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Starting QB Question Clouds Outlook for Vikings in 2024

It is never a good sign when four quarterbacks get to play for an NFL team. Things didn't go very well after No. 1 QB Kirk Cousins suffered a season-ending injury in 2023. The Vikings opted not to... Read Now

Atlanta's Playoff Push: Analyzing the Falcons' 2024 Odds with Kirk Cousins

Atlanta Falcons fans, buckle up. The 2024 season could be a game-changer. With Kirk Cousins calling the shots under center, this ain’t your old, lackluster Falcons offense anymore. We’re diving deep into how this shift in offense for Atlanta is shaking up the odds and transforming the Falcons into a potential powerhouse.

Is a playoff berth on the horizon? Could the Falcons even snag the NFC South crown? Get ready for an in-depth analysis of Atlanta’s betting odds and expert predictions. It’s time to find out if the Falcons are ready to take flight in 2024.

Falcons’ Futures: From Underdogs to Favorites with Kirk Cousins at the Helm?

Ah the Falcons, will they go perennial underdogs to the NFC South’s next powerhouse? With Cousins stepping into the quarterback role, the tides seem to be turning. Suddenly, playoff dreams are no longer a whisper, but a legitimate possibility.

Could the Falcons, with their revamped offense and newfound confidence, soar to the top of the division? We’re diving deep into Atlanta’s betting odds, dissecting the Cousins effect, and exploring the potential for a truly extraordinary season.

Whether you’re a die-hard Falcons fan or a seasoned bettor, this is your chance to get ahead of the curve. Are you ready to bet on a Falcons’ future that looks brighter than ever before?

How Many Wins Will The Falcons Get This Season?

The word on the street is that the Falcons are ready to usher in a new era of football and winning practices into their organization and fans could not be any happier. With an initial projected win total of 9 ½ wins at -130 odds, the Falcons will have their hands full this season besides their six intra-divisional home and away games against the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At home the Falcons will also welcome the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks.

On the road, Atlanta will visit the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders.

Should You Bet On Atlanta Winning The NFC South?

The Falcons are ready to give the Buccaneers a run for the NFC South title and their -125 odds to win the division show this, with the arrival of Cousins paired up with the team’s core of explosive, young talents, making it impossible for oddsmakers not to give the Falcons favorable divisional title odds.

What Are Atlanta’s Odds To Make The Playoffs?

With -325 odds to make the playoffs, Atlanta’s opening odds to make the postseason are looking the best they have in quite some time. Comparing them to their +250 odds to miss out on the playoffs, it’s clear that taking the Falcons to reach the playoffs might be one of the best steals this season when betting on NFL odds.

Is There Value In Taking The Falcons To Win The NFC Title?

The new look Falcons with Cousins at the helm are keeping oddsmakers and NFL betting pundits on top of their game, with their +1200 odds to win the NFC title showing that there could be a whole new winning culture brewing in Georgia.

What Are The Odds Of The Falcons Winning Super Bowl LXI?

Oddsmakers are keen on giving the idea of Cousins finding his route to a Super Bowl win in Atlanta some hype. With +2800 odds to win Super Bowl LXI, betting on a Falcons title run does offer an enticing hook for bettors looking for an interesting long shot to follow.

Of course, here’s to hoping another “28-3” debacle isn’t in Atlanta’s title-ridden future.

Should You Trust Cousins’ New Look Falcons Or Not?

The Falcons might have been underdogs in the past, but with Cousins now at the helm, the narrative is shifting. The 2024 season promises to be a pivotal one, with the potential for playoff glory, perhaps even a shot at the NFC South title and a deep playoff run.

While the road won’t be easy, the Falcons have the pieces in place to make a serious run. As the oddsmakers adjust their predictions and fans gear up for an electrifying season, one thing is clear: betting on the Falcons in 2024 could be a gamble worth taking.

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