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The 2024 Copa América will be the 48th edition of the tournament

Copa America Betting Odds, Lines, Futures

Copa America Betting Lines

Soccer Betting Lines for the Copa America

Bet on Copa America Moneyline, Futures, Props

The competition is held every three years, and the location varies in South American countries – and this is the first time in the history of the competition that it’s held in multiple countries.

With the 2020 version of the Copa America Odds being pushed to 2021, the tournament will continue to be every three years from this year’s tournament – which means the next competition will occur in 2024 in Ecuador.

The tournament organizers of the Copa America Odds will divide the teams into two divisions or zones: The North Zone group of teams will be hosted in Colombia and include teams represented by Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The South Zone group of teams will be hosted in Argentina, and include teams represented by Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Two teams were drawn by a lottery to be eligible to participate, and Qatar will be participating in the North Zone, and Australia in the South Zone.

Each team in the Copa America Odds plays a round-robin tournament, playing three other teams in their zone. Advancing teams will head to the knockout round, which is essentially a single-elimination tournament. The first stage of the tournament will take place until July 1st, 2021, with quarterfinals being played from July 4th and 5th. The semifinals will take place on July 8th, and the finals will occur on July 12th.

Past Copa America Winners

  • 2021 – Argentina
  • 2019 – Brazil
  • 2016 – Chile
  • 2015 – Chile
  • 2011 – Uruguay
  • 2007 – Brazil
  • 2004 – Brazil
  • 2001 – Colombia
  • 1999 – Brazil
  • 1997 – Brazil
  • 1995 – Uruguay

While Argentina has hosted the Copa America Odds the most, Uruguay holds the record for most wins in the history of the tournament with 15.

Copa America Odds and Options

The main market you will find on the sportsbook and by far the most popular market is selecting the winner of the competition overall. This betting type is called a futures wager, and you can place it at any time before the tournament begins. Odds have been out since the last tournament, and the wagers start pouring in during the months leading up to the event.

You will essentially pick the team you think will win the tournament outright. Argentina and Brazil are heavily favored to win the 2021 Copa America, with Brazil the most likely at +155 betting odds. Uruguay could have some potential as an underdog, with a team of star players and their record will prove they should never be overlooked.

Another Copa America betting line you could potentially place a wager on is to select the top goal scorer of the tournament. There will be a list of the top players and notable goal scorers in their respective professional leagues, as well as some lesser-known players who can indeed come out ahead. You will place a futures-style wager on the player you believe will be the top scorer.

Another option is correctly predicting the player of the tournament, which is a high honor and can be won by any player positionally. Many times, an underdog will take home this award, as they have the stage and the skills alongside them to push and perform at the Copa America Odds.

Each and every game at the Copa America tournament will have a wide selection of moneyline, point spreads, and totals. You can bet on any Copa America Odds game, and have options for live betting if you want to bet on instances within the game.

Prop bets are plentiful at the Copa America Odds, and you can bet on fun instances that won’t affect the bottom line and the result of the game. You can bet on the team with the most red cards, whether a game will go into a penalty shootout, and if both teams will score.

Bet on Copa America Odds

With such a prestigious tournament that only occurs every few years, the Copa America Odds can be a highly anticipated tournament – Betting odds are released months in advance, allowing bettors to place wagers well before the tournament kicks off.

First, let’s take a look at the different betting options you can find on the sportsbook betting during the tournament, and how to bet on the Copa America odds.

Popular Copa America Betting Options

Copa America Moneyline Betting

Because there are two stages in the Copa America Odds tournament, and draws are entirely possible in the round robin portion, we will discuss both the typical moneyline option, as well as the three-way moneyline option.

The regular moneyline, which you will find in the knockout phase, as the single-elimination games will have tie breakers is simple: you simply must pick the team you think will win the game outright. It doesn’t matter how much they win by, your selected team must win.

If you’re used to betting on soccer, you will know what the three-way moneyline entails. It is exactly the same as the regular moneyline, you just will have three options. You will have to choose between the two teams playing and the draw/tie option.

For the explanation, we are going to just use the regular moneyline:

If you head to the sportsbook to bet on your chosen game, you will see your moneyline options – the two teams that are playing in the game: the favored team and underdog.

  • Chile -225
  • Argentina +165

Chile is favored to win by the sportsbook, and Argentina is a slight underdog. By reading these odds, and since we understand how American odds work for Copa America Odds, we know that a $225 wager on Chile would win us $100. If you place a $100 wager on Argentina and they ended up winning the match, you would net yourself $165 in winnings.

You can bet any amount, this is just a quick and easy way to understand how the moneyline works when betting on the Copa America betting lines.

Spread Betting

Point spreads are popular among Copa America Copa America Odds bettors of all levels. In soccer betting, they are commonly referred to as goalline bets, because soccer doesn’t technically tally points, they have goals. Soccer also isn’t a very high scoring sport, even on this high level, so the spreads tend to be quite low, unless we have a huge underdog on our hands.

A common spread you might see when looking at Copa America odds might be -1.5/+1.5, which tells us that the favored team is represented by the -1.5 and the underdog team is represented by the +1.5.

The underdog team will simply need to win the game or lose by just one point. The favored team will need to win by two or more points. If the final score is 2-1, the underdog bet will win.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Uruguay -1.5
  • Venezuela +1.5

Uruguay is favored to win the game by two or more points. If the final score ends up being 3-1 for Uruguay, they covered the spread and a wager on them would win.

