Buffalo Bills Odds Calendar, Stats, Injuries 2022 Season

If you’re here and you’re reading this, know that 2022 is as good of a year for the Buffalo Bills to make it back to the Super Bowl as ever, but don’t just take our word for it, check out the top Vegas NFL odds around to see that the hype and smoke around the Bills is ever so real.

After a 2021 season that saw the Bills see their Super Bowl hopes shattered at the expenses of an OT loss in the divisional round of the playoffs to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, all signs point towards the 2022 season being the perfect time and perfect scenario for Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and company to break through all of the molds and finally make it back to the Super Bowl, hoping that this time a win will be awaiting them.

Even with the season being a couple of months away, NFL odds pages keep highlighting the Bills as the overwhelming favorites to win the AFC East division by a landslide, without any real concern of what all the other teams in the division have done in the offseason to further strengthen their rosters.

Will the Buffalo Bills be able to make truth of what all NFL Lines experts are expecting from

the team this season, or will the hype and fuzz end up taking its toll on Allen and company?

Buffalo Bills Last Season Performance

The 2021 season for the Buffalo Bills saw them once again, just like this year, come into the fray as favorites to go all the way to the AFC Championship game at least, but after hosting a final record of 11-6 and seeing their chances of taking the No.1 seed in the AFC for the playoffs, the season came to an abrupt end when they lost in OT to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs.

As far as the team itself went, they came into 2021 as sheer favorites to take the AFC East division, but after a miraculous uprising by Bill Belichick and the Patriots, who even managed to beat the Bills at home in week 13, the race for the AFC East title was turned into high gear for Buffalo and New England. At the end of the season, one win separated the Bills and Patriots, with Buffalo being able to edge out New England for the divisional title.

When looking at the general stats of the team, Buffalo was as dominant as ever both on offense and defense, cracking into the top 10 of teams when it came to offensive stats, finishing as the 5th best team in the league in total offense and being the best overall team in total defense, especially in part to how good their passing defense was.

If looking at personal player stats, Josh Allen, Devon Singletary and Stefon Diggs lead the team in total yards with Allen passing for 4,407 yards and 36 touchdowns, while Singletary rushed for a cool 870 yards with 7 touchdowns and Stefon Diggs led the helm of the receiving core with a solid 1,225 yards and 10 touchdowns.

On defense, as we mentioned, the best defensive line in the league, linebacker Tremaine Edwards led the team with 70 tackles, while defensive end Mario Addison had seven sacks and free safety Micah Hyde led the team with five interceptions.

Buffalo Bills Key Additions

Buffalo hit a home run this offseason when they decided to sign former Broncos and Rams defensive end behemoth Von Miller, a two-time Super Bowl champion to further boost their defensive line in order to make sure all opposing offenses are kept in check at all times. Aside from that, bringing in tight end O.J. Howard and veteran WR Jamison Crowder to further strengthen their TE and WR core is also a great move made by the Bills in order to continue giving Josh Allen more and more weapons for his passing game.

And let’s not forget about some of the key additions that the Bills brought into the team from the 2022 NFL draft, starting with 1st round pick cornerback Kaiir Elam as well as former Georgia Bulldogs RB James Cook in the 2nd round, WR Khalil Shakir in the 5th round and punter Matt Araiza in the 6th round of this year’s draft.

Buffalo Bills Key Subtractions

Once again, the Buffalo Bills will start off their season with a chart as deep in talent as the Mariana trenches, especially given to the fact that their offseason subtractions don’t really hurt the team in any way or shape possible. Apart from parting ways with WRs Cole Beasley and Malik Williams as well as OL Jon Feliciano the team looks as strong as ever, with the additions to the team taking all of the spotlights in comparison to their departures.

This goes as a refreshment to any Bills haters out there that when it comes to the 2022 season the Bills will be looking to sweep with any and all opponents from the get-go as they hope to make this year the one where they finally head back to the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Analysis

Even after losing former OC Brian Daboll, who took the head coaching job with the New York Giants, 2022 is looking more and more like the perfect year for Bills head coach Sean McDermott to win the NFL Coach of the Year Award. Even with the season still being weeks away from starting a lot can be said about McDermott and the effect he’s had on the Bills organization, taking the team from a lowly bottom-feeder stigma to becoming one of the best, if not the best team not only in the AFC but in the NFL as a whole.

