 times, it’s obvious that Najee will be getting the ball a lot on Sunday.

While riding on the Steelers could be a severely long shot for NFL betting lines fans, taking this Harris prop could end up paying the biggest dividends.

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NFL Pick: Najee Harris At Least One TD (+210)



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