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2023 World Series | Major League Baseball

MLB World Series Odds

The World Series, considered the most prestigious event in baseball, garners millions of viewers worldwide. The popularity of MLB World Series Odds remains high, and the emergence of online sports betting has made it easier for fans from different parts of the world to participate.

The BetUS online sportsbook offers odds to win the World Series throughout most of the year regardless of the part of the season. The sportsbook also offers MLB betting odds for all 162 games for all teams plus the playoffs and more.

World Series odds change on a variety of factors: the team’s previous performance during the last season, roster additions or changes, MLB news and rumors, and injuries and other factors that could affect how teams play.

Odds to win the World Series. What to Bet On?

You can find the odds to win the World Series from the BetUS online sportsbook’s “Baseball” section. Select this option to reveal the dropdown and select “MLB World Series”. From here, you will see futures on World Series odds.

All 30 MLB teams will be displayed until they are eliminated for good. You can select each team that you feel will win the World Series. As these odds are open for most of the year, you can time when you want to bet on teams.

As the season progresses, the World Series odds shift. Keep checking on the latest MLB news and the odds page. On some occasions, some teams are taken off the board (OTB) due to some pending news.

What are Other World Series Odds to Bet On?

Additionally, there are other World Series odds you can bet on that may be offered by the sportsbook. These can be baseball specials, player props, and exact World Series matchups (choose the two teams to play in the World Series). When they are offered depends on the point in the season.

Specials and props may be opened when the World Series is already set between two teams. These props can include World Series MVP picks (may have its own section), how many games the World Series will be played, and how many games it will take for the winning team.

Like the NFL Super Bowl, expect a bevy of betting options here from outright bets to game props and of course, the usual run line, money line, totals, and team totals.

There are a plethora of MLB World Series odds available from the sportsbook.

History of World Series Odds Betting

The World Series was first played in 1903 and has seen 28 different franchises reach this “Fall Classic”. The New York Yankees own the most World Series titles, known as Commissioner’s Trophy, with 27 wins dating to 2020. They’ve appeared in 40 World Series in total and are a constant contender as you will find in World Series odds.

With a long and rich history, favorites tend to emerge victorious in the World Series. Although there have been many memorable upsets.
The most notable upset is with the “Miracle Mets” in 1969, who came out of nowhere and upended the 109-win Baltimore Orioles. At one point, the Mets had 100-1 World Series odds.

In recent history, the Washington Nationals upset the then-defending champions Houston Astros as nearly 2-1 underdogs. Others who pulled off a similar feat are the Florida Marlins in 2003 at similar odds. The Cincinnati Reds had 5-2 odds to win the World Series when they beat the Oakland Athletics in 1990.

Bet on MLB World Series 2023 Odds

How To Bet On MLB World Series: Guide for Sports Betting

As the biggest event in baseball, the MLB’s World Series is watched by millions of people across the globe. With the growing popularity of online sports betting, it has never been easier to bet on the MLB World Series.

You can find the MLB World Series odds from the BetUS online sportsbook’s “Baseball” page. The odds are available throughout most of the year and are separated into different sections depending on how you want to bet on the World Series.

MLB World Series Betting: The Basics

There are many ways to bet on the World Series. You can bet on the pre-game odds, the most popular type of betting where you pick on winners for each individual game. There are also futures or specials and props.

Learn how to bet on the World Series by understanding the intricacies of the different baseball markets offered across MLB.

Bet on World Series: All the Ways To Play

The first thing you probably think of is how to bet on the World Series winner. This is one of the most popular bets for MLB World Series odds and is ever-present from the sportsbook.

Picking the outright World Series winner is also called “Futures” betting. Just like MLB picks where you bet on the winner of a single game, you can simply bet on who will win the World Series.

Other ways are to bet on the props or pre-game odds for each individual game. Like the NFL Super Bowl, the MLB World Series offers plenty of odds on these.

You can bet on the World Series in all of these as we cover these different markets.

MLB World Series Odds: Picking the Champion

Choosing the World Series winner is quick and easy. When you select the “MLB World Series” option, you will be displayed a list of all the available teams you can bet to win the World Series.

Simply select the team then select “Place My Bets” and you’re good to go.

