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Top 4 Reasons Why Colts Should Be on Your Preseason Radar

After missing most of 2023, Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson could return to the field in the preseason. NFL preseason games are not always the cleanest but there is still plenty to watch... Read Now

Colts Out of the Shadows? Dissecting Richardson's Return & Indy's 2024 Sleeper Potential

The time for all Indianapolis Colts fans to dust off those horseshoes and get hyped has come, because something special could be brewing in Indy for the upcoming season. Star quarterback Anthony Richardson is back, fully healed, and ready to ignite this offense.

Forget last season’s struggles; this is a team reborn, hungry to prove the doubters wrong. The AFC South is poised for a shakeup, and the Colts are eyeing a chance to topple their competition and make some serious noise.

Could this be the year Indy surprises the NFL? We’re diving into Richardson’s potential, the upgraded odds, and key matchups that could make or break the Colts’ 2024 season.

Anthony Richardson’s Return: Can the Colts Charge into AFC Contention in 2024?

Buckle up, Colts fans, because the 2024 season could be a wild ride. As Richardson returns from injury, whispers that this team is ready to bolt out of obscurity and once again into title contention are starting to fuel more and more. Even while the buzz in the AFC South is all about the Houston Texans, but don’t count out the Colts just yet.

This hungry squad is loaded with under-the-radar talent and a chip on their shoulder. Could they pull off the upset of the year and knock the Texans off their throne? We’re breaking down the team’s schedule, and the underdog spirit that might just make the Colts 2024’s most exciting sleeper team.

Indianapolis Colts Schedule 2024

How Many Games Are The Colts Winning In 2024?

In a season where expectations are running high for Indy, oddsmakers are split between buying into the Colt’s hype or keeping a check on reality. With their initial win total projections at 8 ½ wins at +110 odds,

Besides having to square off in what promise to be pivotal matchups against the Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans twice in the season, the Colts will have to play host to the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins out of the AFC East, as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC North, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions from the NFC North.

On the road, Indy will visit the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New York Giants and New York Jets.

Is Betting On The Colts As AFC South Champions A Good Idea?

While everyone continues buying tickets for the Texan’s title run hype bus, betting on the Colts to give Houston a run for the AFC South crown might hold some of the best value in that divisional race. With Indy’s odds slated at +325, a good intra divisional showing alongside a string of strong wins elsewhere could be the determining factor for a Colts divisional win.

Will The Colts Be A Playoff Team In 2024/25?

Entering the season, the Colts have +160 odds to make the playoffs, with experts seeing this team more likely to earn a wildcard berth than winning the divisional title. On the other hand, their odds for not making the playoffs stand at -200.

Should You Take Indianapolis To Win The AFC?

With this coming season projected to be Richardson’s first full season as the Colts’ franchise QB, as long as he manages to stay healthy and avoid injuries, oddsmakers are giving Indy +3000 odds to edge out the rest of the competition in their conference and finish as AFC title holders, something not seen since Peyton Manning’s days leading the squad.


Can The Colts Shock Bettors And Win Super Bowl LXI?

In a league where the level of competitiveness continues to grow day in and day out, it would take Indianapolis putting on a gargantuan effort to not only make it to the biggest game of the year but also winning it. As of right now the Colts’ odds to win Super Bowl LXI currently stand at +6500, slapping them in the bottom third of the list of favorites to win this season’s Lombardi Trophy.

Are The Colts Ready For Title Contention This Season?

It feels as if the first question that needs to be answered is: Can the Colts truly challenge the Texans in 2024? The answer is a resounding maybe. They’ve got the pieces – a dynamic quarterback, a revamped roster, and that underdog fire, so don’t expect them to roll over and play dead in the AFC South.

A division title might be a stretch, but a playoff push? Absolutely possible. This team is poised to surprise some folks. Keep an eye on Indianapolis, because if Richardson stays healthy, the Colts could be the sleeper team that shakes up the entire AFC.

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