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Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl Game


If there’s something we understand here at BetUS online sportsbook, your favorite place to bet on football action, is how fluctuating the football wagering scene can be. One of the worst mistakes an NFL betting lines fan can make is believing they have all the answers to a perfect winning strategy.

Believe us when we say, there isn’t a perfect winning strategy when it comes to betting on football, especially in something as important as betting on the Super Bowl, aka the NFL’s biggest game of the season.
What we can talk about though, is Super Bowl betting trends. Those little tidbits of information and expert handicapper clues that could lead to helping you have a little bit of a boost when it comes to maximizing your Super Bowl betting strategies.
Here for example are three trends that all football fans should be keeping an eye on when wanting to bet on who will win the Super Bowl in 2024.

• It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish
In pro football, just like in any league team sports and racing competitions, starting out strong is key, but what matters most when it comes to winning, is how you finish. When thinking for example of who is more likely to win the Super Bowl, considering the season as one long stretch instead of a week to week race to the finish is key.

Some teams take longer to warm up and get fully in sync with their plans. Others start out with a bang but fizzle out when the time for real blows comes along. That’s why, if you are asking yourself who is favored to win the Super Bowl today, remember, it’s how you finish, not how you start.

• Favorites are favorites for a reason
While everybody loves a good underdog story, especially in pro football, at the end of the day, for there to be NFL betting odds underdogs, there have to be favorites as well as their perfect counterparts. It’s the way the sport has been played on a constant basis and there’s no real reason for it to stop any time soon.
Making sure to always follow what the NFL Super Bowl betting odds favorited squads are doing throughout the season is a pivotal trend to follow. It has worked before, it works now, and it will continue to work down the line.

• Keeping an eye on under the radar teams/dark horses
For football fans, especially online NFL betting fans, every season begins right after the Super Bowl ends. Why? Because football doesn’t sleep. It’s a 24-hour, seven day a week thing. That in itself is something that seasoned NFL betting connoisseurs know by heart.

While we just talked about favorites, keeping an eye on those teams that through quiet but strong moves, continuous building strategies, strong work ethic and an ever present winning culture make their bids to be considered Super Bowl betting favorites is a definite must.

Christian McCaffrey #23 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates with teammates. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images/AFP

2024 Super Bowl Favorites

Yes, the NFL has 32 teams, and at the beginning of each season, each one of those squads has the same goal in mind, making it to the Super Bowl, and winning. Once reality hits though, and Super Bowl predictions start rolling out, it becomes easier and easier to separate the strong from the weak, thus allowing fans looking to bet on Super Bowl action to understand who’s who.

The 2023 season is no exception, with a slew of teams standing out above the rest as clear Super Bowl betting odds favorites to make it to the game and potentially win it.

Without further ado, let’s break down which teams look like the best fits according to our odds to win the Super Bowl in 2024, especially now that the NFL playoffs are about to get started!

Also, with this said and while we are on the subject of postseason football, to keep up with all the latest NFL playoff predictions, lines, news, bracket info and more, make sure you are checking out our specialty NFL Playoffs Hub.

When looking for all the top info for your NFL playoff betting needs, here at BetUS we got you covered from the wild card round, all the way to the Super Bowl.

“Each team’s odds stand at time of writing, incurring in list and odds changes could happen for further advantage of our betting fans.”

  • San Francisco 49ers (+150)

If we’re going to talk about Super Bowl royalty, then the San Francisco 49ers definitely have to be in our list of Super Bowl betting favorites for the season. After just coming up short last year, losing in the NFC title game against Philadelphia, the Niners are more than poised to not only make it back to their conference title matchup once again, but also to Super Bowl LVIII.

If any proof was needed on why Brock Purdy’s Niners are deemed as our Super Bowl LVIII odds favorites, the team’s season record as well as its No.1 seeding in the NFC playoff picture should be enough proof.

Continuing to have one of the best, if not best all-around rosters in the NFL, as well as having a top-tier coach leading the way, when thinking in the NFC about who will win the Super Bowl in 2024, San Francisco clearly stands out as the best online betting pick to be riding with right now.

Now, as the Niners prepare to square off against the Detroit Lions at home in the upcoming NFC Championship game this Sunday, can San Fran live up to their NFL playoff betting favoritism?