Over/Under or Totals Betting

Betting the totals is extremely easy as well, you can bet on Copa America odds just like you would for any other sport. You will be betting whether you think the total combined score for both teams will be higher or lower than the line set by the sportsbook.

Because soccer is such a low scoring sport, you will likely see rather low numbers, such as 2.5. You will have to decide whether you think the combined score will be more than 3, or less than 2. A 1-0 game means the under wins, and a 4-1 game means the over wins.

Copa America Futures Betting

Betting on the Copa America Odds market includes the odds to win the 2021 championship. Betting on the winner of the tournament outright, long before the tournament even begins can offer a great payout if you’re correct. Many of the favored teams even have positive odds, meaning at +175 Betting odds, a $100 wager would pay out $175 in winnings.

Futures are always released months in advance, sometimes the sooner you bet on the futures Copa America Odds, you can lock in those odds, even if that team grows into an even bigger favorite in the long run.

If you bet on a longshot a few months in advance at +4000 odds, you could be looking at a huge payout depending on how much your stake is. If you bet $100 on Ecuador to win the 2021 Copa America Championship, you could be looking at a $4,000 payout plus your original $100 will be returned.

You can always cash out a bad futures bet as well, you can cash out your wager before your team gets eliminated, but if your team isn’t doing well, your bet will likely be worth next to nothing. You might not get your full stake back, but it’s better than nothing.

Copa America Prop Betting

When it comes to betting on the Copa America, sometimes the regular betting options like moneylines, prop bets and totals get stale. If you aren’t familiar with soccer betting, props can be a great avenue if you just want to make a few small bets on the tournament. Sometimes, props can be simple guess work for bettors, as the outcome is totally up to chance.

You can find different types of props online, including player props, which are props that are related to a particular player’s performance or props that pit players against each other where one must come out on top. There are team props, which involve outcomes that would involve a team, like if a certain country will score in the first period of the match.

There are also random, unique occurrences that depend on which teams are present, which players are present, or if a rare instance will happen in a particular game.

Prop betting on the Copa America can be a lot of fun for those who want to try something new or want to bet on some of the wacky options available. Let’s look at the types of prop bets and how you might go about betting on the Copa America in June 2021.

Copa America Prop Betting Options

Since there can be so many different options when it comes to Copa America prop bets, we want to outline the most popular betting options you’ll find at the tournament.

Copa America Player Props

In soccer, you can find plenty of moneyline-style prop bets, and at the Copa America, they tend to be more plentiful than any regular soccer league game. Many of the props you will find will be related to specific players, so let’s start with outlining how these player props will work:

You might find Copa America odds on the following:

  • Which player will score the first goal?
  • Which player will score the most goals?
  • Will Neymar score a hat trick?

Methods of scoring per particular player

  • Which player will win the MVP?
  • Which player in the tournament will have the most goals?
  • Will Player A get a red card?

In all of these, you will have the option between yes or no, or a list of the top players to choose from.

You can also find player matchups which are formatted like normal moneylines that will pit two comparable players against one another to perform a certain task:

  • Will Player A or Player B score more goals?
  • Will Player A or Player B receive more fouls?

In this case, you are picking the player that you think will win between those two specific players. This style of player matchup is common in golf betting, when the players aren’t necessarily competing directly against each other, but the sportsbook matched them up as close competitors.

Copa America Team Props

Other moneyline styles of props will include team props, which will involve a team occurrence. Here are a few examples of Copa America odds

Team Props:

  • Which team will score first?
  • Which team will lead at half time?
  • Will Team A score a goal in the first half?

Long Term Props

Another popular Copa America odds betting option includes props that could occur at any point during the tournament. They usually involve teams, players, or wacky instances that will occur.

You could wager on the top placing team in each of the North and South zones, who get a bye through the first round of the knockout phase.

Another option is to bet on a team to reach the playoffs altogether. You can bet on a team to make the playoffs – this will be a yes or no option. There will also be an option for which teams will make the finals.

Betting on the Copa America odds tournament makes for an exciting month, and there will be plenty of props for each and every game, as well as some fun and unique betting options available! Now that you know how to bet on Copa America props, head over to the sportsbook to try out your new skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on the Copa America?

Yes, you can legally bet on the Copa America odds online at a reputable online sportsbook like BetUS.

Where can I bet on the Copa America?

If online betting is legalized in your state, you can visit a brick and mortar sportsbook, or you can conveniently bet online from your mobile device or laptop on our sportsbook.

Does the United States play in Copa America?

No, the United States doesn’t play in the Copa America tournament because they are not members of the CONMEBOL. Guest nations are able to participate if they are invited, so there is a possibility that the United States could gain entry that way.

How does Copa America odds work?

The Copa America hosts 12 to 16 teams that are divided into two groups. The groups play in a round robin style format, then proceed to a knockout phase. The quarter and semi finals occur and finally the championship is held.

How many teams are in Copa America?

There are 12 teams that attend the Copa America tournament. Ten teams are CONMEBOL members, and the other two, Australia and Qatar, won a lottery and were invited by the tournament.

Which team has won Copa America the most times?

Uruguay holds the record for most Copa America odds titles with 15. Their last win was a decade ago in 2011.

How to make a parlay bet in the Copa America?

Since the tournament is a month long, there are plenty of options that you can compile into a parlay wager. Parlays allow you to place a larger wager on several different events, combining the odds for a much larger payout than if you bet on all games individually. All legs of your bet must win in order to win any money.