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NHL All-Out Odds Update: Biggest Movers

Current Standings Not Quite What We Expected

We previewed the NHL’s Division, Conference, and Stanley Cup odds prior to the start of the season. After 30 or so games and with the NHL on hiatus, we look at the updated NHL betting odds and, boy, did things shift quite a bit. Here’s the lowdown on each division’s biggest movers.

Atlantic Division

Odds to Win Atlantic Eastern Cup
Tampa Bay Lightning +175 +450 +800
Toronto Maple Leafs +200 +450 +900
Boston Bruins +1200 +800 +1800
Florida Panthers +175 +500 +900
Montreal Canadiens +50000 +25000 +50000
Ottawa Senators +50000 +25000 +50000
Detroit Red Wings +10000 +4000 +8000
Buffalo Sabres +50000 +20000 +30000


The Battle of Florida: The Tampa Bay Lightning opened as a tier above the rest, but the odds have tightened to include their Sunshine State rivals, the Florida Panthers, and Canada’s premier team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Panthers were tearing up the league at one point, but have slowed while Tampa Bay has heated up. Their odds should be trending in opposite directions.

NHL All-Out Odds Update: The Biggest Movers

Toronto vs Boston: Not to be forgotten are Canada’s best team, the Toronto Maple Leafs and their arch-enemy, the Boston Bruins. The Leafs are right there with the Floridian superpowers, but own that postseason albatross. Boston can’t ever be counted out, so we won’t here.

Fork ’em: Detroit, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo

Metropolitan Division

Odds to Win Metro Eastern Cup
New York Islanders +6600 +5000 +10000
Pittsburgh Penguins +500 +1100 +2200
Carolina Hurricanes +175 +700 +1200
Washington Capitals +200 +800 +1600
New York Rangers +400 +800 +1600
Philadelphia Flyers +10000 +5000 +10000
New Jersey Devils +10000 +8000 +10000
Columbus Blue Jackets +10000 +8000 +12500

Storm Surges

Carolina Team to Beat: In what was supposed to be a wide-open Metropolitan chase, the Carolina Hurricanes have stood out as the best in the division. The ‘Canes lead the league in point percentage and goal differential. Washington’s not far behind and the Capitals remain a prolific team, while the Pittsburgh Penguins are also gaining momentum after a slow, injury-riddled start.

Which New York Team is Legit? The online sports betting odds have flipped on the struggling New York Islanders, who are in danger of missing the playoffs while debuting their billion-dollar Belmont Park arena. Meanwhile, Gerard Gallant has the New York Rangers playing some inspired hockey, challenging for the division title and maybe more.


Fork ’em: Philadelphia, New Jersey, Columbus

Central Division

Odds to Win Central Western Cup
Colorado Avalanche -175 +250 +600
Minnesota Wild +325 +750 +1400
Dallas Stars +2800 +1200 +2200
St. Louis Blues +900 +1600 +2800
Winnipeg Jets +2800 +2000 +4000
Chicago Blackhawks +30000 +6600 +12500
Nashville Predators +1000 +2800 +6600
Arizona Coyotes +100000 +50000 +100000

New Division of Death

Challenging Colorado: The Colorado Avalanche continue to be the runaway favorites to win the division despite the Minnesota Wild on pace to finish with about the same number of points. St. Louis and Nashville are also not far behind. Pundits might feel Colorado is a tier above everyone, and the faithful can put a bet online as their odds have increased.

Sleepers Keep Sleeping: To this point, Dallas and Winnipeg remain sleepers, not just to challenge for the division, but to go further than most would predict. These teams can seemingly either miss the playoffs completely or make a deep post-season run.

Fork ’em: Chicago, Arizona

Pacific Division


Odds to Win Pacific Western Cup
Vegas Golden Knights +125 +375 +1000
Edmonton Oilers +325 +850 +1600
Seattle Kraken +20000 +10000 +12500
Calgary Flames +300 +1000 +2000
Vancouver Canucks +5000 +5000 +10000
Los Angeles Kings +4000 +6000 +12500
San Jose Sharks +4000 +4000 +10000
Anaheim Ducks +1000 +2800 +5500

Rulers of Chaos

Vegas, Still the Champs: In what is easily the most chaotic division, the Vegas Golden Knights are still installed as the favorites to win the Pacific, though not as significantly as the preseason. Teams such as Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton and even surging Vancouver all seemingly have a shot.

Buckle Up: The fight for the final two spots of the division is a doozy, as every team but the expansion Seattle Kraken has a chance. Look no further than California, where Los Angeles and San Jose are keeping themselves in contentionwhile the surprising Ducks are proving the skeptics wrong. Keep your eyes glued to the April schedule, since every division game si going to feel like the playoffs.

Fork ’em: Seattle

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