The MLB World Series odds will constantly change over time. There are several factors that influence the odds you see:

  • The amount of action a team is getting – the more people place wagers on that team, the lower their odds go.
  • Any recent MLB news and rumors that will affect the team’s performance. Making big trades, gaining or losing key players, and or managerial changes could make a team’s odds go higher or lower.
  • Injuries and any absences to the team’s roster.
  • Current performance – some teams go on slumps and see their odds go higher while some start overperforming from expectations and see their odds go lower.

You can wait and see how the season or offseason plays out before making a bet or you can strike while the iron is hot. It all depends on how you value the MLB World Series odds.

Pre-Game Odds: Bet on Each MLB World Series Game

Unlike the outright MLB World Series Odds, pre-game odds for the World Series only open when the two finalists have been decided. You can select “MLB” and it will feature the game available with four main betting options.

Run line: This is baseball’s equivalent to the puck line of hockey, which sets each team with a run handicap. A team with “+” is the underdog and a team with the “-” is the favorite. The teams must win after the addition and subtraction to cash the bet.

This is where it gets a bit tricky as the underdog with the positive value can be lined as a favorite while the favorite with a negative value can be lined as an underdog. This is because winning by a specific amount of runs can be harder to do.

The underdog can lose by one or more runs and still cash the bet while the favorite can win by one and still lose the bet.

Money Line: this the simplest and most popular form of betting with the MLB. Simply pick which team will win the game. You can bet on the World Series’ games this way.

Totals: also known as “over/under”, this is where you bet on how many total runs will be scored by both teams combined. The oddsmaker will set a line such as 7.5 and you will bet whether you think the score will go over 7.5 or under 7.5.

Team Totals: just like totals but specific to each team. If the line is set at 3.5, you bet whether the team will score over 3.5 runs or under 3.5 runs.

Outside of these four main pre-game betting options, you can also select props. These props are side bets that do not deal with the final outcome of the game but focus more on individual stats or team stats.

Some popular props that are offered include:

  • Player’s total runs scored
  • Player’s total runs batted in (RBI)
  • Player’s total home runs hit
  • Player’s total stolen bases
  • Player’s total strikeouts

You can select any of the choices here once you’ve accessed the “MLB” portion of the BetUS online sportsbook. It will display all four choices in the middle of your screen.

Simply select your choice to load it on your bet slip. From here, select “Place My Bets” once you’ve finalized your selections.

Live Betting: if you’re running late and missed betting just before the game started, don’t fret! You have access to live betting meaning you can bet on the games as they are being played.

Simply select the “Live Betting” option beside the “Sportsbook” option at the top. You can also select “Live” on the left-hand corner on the same panel as where you found baseball and the other listed sports.

The options here could be more limited than pre-game, but it generally should still have the run line, money line, and both totals at different odds. At some point, these will get taken off the board (usually when the game is almost over or one team is winning by a great amount) so catch them while they are still on!

Use the sportsbook’s mobile version if possible.

Tip: before you bet on the MLB World Series, check on the “Matchup” tab that is just beneath Team Totals. This page will reveal to you some critical analytics on the teams you are betting on including its stats, player’s performances, and betting trends. 

Remember to check on this to help you make your bets.

How to Bet on MLB World Series: Specials, Parlays, and Alternative Lines

You’ve now covered most of the basics for the MLB World Series odds. Now you know how to bet on the World Series. But when you’re ready, there are even more ways to bet on the World Series Odds.

Specials: these specials are like a more colorful type of prop bet and usually deal with the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of an event around the World Series. Here are some examples of what you might see:

  • Will a manager get tossed out?
  • Will there be a bench-clearing brawl?
  • What will the longest home run a player hits?
  • Who will the MVP mention first?
  • Will there be a streaker on the field?

Parlays: a parlay is when you put together several bets, up to 20, for a larger payout. The bets you select all come from the run line, money line, totals, and team totals. You can also parlay the MLB World Series games with other sports.

For the parlay to cash, all of the bets in it must win. If even just one bet loses, the entire parlay loses. Therefore, a parlay is a higher risk and higher reward type of bet. The more bets you put in a parlay, the bigger the payout but also the harder for it to win.

Alternative Lines: this may or may not be offered with MLB World Series odds, but if they are, they are different lines from the run line or totals. If you’re not liking the basic run line or totals, select this option from the left-hand panel labeled “MLB Alternatives”.

