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NHL Presidents’ Trophy Preview

Avalanche, Lightning Favorites to Finish with Best Regular-Season Records

Not too long ago, we dropped our NHL All-Out Odds Preview and sized up all the teams based on their Stanley Cup, conference, and division odds. That’s just one-half of the picture as we uncover their Presidents’ Trophy odds to gauge which team finishes with the best regular-season record.

Be it that regular season winners rarely amount to anything, it’s worth some bragging rights for as long as the winner can stay in the playoffs. So without yammering on too much, here are the NHL betting lines.

NHL President's Cup Odds Released
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images/AFP
Team Odds To Win
Colorado Avalanche +225
Tampa Bay Lightning +375
Vegas Golden Knights +450
Toronto Maple Leafs +800
Boston Bruins +1400
Florida Panthers +1800
Pittsburgh Penguins +2000
New York Islanders +2000
Minnesota Wild +3000
Washington Capitals +3300
Carolina Hurricanes +3300
Edmonton Oilers +4000
New York Rangers +4000
Dallas Stars +4000
St. Louis Blues +5000
Winnipeg Jets +5000
Philadelphia Flyers +5000
Seattle Kraken +6600
Calgary Flames +8000
Chicago Blackhawks +12500
New Jersey Devils +12500
Vancouver Canucks +12500
Los Angeles Kings +15000
Montreal Canadiens +15000
San Jose Sharks +17500
Nashville Predators +20000
Ottawa Senators +20000
Detroit Red Wings +20000
Anaheim Ducks +22500
Columbus Blue Jackets +22500
Arizona Coyotes +22500
Buffalo Sabres +25000

Tier-ish Preview of Presidents’ Trophy Odds

We can approach this and break into as many as 18 tiers if we grouped the teams according to their exact sportsbook odds. But ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, let’s just keep things short and simple with a not-so-apologetic tier-ish system.

Tier A: They’ve Really Got a Shot

These are your Colorados, Tampa Bays, Vegas, and Torontos. These are the “Fab Four” or whatever you want to call them. These teams have an implied probability greater than 10 percent so if we ran a simulation 100 times, expect one of these four teams to pop up for the majority.

Of these teams, only Colorado and Tampa Bay have won the Presidents’ Trophy since it was first awarded in the 1985-86 season. Vegas came oh-so very close last season when it tied with Colorado points-wise (Colorado won the tiebreaker based on regulation wins). And Toronto tends to be great in the regular season.

Tier B: They May Have a Shot

Consider Boston, Florida, Pittsburgh, the New York Islanders, Minnesota, Washington, and Carolina as all part of this tier. These teams have around a 2.9 to 6.7 percent chance to finish with the best regular-season record.

If you’re looking for that tidbit when betting online, Boston and Washington have combined to win this trophy in four of the last eight seasons. No one else on this tier, except for Pittsburgh (way back in 1992-93), has won this award.

Tier C: So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

Yes, there is more than a chance for teams like Edmonton, the New York Rangers, Dallas, St. Louis, Winnipeg, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Calgary. A 1.2 to 2.4 percent chance is still a chance. After all, Nashville did surprise everyone by winning the Presidents’ Trophy in the 2017-18 season.

The most recent winner here was the Rangers, who pulled it off in 2013-14. But the Oilers, the franchise to first win the award, do have the best hockey player on the planet in Connor McDavid. And not too long ago, Calgary finished atop the Western Conference. There may be some sneakily valuable teams here.

Tier D: Is the Apocalypse Happening?

We wouldn’t put it past any of the remaining teams – from Chicago all the way down to Buffalo to make an absolute mockery of these betting odds and everything else we’ve come to know and expect in life.

It’s almost impossible. And we’re only saying “almost” because a global pandemic did just happen and a reality television star did become the President of the United States.

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