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Esports Betting Odds, Props & Futures

Bet on Esports, The Fastest-Growing Gambling Sector

Competitive video games have taken popular culture by storm, attracting investors, brands, media and fans into what has become the fastest-growing entertainment industry in recent years. With 29.6 million monthly esports viewers in 2022 and 2023, some of the big-ticket events have outnumbered traditional sports events such as the NBA Finals and the MLB World Series.

Mainstream celebrities like Michael Jordan, Drake, Steve Aoki, Sergio Aguero, Snoop Dogg, and many others have invested in esports in the past few years, and with their help, the industry has flourished into mainstream media, so much that it has also become the fastest growing betting sector within online betting.

Finding esports odds and placing wagers has grown to be easier since the rise of esports betting and BetUS has you covered for a wide variety of markets and titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, DOTA, CSGO, Starcraft and many others. Continue reading to learn more about some of the hottest esports titltes to bet on right now.

League of Legends

The League of Legends world championship has been held each year for the past decade, and the 2019 finals had more people tune in than the NBA Finals of that same year, which speaks volumes to how huge the tournament is. The 2021 World Championship boasted an impressive prize pool of over $2 million dollars. The best teams of each region qualify to the World Championship by competing in regional leagues that take place throughout the year and all of those markets are available at BetUS.

League of Legends is played in teams of five players, every one of them starts at the same level with unique characters strategically chosen by their coaches minutes before the match. You win a game of League of Legends by destroying the other team’s core structure known as the nexus. While there are a lot of intricacies to how a LoL game unravels, watching the game is quite easy and that is one of the reasons why it has become the most bet on esports title in recent years.


Defense of the Ancients 2 falls in the same category as League of Legends, it’s also known as a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. While DOTA’s legacy goes farther back than League of Legends, it has become a more niche title tha still manages to outshine other games in its own right.

Most of the DOTA 2 esports betting occurs at the International, the annual championship for the game. The International hosts the best teams around the world and a prize pool worth over $40 million dollars.


Counter Strike is one of the oldest esports in the market, originating in the 1990’s and evolving into the current iteration. Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game where one teams is labeled as the terrorists and the other teams is labeled as the counter-terrorists. The goal for each teams is different, the terrorists are trying to plant a bomb while the counter-terrorists are trying to prevent the terrorists from doing so. Both teams take turns as terrorists and counter-terrorists in a match of CSGO.

There are several tournaments each year for CSGO called the Majors that are the popular esports betting events for this title. You can find odds for each game in the tournament as well as some special props in certain scenarios.


Valorant has been growing at impressive rates since its launch in 2020. Similar to Counter Strike, Valorant is a first-person shooter strategy game that is played in teams of five. However, opposite to Counter Strike, Valorant features a more vibrant style that seems to attract younger audiences better. In Valorant, players must choose characters with unique abilities similar to how they do in League of Legendswhich is unsurprising considering that both these games are developed by Riot Games.

Professional Valorant teams compete in regional leagues throughout the year in order to qualify to the yearly World Championship that has proven to be one of the most interesting esports betting events to watch. Because the game is so new, the Valorant odds have been heavily under fire by sharp bettors and linemakers alike which makes for an interesting live betting experience.

Esports Betting Strategy

Not unlike other professional esports, esports betting requires knowledge of game mechanics, player skill and tournament context before you dive in.

We recommend starting off with events you’re familiar with if you’re new to betting on esports. Familiarizing yourself with the different markets allows you to get a handle on what are the best ways to profit from your knowledge.

Keeping an eye on the odds is a great tip for esports betting at all levels, especially considering how each game’s meta changes continuously and may sometimes catch linemakers by surprise.Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, monitoring the odds and making sure you have all the information on a match before placing your wager will make a huge difference in the long run. Live betting is an extremely important part of this puzzle as team compositions in games such as League of Legends and Valorant can be crucial to how a team performs, sometimes so much that it can make the difference between two equally-skilled teams.

Follow our esports articles and keep up to date on the teams competing in the major events to take advantage of the best esports odds. The best part is that all of the events are usually streamed for free on Twitch and can be viewed on mobile devices too. Once you’ve completed your research head over to the BetUS sportsbook to place your wagers and profit from your knowledge.

Bet on Esports Odds

How to Bet on Esports

If you’re a beginner, the first thing to understand is that the term esports encompasses a variety of titles. Betting on League of Legends compared to betting on CSGO can be as different as betting on basketball compared to betting on soccer. It’s very important that you understand the types of lines that are available for each title to better understand how to bet on esports.

