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Super Bowl LVIII 49ers Parlay Picks: Making Bank with Purdy, SF

How much longer until Super Bowl LVIII starts? As the San Francisco 49ers, NFL odds favorites to win the game prepare to square off against the Kansas City Chiefs, let me break down a four-leg all Niners parlay that could lead you straight to a win just like the one San Francisco will be hoping to snag up this Sunday.

With the Niners ATS, Brock Purdy running, Deebo Samuel stunning KC’s defense, and Christian McCaffrey winning the game’s MVP trophy, let’s get to it.

Super Bowl LVIII 49ers Parlay Picks: Making Bank with Purdy, SF
Super Bowl LVIII 49ers Parlay Picks: Making Bank with Purdy, SF

Pick 1: San Francisco 49ers -2 (-110)

Yes, the 49ers had to sweat a little extra to make it to Super Bowl LVIII, but at the end of the day, if winning was easy everybody would do it, right?

When looking at both the Chiefs and Niners, in a general scope it could be argued that this is one of the most even Super Bowl matchups we’ve had in a while. Where one team lacks, the other team dominates, giving this game an initial feel that it’s going to be an epic showdown between two great squads.

But at the end of the day, if you consider the whole season as a marker to make your Super Bowl pick, it’s obvious the Niners are the team to rock with.

I know Purdy is not Patrick Mahomes, but he doesn’t need to either. Purdy needs to bring his “A”:game and step up once again to be the leader his team needs. Add in contributions that players like McCaffrey, Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner can bring, the Niners should have a rather clear path to victory come Sunday.

As long as San Francisco doesn’t get caught up trying to play catch-up against KC and is able to establish an early lead, taking the Niners ATS feels like a lock, both as an individual pick and as part of a strong Super Bowl parlay bet.




Pick 2: Brock Purdy Over 12.5 Rushing Yards (-130)

Is it still not time to give Purdy some much deserved credit for what he has done for the Niners this season? Maybe it’s a personal opinion, but the whole hating on Brock schtick is stale by now.

The kid can play like a bonafide pro, he has become one of San Francisco’s leaders, and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop him.

Since it’s the Super Bowl, let’s go a little bit crazy and tackle one of Purdy’s apparent strengths as of lately, his rushing skills.

If you look back at Purdy’s performance against the Detroit Lions in the NFC title game, in the last quarter, he showed a side of him that fans weren’t so used to seeing.

While avoiding Detroit’s defense, the Niners QB showed he can weave in and out of the pocket and make rushing plays when needed to gain strong first downs in key drives.

With the Chiefs focusing heavily on stopping SF’s passing game and controlling McCaffrey, look for Purdy to bust a move or two with his feet for first downs. With his rushing yard O/U number set at 12.5, he should beat it with ease.

Pick 3: Deebo Samuel At Least 6 Receptions (+125)

This is an easy NFL betting pick to make, and it’s not just because I’m a huge Samuel fan. It’s because numbers don’t lie and even if covered by all of Kansas City’s defense and bench, Purdy will still look for his favorite receiver and manage to hit him at least a handful of times.

Against the Lions Samuel had a eight receptions on nine targets. Even if he doesn’t have many big-yardage plays, if he manages to get going early with Purdy, securing shot passing plays on check-down throws, taking this pick feels like a steal.

Pick 4: Christian McCaffrey MVP Winner (+365)

I swear, if McCaffrey doesn’t make his first Super Bowl appearance one of the most memorable NFL betting fans have been treated to since he joined the pros I will blow a fuse.

McCaffrey doesn’t only come into this game as the league’s most dominant running back, but as one of the most dominant football players overall. Every time San Francisco’s superstar RB gets a rep, opposing defenses tremble and football fans are usually treated to a highlight-reel play.

Mark my words here, if McCaffrey puts on another monstrous performance like he has done during the regular season, not only will he lead the Niners to a win, but he’ll prove why he is one of the top Super Bowl MVP odds candidates taking the trophy home.



Questions Of The Day

Is Taking the 49ers ATS in Super Bowl LVIII A Good Bet?

With the Super Bowl spread slated at 2 points in favor of San Francisco, and with a better team overall, taking the Niners ATS is a good SB LVIII bet.

Which 49ers Players Have the Best Odds To Win Super Bowl MVP?

Brock Purdy at +245, Christian McCaffrey at +365 and Deebo Samuel at +2200 are the three 49ers players with the best odds to win the Super Bowl LVIII MVP Award.

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