  • Baltimore Ravens (+200)

Kicking things off for the AFC conference, while all people looking to bet on the Super Bowl online have continuously kept a keen eye on the Chiefs, who in all honesty ended up becoming more of a liability on offense than the powerhouse team everybody expected, can we stop for a second and give the Baltimore Ravens a bit more credit and recognition?

With QB Lamar Jackson playing his best football since his MVP season from a few years back, making the strongest case in the league to be considered the favorite in our NFL MVP odds list,  a defense that just like every other year has been an offense stomping machine and one of the best coaches in the league leading the team, somebody should tell the Chiefs and the rest of the AFC’s title contenders to watch their backs.

Leading what could easily be taken as this season’s strongest division as far as level of competitiveness, who would want to face this Ravens team once the playoffs get going?

Before the AFC playoff picture was set into place we were adamant about how fans should mark our words about Lamar and the Ravens being the real deal this season.

Now, with Baltimore seeded as the No.1 team in the AFC, do yourself a favor and mark our words once again, especially once again this coming weekend when Baltimore hosts the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC title game. When the time comes to bet on Super Bowl action, don’t be shocked if Lamar and his Ravens are the last AFC team standing.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+350)

Would you look at that, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are online Super Bowl betting favorites once again? Are we surprised? No. Should you, faithful NFL betting fans be surprised? Not really either.

When speaking of title-winning caliber squads, the Chiefs are the cream of the crop when it comes to pro football. Even after a sluggish start and a couple of games that have led KC to show its, some might even say, human side, when anybody asks who is expected to win the Super Bowl this season, nine out of ten times, the answer will probably still shift towards Mahomes and his crew.

What should definitely surprise everyone is KC’s latest flounders in the league, with the team’s offense showing a serious and very worrying decline in its production stats. As the season came to a close, not even Mahomes and Kelce could muster up enough firepower to try and revive what once was one of the strongest offenses in the league.

Thankfully for KC, its offense decided to show up and show off once again like last weekend against Miami in the Super Wild Card Round, this time in Buffalo against the Bills in the divisional round.

With another top-class performance from Mahomes and Kelce, plus a strong push from the team’s defense, and a little last second help from the wind to slice Buffalo’s last field goal attempt wide right, KC is back where it knows how to play best, the AFC title game.

As BetUS Sportsbook continues to host the Chiefs as one of the teams with the better odds to win the Super Bowl in 2024 it will take a lot from any team interested in taking down KC.

Like the Ravens for example.

But, with Baltimore playing at home, plus Lamar Jackson showing his most dominant form on the field as we speak, the Chiefs might have their hands a little too full for this coming weekend.

  • Detroit Lions (+750)

There’s talent. There’s passion for the game. There’s smart football. And then, there’s whatever Dan Campbell’s Detroit Lions team is doing this season. But if there is one thing all NFL betting lines fanatics can agree on, it’s that the Lions have become one of the most exciting teams to watch, and we can’t get enough of them.

With a no-quit mentality that has made the Lions the perfect personification of ground and pound football, Detroit has gone from being an afterthought for many to being a true and proud dark horse when it comes to teams with the best NFL Super Bowl betting odds.

Doubts on whether the Lions would be able to maintain their level of intensity never stopped popping up, but then, all of a sudden, after clinching their first divisional title since 1993, a new era started for the Lions, one where going for gold is their main mission.

After securing their first postseason win in one of the most emotional games for Lions fans in decades, Detroit was focused on making it two wins in a row en route to the NFC title game.

And guess what?

Yes BetUS Sportsbook fans! Say it with us! The Detroit Lions are headed to the NFC title game in San Francisco this coming weekend!

Taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of the equation, who delivered the devastating NFL betting lines upset to the Philadelphia Eagles in the last game of the Super Wild Card weekend, Detroit is ready for its biggest fight for glory since 1957, when they won their last NFL Championship title. Yes, before the Super Bowl era.

Travis Kelce #87 and Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Favorites According to NFL Power Rankings

Week in and week out, different NFL news outlets churn out their versions of this season’s NFL Power Rankings. It’s their way of telling football fans who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s just, lukewarm at best.

Here at BetUS sportsbook we are not behind on this trend and actually welcome the idea of opening the field to discussion of who online NFL betting fans should be keeping an eye on each week. (oportunidad para linkear con los arts de power rankings que hacemos si fuesen como una serie)

As we shift our attention towards anything and everything regarding the Super Bowl, including who to bet on the Super Bowl, expert Super Bowl picks, Super Bowl odds by team, best Super Bowl betting trends and options. If you can think about it, and it involves betting and having a chance to make money, you can believe we are on top of it.