In the following guide we will go over some of the more traditional lines you can find on any esports title. For more in-depth betting guides, our title-experts will be writing detailed documentation on how to bet each title. As usual, strong teams will be paired up with weak teams every now and then which means understanding betting odds is a key factor in the whole process. Understanding when a team is labeled as favorite or underdog is very important, especially if you’re live betting and odds are shifting in front of your eyes throughout the match.

Esports Moneyline Betting

Also known as ML, the moneyline refers to the winner’s market. Betting on a team’s moneyline means you’re backing them to win the match. Since a lot of esports events use best-of-3 series, it’s important to understand that moneylines often refer to the match and not a specific map or part of the match. Moneyline odds can be hard to find value on if a heavily favored team is up against a weaker team, but they tend to be the most popular betting option when it comes to betting on esports.

If you were betting on a League of Legends match, and the battle was fairly uneven, you will see the odds reflect that. One team might have -800 odds (a negative number denotes a favored team) and another might have +450 odds (positive odds denote an underdog). If you had placed an $800 wager on team 1 (-800) you would only win $100. The negative odds tell you what you’d have to wager in order to win $100. If you placed a $100 wager on team 2 (+450), you would win $450. The positive odds show you what you would win on a $100 wager.

Esports Totals Betting

Totals wagers are another big part of esports betting strategies. Many times with esports betting, it can be tricky to determine an outright winner, so bettors turn to totals which don’t force you into selecting a team or the other. They are based on how long a series lasts, precisely how many rounds or maps a match might last. Our sportsbook oddsmakers will set the line and you would have to determine if you think the game will last more or less rounds or maps than the number provided.

If we have a close best-of-3 series on our hands, the total is set at 2.5 which means that you would have to choose on whether the game goes to the third map or not. If you choose the over, the match must reach the third map for you to win, regardless of who wins the match in the end. If you choose the under, the series needs to be over in 2 maps regardless of who wins for you to win your bet.

Esports Prop Betting

Esports prop bets are fun ways to make some money by betting on specific situations which might come in the form of totals too. For example, in League of Legends you can bet on which team will get the first blood or the first tower of the game. You can also bet the Over/Under dragons, towers and even kills. Some teams have very high first blood percentages and provide great opportunities to try esports prop betting. In CSGO some examples might be who wins a pistol round or how many kills a specific player will have.

Esports Futures Betting

Esports futures betting odds are listed on our sportsbook long before the tournament begins. We like to give esports bettords plenty of time to choose a team to win a tournament outright, or which teams will make the playoffs. You will place these wagers before the tournament begins, and if you’re correct, you would cash in on those early well-priced predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on Esports?

Yes, betting on esports can make watching the games online much more fun and exciting. Esports betting is one of the largest growing markets over the past decade and continue to expand with new competitive games being released.

Where to find Vegas Odds for Esports Games?

You can find Vegas style odds for esports games on the BetUS sportsbook. There are plenty of games listed and we try to keep an excellent variety of betting options for the larger tournaments and leagues.

How to read Esports Odds?

Esports odds are not much different than regular sports betting. You can view esports odds as moneyline wagers, total wagers, futures, prop bets and more.

Is Betting on Esports Legal?

Yes, betting on esports is legal as long as you reside in a state with legal sports betting. While there have been issues raised about players being under the age of majority, it is not illegal to gable on esports events or games.

Where can I bet on Esports?

You can bet on esports online at the BetUS sportsbook. We offer plenty of esports odds and cover the major titles like LoL, Dota 2 and Counterstrike

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on Esports Odds Online?

Esports are played online, it only makes sense to bet on them online as well. BetUS sportsbook is one of the leading sportsbooks in the United States and offers a huge selection of fair competitive odds for American residents.

How to Bet on Esports?

You have several different markets available. We recommend reading the information above these FAQs for a detailed breakdown on betting types and options.

How do Esports Odds work?

Esports odds will be listed before games begin and your job will be determining which outcome you think will occur. You can bet on a  team to win, depending on their probability of winning, or you can bet on how long you think a series or game will last.

Is There a Betting Strategy That is Used for Esports?

Research is the key to successful esports betting strategies. You will want to research teams in the tournament or game, and make sure you really dig into their strengths and weaknesses before placing any wagers. We recommend following esports writers that you can get information from.

How can I make a Esports Parlay?

Esports parlare are simple. You can select a few outcomes from a league, perhaps there are three games occurring in the same weekend or evening, and as long as none of the outcomes negate the others, you can place all of the wagers on a parlay ticket. Parlays combine the odds for all outcomes into a super charged ticket which could win you some big money, the only rule is that all of your wagers must be correct for your bet to cash.