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Playing video games competitively may not be as physically demanding as playing football or basketball, but eSports Odds have taken the world by storm and creating a new betting avenue with eSports betting. Fans pack stadiums that were built for professional sports – tens of thousands of people full to watch their favorite gamer compete.

Sports bettors don’t miss an opportunity, so betting on eSports has grown substantially in the past few years – even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic when all sports were put on hold, and only eSports was able to continue as it all takes place online.

Finding eSports odds and placing wagers has grown to be easier since the rise of eSports betting – and BetUS has you covered for all your eSports betting odds and specials.

There are so many unique games to bet on, and there are quite a few betting types that are unique to eSports.

eSport Games to Bet on

There are plenty of options when it comes to betting on eSports, while many tend to be combat or survival style, they each have their own unique qualities.

League of Legends

One of the early risers in eSports, LoL or League of Legends became the top eSport to bet on fairly quickly. The world championship has been held each year for the past decade, and the 2019 finals had more people tune in than the NBA Finals – which speaks volumes to how huge the tournament is. Sixteen teams are invited each year to compete for the title, where they could bring home one million dollars in prize money.

The game starts with every player at the same level and allows players to achieve unique abilities based on their decision making in the game. They compete in a five on five battle against another team of competitors. You can win a game of League of Legends by destroying the other team’s nexus – and by doing so will allow you to move on to the next competition.

Dota 2

Defence of the Ancients 2 is the second volume of the original Dota, a pioneer eSport, and one of the first to be marketed. The game is free to play on Steam, with hundreds of characters that you can choose from. Dota 2 can be complicated to understand if you aren’t familiar, so we tend to compare it to World of Warcraft, where you can achieve new skills, and find items to improve your gameplay.

Most of the Dota 2 eSports betting occurs at the International, the annual championship for the game. The International hosts the most teams, and has the largest purse – a prize pool worth over $40 million.


Counter Strike is one of the oldest eSports in the market, originating in the 1990’s and evolving into the current iteration. Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game where one team is labeled as the terrorists and one team is labeled as the counter-terrorists. The goal for each team is different – the terrorists are trying to plant a bomb or abduct hostages, and obviously the counter-terrorists are trying to prevent the terrorists from doing so.

There are several tournaments each year for CS:GO called the Majors that are popular eSports betting events. You can find odds for each game in the tournament as well as the finals.


Overwatch is one of the newer eSports but has growth exponentially in the past few years. You can bet on three major tournaments: The Overwatch Contenders, The Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup. Similar to League of Legends, it’s a team-based shooter game where you can choose a character from their list of heroes. The characters all have different skills so the teams want to select characters that will complement and help the team win.


Fortnite was established in 2017 and has grown into a global phenomenon, ushering in over 125 million players to play the battle royale-style of game. Your goal is to be the last man or woman standing at the end of the game. You can find weapons or items that will help you stay alive in the game throughout your journey.

Games are played regularly and while it is the newest to join the eSports ranks, it surely will be around for the long haul.


One of the newest eSports to be wagered on is Hearthstone, a collectible card game where you can design decks around a theme of classes from World of Warcraft. This game is popular among new and experienced gamers and is very unique to the regular combat games we have discussed above.

Players will need to participate in regional Fireside Gatherings, tournaments that act as qualifiers for the Championship Qualifiers, where they can potentially move on to the Fireside Gathering Championship.

eSports Betting Strategy

Not unlike other professional sports, eSports betting requires a certain amount of strategy before you dive in.

We recommend starting off with events you’re familiar with if you’re new to betting on eSports. Familiarizing yourself with the different betting options allows you to get a handle on what each betting type does.

Keeping an eye on the odds is a great tip for eSports betting at all levels. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, monitoring the odds and making sure you have all the information you need before placing your wager or even before the event begins will be huge. If a team’s odds change and you don’t think they will win anymore, you will want to cash out that wager before the game starts!

Follow some eSports beat writers and keep up to date on the teams competing in the games or at the major events. Tournaments can be a great place to get in a bunch of wagers or even parlay some bets – but you will want to make sure you have your research done and some writers and analysts spend all day taking the work out of this for you.

Bet on Esports Odds

How to Bet on eSports

If you look at any eSports game or tournament, the Betting odds will be different depending on which particular eSport you want to wager on. However, many of the eSports we know and love to bet on have the same premise – are team versus team, so there are two sides, just like if you were to bet on football, for instance.