As we continue with the season, let’s break down the top 10 teams with the best current NFL Super Bowl odds heading into week 15.

  1. San Francisco 49ers (+150)
  2. Baltimore Ravens (+200)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (+350)
  4. Detroit Lions (+750)
New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl Championships & Appearances

In the NFL, to make it to the Super Bowl, and furthermore win the coveted Lombardi Trophy, it takes a gargantuan effort, talent, and of course some luck. Needless to say, making it to the league’s biggest game, and winning pro football’s most important title is not something made for everybody.

Out of 32 teams in the league, 28 have made it to the Super Bowl since its first edition with the New England Patriots leading the charge with eleven appearances.

Since 1967, twenty teams in total have won a Super Bowl trophy. In the first tier of winningest Super Bowl teams, with six titles to their names, there are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who might surprise Super Bowl betting fans left and right with how their season is going thus far, and the aforementioned Patriots, who won’t be surprising anybody any time soon.

Afterwards the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, two Super Bowl championship odds favorites this season stand with five titles each. The New York Giants and Green Bay Packers follow suit with four titles each, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Washington Commanders and Las Vegas Raiders with three each.

Lastly, with two titles there are the Indianapolis Colts, LA Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And with one title the New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles.

Teams with no Super Bowl Appearances

Only four teams have never made it to the Super Bowl since its first edition back in the late 60’s. Out of those four teams though, two already know what it’s like to win league gold, having won the NFL Championship before the AFL and NFL merged.

Those two teams? The Detroit Lions, who are being pitted as one of this season’s Vegas odds Super Bowl favorites in the NFC, and the Cleveland Browns. Besides those two teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans both from the AFC South division share the title of the other two teams who have never been to the Super Bowl.

But don’t sleep on any of these four teams though. If the NFL has shown us something it’s that a team can go from perennial losers to Super Bowl betting juggernauts in an instant.

We’re looking at you Detroit and Houston.

Jahmyr Gibbs #26 of the Detroit Lions celebrates a touchdown

Last 10 Super Bowl Winners

You didn’t think we were going to talk about all this Super Bowl madness without kicking it back a bit and remembering past winners, did you? With all of our minds set on Super Bowl predictions even from early on, let’s remember the past 10 Lombardi Trophy recipient.


• 2023: Kansas City Chiefs

• 2022: Los Angeles Rams

• 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

• 2020: Kansas City Chiefs

• 2019: New England Patriots

• 2018: Philadelphia Eagles

• 2017: New England Patriots

• 2016: Denver Broncos

• 2015: New England Patriots

• 2014: Seattle Seahawks

With the 2023 NFL season well on its way to deciding which teams from the AFC and NFC conferences will be battling out in Las Vegas to win Super Bowl LVIII, which team has the best odds to win the Super Bowl in 2024?

NFL Betting Picks

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Super Bowl FAQ’s

What is the record of the away teams in the Super Bowl?

In the NFL, the way the Super Bowl home and away titles are assigned works in a rather interesting way. If the game is an even number, then the AFC Champion is designated as the home team, and the NFC Champion is designated as the away team. If the game is an odd number, then vice versa.

When it comes to winning records, the away teams have a slight advantage over home teams having won 31 games against 25 from their opponents.

Who is the best NFL player to never win a Super Bowl?

When it comes to talking about the best players to never win a Super Bowl the list is as ample as it is controversial. A myriad of the game’s biggest names went through their careers without scoring an NFL title win.

Three names in particular come to mind, Miami Dolphins legendary QB Dan Marino, Detroit Lions megastar RB Barry Sanders, and Minnesota Vikings all-star WR Randy Moss to name a few.

Has an NFL wildcard team ever made it to the Super Bowl?

Ever since the NFL started with the wildcard system back in 1970, a total of ten teams have made it to the Super Bowl via a wild card berth with a WC team having won the league trophy in six out of those ten times.

The Cowboys in 1975, Raiders in 1980, Patriots in 1985, Bills in 1992, Broncos in 1997, Titans in 1999, Ravens in 2000, Steelers in 2005, Giants in 2007, and Packers in 2010 all made it to the Super Bowl as wildcard teams.

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