With his coaching style is known to be more towards the defensive side of the game, somewhere where the Bills excel as a unit, McDermott has not been shy from making sure that Buffalo’s offense plays to par with their defense, with the Bills offense being one of the most effective both on the passing game as well as rushing.

McDermott and his coaching staff have made it a point to make the Bills one of the most feared teams in the league and from the looks of it, if there was ever a year for Buffalo to finally make it back to the Super Bowl and actually win it, it’s this year.

Buffalo Bills Injured Players at the Beginning of the Season

As of right now, the Buffalo Bills present four players in total in the injured reserve list heading into the season. On offense, offensive tackles Spencer Brown, Tommy Doyle and guard Ike Boettger are all carrying different injuries that have not allowed them to practice with the team thus far but the hopes are that all three players will be able to come back before the season starts.

On defense starting CB Tre’Davious White is the only reported injured player as he continues to recover from a torn ACL injury that has sidelined him from joining the team in their offseason practices. Still, the team is hoping to be able to have their star cornerback by the time that the preseason kicks into high gear and of course for week 1.

Buffalo Bills Offense

When it comes to Buffalo’s offense, the list clearly has to start with QB Josh Allen. Allen is poised to make the 2022 season his best in the league, with high hopes being held around the idea of him landing the league’s MVP award at the end of the season. The Bills offense has shown time in and time out thanks to Josh Allen that they are more than ready to put up against any and all opposing defenses and in 2022, thanks to their additions on offense from the free agency market as well as the draft.

If Allen shows up and shows off, expect all of the biggest praises and hype to flow his way. Also, on offense, players like Stefon Diggs and the newly signed Jamison Crowder as well as Devon Singletary, OJ Howard and Dawson Knox will most likely shine this season for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills Defense

If there is one unit where the Bills don’t seem to skip a beat, it’s in their defense. When you see Buffalo’s defense square up and play, it’s like a perfect mixture between a ballet and the Spartan army. Head coach Sean McDermott, who is known to be one of the best defense-driven coaches alongside DC Leslie Frazier have concocted a defensive structure amongst the Bills team that just screams dominance and power.

This team is bound to shine once again on defense in 2022, especially after having added defensive end legend Von Miller to the mix to play alongside guys like Gregory Rousseau, Ed Oliver and Tremaine Edwards. Lastly, if he can come back in full health and have a turnaround season as it’s expected, Bills fans should await big things from cornerback Tre’Davious White.

Buffalo Bills Special Teams

Buffalo’s special teams unit will be looking to find some sort of congruence and stability when it comes to the punting position. After having five-year veteran Matt Haack, who played his first season with the Bills last year, be the starting punter for the team, even with him having a few shaky episodes throughout the season, the battle for the position is officially open and up for grabs especially after the Bills drafted former San Diego State star punter Matt Araiza to further strengthen their punting core.

While the competition will continue until the end of the preseason, the feeling around Bills camp is that giving Araiza a shot looks like a more realistic choice, with Haack getting the boot.

Aside from that, when it comes to the kick-return specialist position, Taiwan Jones will be looking to take a hold of the position, especially with how loaded the RB room in the team is looking like.

Buffalo Bills Prediction for the 2022 Season

The 2022 regular season schedule for the Buffalo Bills is yet another sign that this might just be the year that the Bills go for it all, having one of the easier schedules, being the 12th most difficult in the league. What’s most important is how Buffalo was blessed by the NFL with having the best schedule of all teams in terms of times for rest and recovery within matchups.

Now, diving right into the schedule per se, the Bills have some very important and pivotal matchups to look forward to this season, starting out with what could perfectly be a preview of SB LVII when Josh Allen and company head to LA to play the defending champions Rams in the opening game of the season.

Besides that, their following game against the Titans at home, their week 4 and week 6 visits to Baltimore and Kansas City, their week eight showdown at home against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, yet another SB LVII potential preview, and their week 17 visit to Joe Burrow and the defending AFC Champions Cincinnati Bengals stand out as the top games to watch this season.

