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BetUS Boxing Odds
BetUS Boxing Odds

Betting on Boxing – Overview

Betting on boxing has roots going back to Ancient Greece, where spectators gathered to watch fighters in a stadium. Modern-day boxing has evolved substantially, and now betting on boxing matches is one of the most enjoyable sports to bet on in the present era. There’s something about placing a wager on two fighters and the possibility of being correct and winning money based on solid research, strategy, and the opportunity to watch a fierce match in a giant stadium.

Boxing has its appeal to the masses. You don’t have to know every play like you would in football, and it really isn’t that hard to follow boxing – you just watch the competitors fight for the title – That’s really all there is to it.

There are some key strategies to learn about when betting on boxing though.

Identify the Boxing Style

Each boxer will have their own style – but for the most part, will fall under one or more of the following categories:


Out-fighters tend to maintain the distance between themselves and their opponent, using quick jabs in the hope to wear out their opponent. This is a classic style that many boxers tend to have. Muhammad Ali is a great example of an out-fighter-style boxer.


Fighters with the boxer-puncher style are very well-rounded and fight at close range using combinations and tend to deliver knockouts. They are similar to out-fighters where they try to wear out their opponent but they do so from the inside with combination punches. Sugar Ray Leonard is a good example of a boxer-puncher


Counter-punchers are defensive players who capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes. They are great at blocking punches and following up with an unexpected blow. Floyd Mayweather is noted as a great counter-puncher.


Brawlers don’t usually have the speed or skills that the other boxer styles have, but they pack a mean punch. They are usually sturdy opponents and stick to combinations and sheer punch power to win their fights. They lack speed usually and can be predictable, which is their biggest weakness. George Foreman is a well-known boxing brawler, as well as Manny Pacquiao.


Aptly named, swarmers stay on the inside and hit their opponents with punch after punch, combinations, hooks, and uppercuts. They unleash a flurry of punches at close range to try to stun their opponent.

Mike Tyson is a great example of a swarmer, evading punches by bobbing and weaving and using his body to channel some absolutely devastating uppercuts.

Weight Divisions

There are different weight classes that distinguish where each fighter is placed and that is determined by how much they weigh. It’s important for boxers to meet their weight requirements before the fight to ensure a fair fight.

  • Heavyweight – 200 lb or more
  • Cruiserweight – 200 lb
  • Light Heavyweight – 175 lb
  • Super Middleweight – 168 lb
  • Middleweight – 160 lb
  • Light Middleweight – 154 lb
  • Welterweight – 140 lb
  • Light Welterweight – 135 lb
  • Lightweight – 135 lb
  • Super Featherweight – 130 lb
  • Featherweight – 126 lb
  • Super Bantamweight – 122 lb
  • Bantamweight – 118 lb
  • Super Flyweight – 115 lb
  • Flyweight – 112 lb
  • Light Flyweight – 108 lb

Understanding Boxing Odds

You’ll notice that there isn’t a huge variety of boxing betting options available for each fight, as there isn’t a lot going on in the match aside from picking a winner, determining if the fight will go the distance, or how the fight will be decided. Understanding the different boxing odds and lines is important to your overall betting strategy – equally as important as understanding the competing boxer’s statistics.

The format in which you choose to view your boxing odds will make a huge difference in how you understand and calculate your odds and probability of winning your boxing wager. The odds will represent the likelihood of you winning your boxing bet, in all formats, but you will need to decide if the boxing odds are worth wagering on.

American odds are most commonly used, and they’re represented by what you would win on a $100 wager on an underdog, or what you’d need to wager to win $100 on a favorite. The favored fighter will be represented by a negative number for quick reference, and the underdog will be represented by a positive number.

Decimal odds are more common in European countries, and all you have to do to calculate your potential winnings is multiply that number by your stake, so 4.0 odds on a $100 wager (4.0×100= 400) then you subtract your stake, so you would be left with $300 in winnings on a $100 wager.

Fractional odds are common in the United States as well, you likely hear your friends talk about 10-to-1 odds, and that is exactly what fractional odds are. Calculating them is even easier as well. You simply look at it like this – for every amount wagered on the right, you win the left. So, if you have 10/1 odds, you will win $10 for each $1 wagered. So, a $10 wager would pay out $100.

Bet on Boxing

Learn How to Bet on Boxing

When it comes to boxing, there are usually several fights on a single card, so you can take advantage of betting on one outcome outright or betting on multiple fights on that card. It makes for an exciting and exhilarating night. Title fights like Mayweather vs. McGregor or Mayweather vs. Pacquaio have had millions of dollars wagered on events that only last a few rounds at times. 

For boxing betting, you can choose from a few different betting options, and we can help you understand the popular boxing odds. 

There aren’t as many boxing betting types as there would be for other sports like football or basketball, but there are a few great options that can win you plenty of cash if you pick a winner. 

Let’s take a look at some popular betting options: 

Boxing Moneyline Bets

The easiest and most common boxing betting option you can place is a moneyline wager. It’s a great starting point for beginners, but also a common option if you are experienced as well. All you need to do is pick the fighter that will win the fight. Predicting the outright winner can equal huge payouts as long as the fight doesn’t have a huge favorite. 

The difference with boxing moneylines is that you will have the option to pick either boxer or the draw option if you think that the fight could result in a tie/draw situation. The odds on a draw will be high as it’s not overly common for fights to result in a draw.

