Los Angeles Chargers Betting Preview 2021

Los Angeles Chargers 2021 Team Analysis

The Chargers have a lot of juice heading into this season for a multitude of reasons, starting with the play of quarterback Justin Herbert last season. While the Chargers coaching staff seemed hesitant to play Herbert as a rookie, he was forced into action by a very strange circumstance and he never looked back, leading the offense to a great season.

Speaking of the coaching staff, they are gone and that is generally seen as a plus. Brandon Staley was a breakout coach last season with the Los Angeles Rams and seems like someone that should be an elite X’s and O’s coach. It’s always interesting to see how head coaches perform early in their first years and Staley will have high expectations with this roster.

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Los Angeles Chargers 2021 Schedule




Week 1

Sept. 12

at Washington Football Team

Week 2

Sept. 19

at Dallas Cowboys

Week 3

Sept. 26

at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 4

Oct. 4

at Las Vegas Raiders

Week 5

Oct. 10

at Cleveland Browns

Week 6

Oct. 17

at Baltimore Ravens

Week 7

Oct. 24

Bye Week

Week 8

Oct. 31

at New England Patriots

Week 9

Nov. 7

at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 10

Nov. 14 at Minnesota Vikings

Week 11

Nov. 21

at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 12

Nov. 28

at Denver Broncos

Week 13

Dec. 5

at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 14

Dec. 12

at New York Giants

Week 15

Dec. 16

at Las Vegas Raiders

Week 16

Dec. 26

at Houston Texans

Week 17

Jan. 2

at Denver Broncos

Week 18

Jan. 9

at Las Vegas Raiders

The Chargers’ schedule is that of average difficulty with two divisional games vs Oakland and Kansas City kind of balancing out the division matchups. They face the NFC East and the AFC North in their other divisional crossovers. This again is a pretty average group with tough teams like Baltimore and Cleveland, but a lot of question marks in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the New York Giants.

Los Angeles Chargers News & Picks

The Chargers haven’t had a ton of offseason news outside of the coaching change and the offseason moves of the team, which we will get into a little later. We should see defensive end Joey Bosa back after ending the season with an injury and he will be a key piece yet again without Melvin Ingram back this season.

Los Angeles Chargers Key Players

Justin Herbert

Herbert was fantastic in his rookie season, throwing for over 4,300 yards, a completion percentage of 66.6 and 31 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. Herbert also led the team to four straight wins to end the season against the three division opponents, setting the tone for what is to come in the future. Herbert made his first appearance against the Chiefs and lost a nail biter in overtime and closed the season with a victory over Kansas City, which was without most of its star players.

Herbert now has to improve and show that last season was no fluke. Year 2 has been the biggest hurdle for a lot of these young QBs and most often they struggle the season after their biggest success. The only young QB that hasn’t really seen any hiccups is Kansas City’s Pat Mahomes, his division rival. This trajectory should be the goal for Herbert, just like it should be for any young QB.

Joey Bosa

Bosa will have to shoulder the defensive load and he hopes to do so at full strength. Bosa has dealt with his fair share of injuries over his career, but he has been one of the best players in the NFL when he’s been at full strength.

The question is can Bosa do this without as much help as he has had throughout the course of his career? I expect Bosa to have a career season and the Chargers are relying on that.

Los Angeles Chargers New Additions

The Chargers clearly want to give their quarterback as much protection as possible. They went and got Corey Linsley and Matt Feiler, both of whom are expected to be good to great starters on the offensive line. They also invested a top-15 pick in an offensive tackle that some think was the best tackle in the draft. Rashawn Slater made a name for himself at Northwestern, causing some to even put him as a potential top-five pick. This offensive line should be very talented and keep the somewhat mobile Herbert upright.

Other than the offensive line, the Chargers added tight end Jared Cook, draft picks like Asante Samuels Jr. and some guys that are expected to provide more depth than standout players. Cook will obviously take over for Hunter Henry and probably provide some dynamic plays over the season.

Los Angeles Chargers Key Subtractions

There have been a lot of lossessince last season and they did leave some real holes that they are hoping their depth can fill in. Hunter Henry, Rayshawn Jenkins, Melvin Ingram, Dan Feeney, Sam Tevi and Casey Hayward all played significant snaps last season. While the Chargers have clearly put an emphasis on the offensive line to support players like Herbert, Allen and running back Austin Ekeler, there  is definitely a world where the defensive losses come back to haunt them.

The biggest question is why they did not add more talent to the roster right now. We know running backs have a short shelf life, Allen isn’t getting any younger Herbert will soon become a very highly paid player. The time to win is right now with a successful QB on a rookie contract and some star players already on the roster. The Chargers may regret not making a splash or two in free agency on the defensive side of the ball.

Divisional Outlook

Winning a division with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in it will be very difficult, but Los Angeles is expected to step up and challenge them. The Chargers expect to reach the postseason, but there are plenty of playoff-worthy teams and having no easy path to a division championship only makes it that much harder.

The Broncos have been confirmed to not be getting Aaron Rodgers, which would have flipped this division on its head. Now they are a talented young team with a lot of good pieces and no answer at QB. If we see Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater step up and elevate Denver, that would be just another hurdle for the Chargers to get over.

The Raiders should not present a real threat to anyone else in the division outside of a big offensive performance from time to time. The Chargers would love to leave the division schedule with two wins over the Raiders and a 4-2 record overall, whether that means sweeping the Broncos or stealing one from the Chiefs.

Los Angeles Chargers Offense

The offense should improve in Year 2 with Herbert and a full season of both Allen and Ekeler. The offensive line is revamped and that should help the second-year QB get over any struggles. This offense was really average in scoring, but significantly better at moving the ball. Expect their offense to hover around the top 10 in points this season.

Los Angeles Chargers Defense

The defense took a major hit in terms of raw talent, but it’s not as though they left the cupboard barren. That being said, Los Angeles struggled mightily last season on defense. The X-factor here is Staley, who is a defensive-minded coach that should help the unit schematically. As the head coach, he must have seen enough defensive talent to recommend not making more signings and to take the job at all. Expect them to hover around 20th in team defense in most major categories.

Los Angeles Chargers FAQ

What is the Los Angeles Chargers’ all-time record?


Who owns the Los Angeles Chargers?

Dean Spanos is the owner of the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Who is the quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers?

Justin Herbert

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