In the AFC East divisional matchups, there will be a cold day in hell this season if the Bills don’t manage to win their division. While all three other divisional teams, the Dolphins, Jets and Patriots have all made some very important moves in the offseason, the Bills are still a long, long, LONG, mile away from their opponents being able to match them in roster depth and overall strength.

Expect the Bills to win the AFC East division with ease, most likely taking the first seed in the conference playoff race and making a very strong run in the postseason that could take them all the way to Super Bowl LVII.

Buffalo Bills Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a surefire bet team to back this season, then back the Bills. They are filled up to the brim with talent in every position of the team, their head coaching team is one of the best and most rounded out crews around and they are living up to the hype being built around them, without losing focus on what matters most, making it to the Super Bowl and winning the Lombardi Trophy.

All and all, the Bills are poised to be the team to beat this season in the AFC, even if the Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Ravens, Bengals and Titans have anything to say about it. Their schedule might read as tough, but this team has all the right tools to not only succeed but flip the conference up on its head and with a fanbase as loyal as the “Bills Mafia”, the stage is set for a great season of football in Orchard Park

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Buffalo Bills FAQ

What is the origin of the Buffalo Bills team name?

The Buffalo Bills haven’t always been the Bills. Up until 1947, when former team owner James Breuil decided to change to Bills, the team was known as the Buffalo Bisons. After the owner decided to host a contest in which fans could decide the new name for the team, the name “Bills” was the definitive winner and so the Buffalo Bills franchise took flight.

Now, while the logo of the Bills has a buffalo in it, the truth of the matter is that the animal in the logo is actually a bison, an animal that most people in North America confuse and call buffaloes. The team’s actual reason to be named Bills is actually an homage of sorts to former Old West folk hero Buffalo Bill Cody.

Who beat the Bills in their four Super Bowl appearances?

The Buffalo Bills hold one of the most interesting and heartbreaking records in the NFL when it comes to the Super Bowl. Between 1990 and 1993 the Bills managed to make it to the Super Bowl in four straight occasions, sadly losing all four of those title games. Funny enough, that is unless you’re a Bills fan, then not funny whatsoever, their four consecutive Super Bowl losses came against NFC East teams.

In the 1990-91 season the Bills made it to Super Bowl XXV where they faced off against Bill Parcells and the New York Giants. Even with a superb performance from Bills legend QB Jim Kelly, Buffalo fell short by one point, losing the game 20-19. In Super Bowl XXVI, the Bills once again fell, this time against the Washington Redskins, now Commanders, even while having the best WR pair in the league in Andre Reed and James Lofton. Last but certainly not least, in the 92-93 and 93-94 seasons, the Bills met the Dallas Cowboys twice in a row, losing both title games.

Why haven't the Buffalo Bills won a Super Bowl?

That is one of life’s biggest questions, if you’re a Bills fan of course. That streak in the early nineties, where the Bills were by far and near the most dominant team in the AFC, having some of the best players in the team’s history like Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, James Lofton and Andre Dawson should’ve seen Buffalo win at least two of the Super Bowls they participated in.

Their games against the Giants and Washington, but especially against New York were right there for the taking, because beating the Cowboys in that period of time was more of an opium dream than anything else, but still history is what it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Afterwards dark times took over the Bills organization, with the team only able to start seeing the light after bringing in Josh Allen to create a whole new winning culture around the team. So instead of sulking in past defeats, it seems fitting for Bills fans to gear up for what could be a very promising and title-ridden period of time to come.

Which Bills Players Have the Best Chances To Make It to the Pro Bowl in 2022?

With a roster as stacked as the one Buffalo has, there is a plethora of players who could make it to the Pro Bowl this upcoming season. Aside from the obvious choices of guys like Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Devon Singletary, Tre’Davious White, Ed Oliver and Tremaine Edwards, there are many other under the radar players that could make it to the Pro Bowl this season.

Strong safety Jordan Poyer seems like the top candidate off the bat to finally receive a Pro Bowl invitation, especially after having been one of the best defensive players in the AFC. Second year pro defensive end Gregory Rousseau is also up for a Pro Bowl invitation if he’s able to keep up his level of playing from his rookie season last year. Lastly, tight end Dawson Knox on offense should be able to snatch a Pro Bowl invitation.