Let’s look at an example of a boxing moneyline bet and how to read the odds: 

Since we commonly use American odds, we know that the underdog will be represented by a (+) and the favorite will be represented as a (-). For example, let’s say we have Floyd Mayweather as the favorite (-200) and Manny Pacquaio as the underdog at (+150). A quick way to read these odds would be on a $100 wager. 

A $200 wager on Mayweather would pay out $100, and a $100 wager on Pacquiao would pay out $150.

You don’t have to base your wagers on a $100 wager, you can bet any amount but it’s a good example of using American odds to figure out your potential winnings. 

Method of Victory

An alternative betting option is the method of victory wager. It’s technically considered a prop bet, but there are slim pickings when it comes to boxing betting types so we are highlighting the top options. 

This is another self-explanatory option – you can choose how you think the fight will end. The different fighters with different methods of victory will be listed, and you will choose which you believe will occur. 

You can select from the following: 

Win via knockout (KO) – the fighter knocks down the opponent and is unable to beat the referee’s count.

Technical Knockout (TKO) – When a fighter’s opponent is knocked down, manages to get up to beat the count but the referee stops the fight for safety concerns.

Opponent Retired (RTD) – When a boxer returns to his corner at the end of the round and doesn’t return to the match. 

Unanimous Decision (UD) – When all of the judges agree on the winning fighter. This occurs when it goes to points after all rounds have been completed. 

Split Decision (SD) – When two of the three judges select the same boxer to win, and the third select the other. 

Majority Decision (MD) – When two of the three judges select one boxer and the other judge chooses the draw. 

Technical Decision (TD) – When a fight is stopped because of an injury and the opposing fighter is not able to continue. The judges decide the final outcome. 

Opponent Disqualified (DQ) – This occurs when a fighter is disqualified for any given reason. 

Total Rounds

If you’re familiar with totals betting in other sports, it isn’t much different in boxing betting. Our oddsmakers will create a line and list the number of rounds they expect the match to last. Your job is to figure out if the fight will last more or less rounds than what the oddsmakers choose. 

If the oddsmakers believe the fight will last 5 rounds, you will choose the over or under. If the fight only lasts 3 rounds, the under will cash. If the fight lasts 8 rounds, the over will cash. 

Round Betting

Round betting is popular among professional sports bettors, and it makes things more exciting to watch along. You can stretch your betting dollars by betting on a moneyline for each round of the fight.

Each round has a winner, round one may go to Pacquiao, and round two might go to Mayweather. If you know a fighter is a strong starter, you can get some value from that knowledge by betting on them to win the round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on Boxing?

Yes, you can bet on any boxing match or fight as long as the sportsbook has odds on it – and luckily at BetUS Sportsbook, we have plenty of boxing odds available. You can bet on the winner of the fight, how long the fight will last, or even an over/under on how many rounds the fight will go. There are also props that include how the fight will end if there will be a knockout, and more!

Where to find Vegas Odds for Boxing?

You can find vegas boxing odds at BetUS Sportsbook. Online sports betting sites are convenient and provide vegas-style odds from the comfort of your own home. You can bet on all the top boxing odds at BetUS Sportsbook while watching the fight at home on television.

How to read Boxing Odds?

Boxing odds are easy to read depending on which odds format you use. We have a great explanation of American, Decimal, and Fractional odds on our website. The boxing odds will show you how likely it is for your chosen fighter to win the fight or will show you the oddsmaker’s set lines for the distance or round betting!

Is Betting on Boxing Legal?

Yes, betting on boxing is legal in the United States. You can bet on any fight as long as legal sports betting is permitted in your state. You can bet online or visit a retailer that provides sports betting services. Online is the most convenient as you can bet on your favorite fighters from the comfort of your own home.

Where can I bet on Boxing?

You can safely bet on boxing at BetUS Sportsbook. There is a great selection of boxing odds on our sportsbook, and we provide great promotions and bonuses for our customers to take advantage of! If there’s a big fight there even may be a special boxing bonus available.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on Boxing Odds Online?

We offer a great selection of boxing odds, as well as props and futures that allow you to pick a winner far in advance. You can sign up easily, make quick deposits, and even take advantage of bonuses and loyalty programs once you’re a member. You will receive your very own account manager when you sign up – so if you have any issues you can contact a real person.

How to Bet on Boxing?

Betting on boxing is easy. You can sign up for your BetUS Sportsbook account, make a deposit, claim any bonuses you may have available to you, then head over to the sportsbook to browse boxing odds. Once you choose the outcome that you believe will win, you can select those odds and place your wager.

How do Boxing Odds work?

Boxing odds aren’t as complicated as they look. There are numbers that indicate how likely it is for an outcome to occur. It depends on your odds format but the odds will show you your probability of winning, and the potential winnings you could bring in if your bet cashes.

Is there any betting strategy to use for Boxing Odds?

Understanding a boxer’s fight style can help you decide how they may perform against another boxer’s fight style. This can be a key strategy to use when betting on boxing odds, as well as looking at past fights and how the boxers have performed. Is this a rematch? You can look at how that last fight went as well and if the boxers have made any skill or endurance improvements since then.

How can I make a Boxing Parlay?

Luckily there are a few fights on a single card, so in one night you can bet on a variety of different weight classes and matchups. You can make some big bucks betting on all the fights in the evening. The only thing is all legs of your boxing parlay must win in order to collect your winnings. You will need to do plenty of research and be certain when creating a boxing parlay.