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NY Giants Top 4 WRs of All Time: Toomer, Beckham Lead the Class

Amani Toomer and Odell Beckham Jr. are the top two wide receivers in New York Giants history, but at least eight can make good cases for No. 3 and 4. Victor Cruz had 3,626 yards receiving in... Read Now

Will Jets Finally Take Flight in 2024? Weighing In on Initial 2024 Outlook

Alright Jets Nation, strap up, because from the looks of things, the 2024 season is about to get wild for your New York Jets. With star quarterback Aaron Rodgers finally back from last year’s season ending injury, which sidelined him after playing just one series in the team’s home opener against the Buffalo Bills, it’s pretty apparent the passer is finally ready to show what he’s got in that green and white jersey.

And let’s not forget – the Jets went all-in this offseason, making some serious moves, especially in their offense to make sure Rodgers’ return to the bright lights of MetLife isn’t one full of despair once again. We’re talking free agency shake-ups and a draft class where offense first was the main war-time strategy.

So the big question is: Is this finally the year the Jets break the playoff drought? Or will all that hype fizzle out? Let’s dive in and find out what the future holds.

Jets 2024 Season Preview: Can Rodgers & Co. Finally Challenge AFC Title Favorites?

After a 2023 campaign that left “Gang Green” fans on the verge of trying to find counseling, between having to cope with Rodgers’ loss, Zach Wilson’s true and tried incompetence, having to go from Super Bowl favorites to trying to stay above water in a conference where the level of competition continues to rise ever so quickly and just dealing with once again being the perennial end of all NFL jokes, the Jets went back to the drawing board and made some serious moves in free agency to right the ship.

Bringing in players to boost up their offensive line, as well as wide receiver corps, defensive line, and scoring another strong draft haul, the Jets are ready for a fight with anybody willing to step up.

But let’s be real here for a second, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the biggest story coming out of Orchard Park is the return of Rodgers. After tearing his Achilles in Week 1 last year, the 40-year-old gunslinger is hellbent on proving he’s still got gas in the tank.

He may not be 100% yet, but would you bet against a man with that kind of fire in his belly?
New York Jets Schedule 2024

How Many Games Will the Jets Win in 2024?

Oddsmakers are already giving the Jets some love early on in the offseason setting their regular season win total at 9.5 at -105, a number very similar to last season’s before the whole Rodgers debacle.

Having to face fellow AFC East rivals Bills with Josh Allen hoping for this to be the year in which his team doesn’t choke when it matters most , the Miami Dolphins who are night and day depending on Tua Tagovailoa’s health, and New England Patriots, who are entering their first year without Bill Belichick calling the shots twice in the season, New York should be laser focussed on scoring at least four wins out of those six games.

Visits from the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, as well as visits to the San Francisco 49ers, and Pittsburgh Steelers stand as the team’s main challenges in 2024.

What Are The Jets’ Odds To Win The AFC East?

Even while considering the AFC East can easily be considered a shark tank, with the Buffalo Bills playing as the biggest fish in the pond with +170 odds to once again take the divisional crown, the Jets are currently slated as third favorites to win the division at +200 odds, right behind the Dolphins, and beating out the Belichick-less Patriots.
Will the Jets Make the Playoffs?

The 2024 Jets odds to make the playoffs sit at -140, while another season without a trip to the postseason will payout +110. The oddsmakers believe the Jets will be playing football in January, be it as divisional champions or as a wild-card invitee.


Betting On The Jets To Win The AFC Title? A Long Shot Worth Looking At

Zooming out to the AFC as a whole, the Jets have the seventh-best odds of making the Super Bowl, at +1200. But man, that road is paved with elite QB talent. Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson – it’s like a murderer’s row of signal-callers. The Jets will have to run the gauntlet if they want a shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

Thankfully for coach Saleh and the rest of New York’s decision makers, if there’s one unit that has constantly excelled and has allowed this team to stay competitive and not get blown out of the field week in and week out it’s the defense. So don’t sleep on the Jets taking the AFC by storm, that might just come back to bite you in the butt when push comes to shove.

The Jets As Super Bowl LXI Champions? Crazier Things Have Happened

Don’t count any scenario from happening here. It’s the Jets we’re talking about here. Their Super Bowl LXI winner odds which currently stand at +2200 might end up making you a fat wad of cash down the line as well as a football-ridden prophet amongst your friends.

So, Betting On The Jets, Yay or Nay?

Bottom Line? If Rodgers manages to stay healthy throughout the season and the free agent pickups pan out alongside the team’s already stellar defense, and help from players like star running back Breece Hall amongst others, double-digit wins and a playoff berth are well within reach. An AFC East title would be the cherry on top. But a deep playoff run? That might be a little too much to ask for in Rodgers’ age-40 season.

At the end of the day, after years of mediocrity, Jets fans have plenty to be excited about. So break out the face paint, take all of your frustrations out from early on in order to enter the season with some spunk in your spirit and get ready for a wild ride in 2024. The Jets are coming, and they’re not messing around.

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