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Super Bowl LV Prediction, Game Preview, Odds & Picks

We have one more glorious opportunity to showcase our NFL betting skills this season. Super Bowl Sunday is our last chance to load our betting slips with professional pigskin payouts, so let’s milk it. In addition to standard NFL odds, our sportsbook also offers a vast array of props and specialty bets. online sports betting has truly evolved, and even something as seemingly random as the coin toss has trends to contemplate. Let’s check the latest NFL odds, stats, injury reports, and NFL lines for Super Bowl LV. We’ve plenty of Vegas NFL odds and NFL picks for you to consider.

Making Heads Or Tails Of This Super Bowl LV

In 54 Super Bowls, the opening coin toss has landed on tails 29 times (53%), making it the dominant outcome. Tails were the winner in Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ersand has been the result in five of the last seven. The longest streak for tails is four consecutive, which occurred three different times, while heads once hit five straight.

A view of the Super Bowl coin toss. Bet on the outcome.
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San Francisco picked tails against Kansas City last season and chose to defer. The 49ers’ painful 31-20 loss to the Chiefs represented the first time that San Fran had lost the big game after winning the coin toss. Prior to San Francisco’s Super Bowl LIV collapse, it had been a perfect 4-for-4 in those situations.

An even more interesting trend shows that the winner of the opening coin toss has lost six straight Super Bowls. Since Super Bowl XLIX, the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Falcons, Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, and Niners all won the flip but lost the championship. There was a winning coin toss mixed in there for a champion, but it came from an overtime flipper.

The New England Patriots won the toss for OT against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, and we all know how that ended. The Patriots stormed back from a 28-3 halftime deficit to complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, winning 34-28. Did winning the opening coin toss somehow doom the Falcons to be cemented in postseason infamy? The current streak indicates that this is a possibility. I’m still holding Tom Brady’s beer.

In three Super Bowl appearances, Kansas City has never won a coin toss. In Super Bowl I that didn’t work out for the Chiefs, but the two most recent scenarios ended with K.C. victory. Both of Kansas City’s wins came after losing the opening coin toss to a tails result.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ one and only Super Bowl appearance came vs Oakland in the XXXVII installment of this epic sporting event. The Buccaneers called tails, won the toss, and won the game by the convincing final score of 48-21. Tampa’s history is straightforward.

In five straight Super Bowls involving a Tom Brady quarterbacked team, the opening coin toss winner has lost the game. This strange statistic has reared its eccentric head in eight of the nine Super Bowls that Brady has played in. What result will Brady’s 10th ticket to the big dance produce?

Perhaps it’ll be the dawn of a new era, with the Chiefs finally winning the opening flip after calling heads? That outcome would snap two streaks simultaneously, but the gravity of anything Brady in this situation comes into play. The coin-toss winner’s ultimate 89% failure rate in Super Bowls involving Brady cannot be overlooked.

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