Some games will have strong teams paired up with weak teams, and some games will be more closely matched. While some games can be entirely up in the air in terms of predictability, we like to understand the popular betting types and options when it comes to betting on eSports teams and results.

eSports Moneyline Betting

With sports like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counterstrike or Overwatch, you will usually have some moneyline odds on each game. Your job is to bet on which team you think will win the match outright. This is the most standard and popular betting option when it comes to betting on eSports.

If you were betting on a League of Legends game, and the match was fairly uneven, you will see the odds reflect that. One team might have -800 odds (a negative number denotes a favored team) and another might have +450 odds (positive odds denote an underdog). These odds reflect what you would win or have to wager on that team.

What does that mean? Well if you had placed an $800 wager on Team 1 (-800) you would only win $100. The negative odds tell you what you’d have to wager in order to win $100. If you placed a $100 wager on Team 2 (+450), you would win $450. The positive odds show you what you would win on a $100 wager.

eSports Totals Betting

Totals wagers are another big part of eSports betting strategies. Many times with eSports betting, it can be tricky to determine an outright winner, so bettors turn to totals which don’t force you into selecting one team or the other. They are based on how long the game lasts – precisely how many rounds a game might last. Our sportsbook oddsmakers will set the line and you would have to determine if you think the game will last more or less rounds than the number provided.

If we have a close game on our hands, and the total is set at 4.5, that means the odds makers believe the game will last at least four rounds. If you choose the over, you are betting that the game will last more than five rounds. If you bet the under, you will assume the game will be four rounds or less.

eSports Prop Bets

eSports Prop bets are fun ways to make some money by betting on any listed situation or occurrence in the game. Proposition bets or specials will be different depending on which eSport you are betting on, as not all eSports have the same goals and gameplay. When it comes to games like League of Legends, you can bet on which team might score the first kill, be the first to 10 kills, or destroy the first tower. These will be framed as yes or no questions or in a moneyline style wager where you will choose between the two teams.

eSports Futures Betting

eSports futures betting odds listed on our sportsbook long before the tournament begins. We like to give eSports bettors plenty of time to choose a team to win the tournaments outright, or which teams will make the playoffs. You will place these wagers before the tournament begins, and if you’re correct, you could win some great money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on the Esports?

Yes, betting on eSports can make watching the games online much more fun and exciting. eSports betting is one of the largest growing markets over the past decade and continues to expand with new games being released and gaining eSport designation.

Where to find Vegas Odds for Esports Games?

You can find Vegas style odds for eSports games on the BetUS sportsbook. There are plenty of games listed and we try to keep an excellent variety of betting options for the larger tournaments and leagues.

How to read Esports Odds?

eSports odds are not much different than regular sports betting. You can view eSports odds as moneyline wagers, totals wagers, futures, prop bets and more. Team eSports are the best games to wager on as they provide a familiar landscape similar to professional sports like football or soccer.

Is Betting on the Esports Legal?

Yes, betting on eSports is legal as long as you reside in a state with legal sports betting. While there have been issues raised about players being under the age of majority, it is not illegal to gamble on eSports events or games.

Where can I bet on the Esports?

You can bet on eSports online at the BetUS sportsbook. We have plenty of eSports odds offered and we cover the major events in some of the more popular eSports like LoL, Dota 2 and Counterstrike.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on Esports Odds Online?

eSports are played online, it only makes sense to bet on them online as well. BetUS sportsbook is one of the leading sportsbooks in the United States and offers a huge selection of fair and competitive odds for American residents.

How to Bet on the Esports?

Betting on eSports is simple. You have several different betting types available – we recommend visiting our ‘How to Bet on eSports’ tab for full breakdowns of the betting types and options.

How do Esports Odds work?

eSports odds will be listed before the games begin and your job will be determining which outcome you think will occur. You can bet on a team to win, depending on their probability of winning, or you can bet on how long you think a game will last.

Is there any betting strategy to use for the Esports?

Research is the key to successful eSports betting strategies. You will want to research the teams in the tournament or game, and make sure you really dig in to their strengths and weaknesses before placing any wagers. We recommend following any eSports beat writers that you can to ensure you are getting plenty of information.

How can I make a Esports Parlay?

eSports parlays are simple! You can select a few outcomes from a league, perhaps there are three games occurring in the same weekend or evening, and as long as none of the outcomes negate the others, you can place all of the wagers on a parlay ticket. Parlays combine the odds for all outcomes into a super charged ticket which could win you some big money – the only rule is that all of your wagers must be correct for your bet to cash.