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Prime Time Threesome: NFL Week 4 Parlay Betting

When making bets on the NFL, getting ahead of the action is vital to winning. Making early bets in the week can lock in the best price for your bet well before game day. This week BetUS features a three-team NFL Week 4 parlay betting pick. There’s sports betting action on each of the prime-time games. Head to the BetUS sportsbook soon to take advantage of these lines which will likely be gone by game day.

(-2) Denver Broncos vs New York Jets (40)

A prime-time winless stinkfest that needs action just to be watchable, the Denver Broncos will get to test the new turf at MetLife Stadium for themselves while taking on the New York Jets.

Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons throws a pass to Mohamed Sanu during the first half of a game against the Green Bay Packers- NFL Week 4 Parlay
Dylan Buell/Getty Images/AFP

Hold your nose and get ready to experience first-hand the agitation of being a Jets fan. Against what would have been better prior judgment, we’re recommending that this is the week the New York Football Jets put a notch in their win column.

Yes, they’ve been outscored 94-37 so far this season. They rank at the bottom of everyone’s power rankings. Their coaching is abysmal and no head coach’s seat is hotter than Adam Gase’s. For that reason, on rare occasions like these, we’ll put motivation above metrics and take the wounded home dog. It’s been suggested that had this game not been scheduled on a short week, Gase would have been fired Sunday, and a loss here gets him a pink slip before Friday’s press conference.

Practically, the Jets are also hoping to return WR Jamison Crowder to the lineup, and an additional half-dozen players are optimistic about being on the field (including right tackle George Fant and CB Quincy Wilson).

On the Broncos side, three straight losses led to front-office grumblings, but the ire is pointed at the director John Elway rather than coach Vic Fangio. For his part, Fangio has already announced another change under center as Brett Rypien is expected to start.

We really don’t like either of these teams. But, ties excluded, one of these will likely, and undeservedly, win. We’ll take the motivated home dog against the traveling team on the short week playing on questionable turf.

Parlay Leg #1: NY Jets moneyline +115

Philadelphia Eagles (45) at San Francisco 49ers (-7)

San Francisco 49ers backup QB Nick Mullens demonstrated Sunday that he’s a fine replacement for Jimmy Garoppolo, especially when facing a team with a lack of pass rush. Fortunately for him and the Niners, that’s the same kind of team against that they’ll face off on Sunday night with the Philadelphia Eagles.

While the Niners, already shredded by injury, lost a couple more players last game, they will get to play at home. Hopefully, they rehab some of their roster back into shape. But if you had to lose yet another corner (in this case Emmanuel Moseley) you’d like to do so against the Eagles. This team can’t keep healthy receivers on the field.

Last game, Philadelphia lost TE Dallas Goddert and potentially WR DeSean Jackson. (They’re already short Jalen Reagor, Alshon Jeffery, and others.) As a stand-alone bet, we’d lean to laying the -7 and wait for a -6½. However, for this parlay we’ll make the case that laying -300 is a good price. We’d anticipate that Niners’ moneyline getting more expensive as the week shakes out and practice reports come in.

Parlay Leg #2: San Francisco 49ers moneyline -300

Atlanta Falcons (58) at Green Bay Packers (-7½)

The Atlanta Falcons are damaged goods. Not just because they’re going to have to hear about how they’re the only team to choke away two 15-point fourth-quarter leads in the same season. And, yes, they did it in back-to-back games. But also because of the slew of injuries they’ve suffered. Add to that WR Russell Gage with a concussion, and we’ll expect both Julio Jones and he to miss Monday night against the Green Bay Packers.

We’re not thrilled about laying above a touchdown. Especially this early in the week, practice reports could sway the line a point either way. Instead, we’ll take the -340 as part of the parlay. We are fully expecting the Packers to end the football week as one of the league’s undefeated teams. And that means the Falcons fly home looking for their first win. Or maybe even a new coach!

Parlay Leg #3: Green Bay Packers -340

Parlay All Three: Bet $100.00 to Win $270.10

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