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My 2 Best Marvin Harrison Jr. Props + 1 Sneaky Underdog Bet!

Marvin Harrison Jr. is not just another rookie; he's football royalty. With a Hall of Famer dad, he's got football in his DNA, but his own talent is what’s truly turning heads. If you are looking... Read Now

From Cellar Dwellers to Contenders? Arizona Cardinals' 2024 Betting Outlook

The Arizona Cardinals aren’t exactly the favorites to dominate the 2024 NFL season, but that’s something most of us already know. But hey, who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

With Kyler Murray back in action, the Redbirds could be poised for a surprising rebound. While the odds might seem stacked against them, savvy bettors know that sometimes the biggest payouts come from unexpected places.

Here, we’re digging deep into the Cardinals’ potential for a turnaround, exploring the key factors that could make them a smart bet, and uncovering their opening season NFL odds.

So, could this be the year the Cardinals rise from the ashes? Let’s find out.

Cardinals Comeback? Betting Odds & Predictions for a Rebound Season

Let’s face it, the Cardinals aren’t exactly the darlings of the 2024 NFL season predictions. With Arizona fans can either deal with a team that is ready to take on the world from the get-go, or a squad that sometimes looks like they forgot the fundamentals of football. Still, this team has a knack for surprising us.

Again, while the odds might be stacked against Arizona, don’t write off the Cardinals just yet. In this article, we’re diving deep into their potential for improvement, exploring the key factors that could make them a value pick for savvy bettors, looking at their schedule and potential odds to make a run for the playoffs and even the Super Bowl.

How Many Wins Will The Cardinals Get This Season?

Oddsmakers are not sold on Arizona making a full recovery this season from their 4-13 record from last year. With a projected win total of 6 ½ wins at -140 odds, it’s clear that the room for growth and improvement is there, but not yet enough to truly want to start building a hype train for the team.

Considering their six intra-divisional games against the LA Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks at home and away, staying in AZ the Cards will host the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, LA Chargers, New England Patriots, New York Jets and Washington Commanders.

On the road the Cardinals will play the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.

What Are Arizona’s Odds To Win The NFC West Title?

Entering the 2024/25 season the Cardinals are dead last in the race for the NFC West title with +1200 odds, trailing the favorites 49ers, Rams and Seahawks.

Can The Cardinals Make The Playoffs This Year?

According to initial projections, the Cardinals have +300 odds to make the playoffs this season, while also having -400 to miss out on the postseason, once again showing that this is a team that hasn’t fully convinced NFL betting pundits of a potential January football run.

Should You Bet On The Cardinals Winning The NFC Crown?

While the hopes of getting a full season out of Murray as passer, as well as how the connection between him and rookie receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. will pan out, hopefully for the best in Arizona’s mind, betting on the Cardinals to win the coveted NFC title this season feels like quite the uphill bet to take, with +5000 odds to succeed.

How Much Of A Long Shot Is Betting On Arizona Winning Super Bowl LXI?

At +8000 odds to win Super Bowl LXI, the Cardinals are ripe for the taking if anybody is looking for a “Grade A” long shot bet to win this season’s Lombardi Trophy.

So, Arizona This Season? Take or Pass?

The Cardinals might be facing a rather large uphill battle in 2024, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the game. While a deep playoff run might seem like a very long shot, keep in mind that this is a team with potential, a quarterback that when fully healthy has shown he can ball like the best in the league, and a history of defying expectations.

For the risk-takers out there, the Cardinals could offer a chance to cash in on some seriously juicy odds. And for the rest of us, well, it’s shaping up to be an exciting season, full of surprises. So keep an eye on those Redbirds, because they might just fly higher than anyone expects.

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