The same format will be shown but with a different run line and totals. Consequently, the odds will also be different. They could be higher or lower depending on the adjustment on the run line or totals.

This is a handy alternative if you want to reduce your risk or a lower payout or increase your payout chances for a higher risk.

Selecting the options here is exactly the same as the basic pre-game or live betting odds.

Betting Formats For MLB World Series Odds

When going through the different MLB World Series odds, you’ll need to be familiar with the different odds formats. When you bet on the World Series, BetUS uses the American odds or the money line odds but also has the Decimal and Fractional options.

American Odds

This is the standard among American sportsbooks. Also known as the “Money Line”, this lines teams with a positive (+) or negative (-) number to indicate the underdog and the favorite, respectively.

It is an indication of how much you win when betting $100 and how much you have to bet when you want to return $100. Here are examples:

  • If the New York Yankees are -150, it means you need to stake $150 to win $100. This means they’re favorites.
  • If the San Francisco Giants are +130, it means you win $130 when you stake$100. They’re the underdogs.

In the event both teams are lined at negative values, it means the matchup is close to even.

If you’re not wagering $100, you can use these formulas to calculate your potential winnings:

  • For plus odds: Stake x (Odds/100)
  • For negative odds: Stake / (Odds/100)

Decimal Odds

These are the standard format in Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand are athus known as “Continental Odds.” This reflects how much you win for every $1 wagered. Unlike the American odds, the decimal odds show the total payout rather than the profit.

This may be easier to calculate than American odds as there is only one formula:

  • Wager x Decimal odd number

Favorites are usually under 1.90 while underdogs are 2.00 and higher, naturally as favorites yield a smaller payout while underdogs, larger.

Fractional Odds

These odds are also known as “British odds” and are displayed with a “/” between two numbers like 4/1 or 10/1. This means you can win $4 or $10 for every $1 dollar you bet. Sometimes they are displayed with “-” instead of a “/” as you see them in sports articles.

You can calculate your potential payout with this formula:

  • Wager x (Numerator/Denominator)] 

Change the Odds Format

You can change the MLB World Series odds and other sports odds to whichever of the three you prefer.

Once you’ve selected “MLB” or “MLB World Series” and displayed the table of odds, you will see “Odds” listed on the upper right-hand side just above the “Team Totals”.

Select the odds and the drop down will list the other odds format: American, Decimal, or Fractional. Once you make your selection, the page will refresh and update with the odds format you selected.

Find the Best World Series Odds

There are plenty of World Series odds from online sportsbooks. The key is to bet them at the right time and to find the best odds. Check with our sportsbook as the odds are updated and snipe the teams of your choice when their prices are right!

Is betting on the World Series legal?

Yes, betting on the World Series is legal. You can use a variety of online sports betting sites like the BetUS online sportsbook. BetUS is regulated by governments in Curacao and Costa Rica and has an office in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Which Team has Won the Most World Series Tournaments?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series tournaments with 27. This is also the most championships by any professional team among the “Big Four” sports leagues in North America: MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.

The Yankees first won the World Series in 1929 and last won in 2009. Starting in the 1920’, they have won at least one World Series title in every decade except for the 1980s and the 2010s.

How to bet on the World Series?

You can bet on the MLB World Series by joining or logging into the BetUS online sportsbook. Once on the landing page, select “Baseball” on the left-hand panel. This should reveal all available baseball markets for online betting including the World Series.

There are many ways to bet on the World Series including betting on the outrights (who will win the World Series) via the “MLB World Series 2021” option or by betting on the individual games when the matchup is determined.

Where to find live 2023 World Series Odds?

The BetUS online sportsbook also offers live World Series odds. You can find them in many ways. You can select the “Live Betting” option on the upper menu beside “Sportsbook” or you can also select “Live” on the left-hand panel.

Additionally, if you select “Baseball” you will find the live World Series odds.

Where can I bet on the World Series?

You can bet on the World Series from the BetUS online sportsbook. The sportsbook also features plenty of MLB betting markets from MLB Spring Training games to Baseball specials. Find all available baseball odds from the “Baseball” section of the sportsbook.

What are the odds for the World Series?

Odds for the World Series are due to change as the season progresses. Keep an eye on MLB news to find out how your favorite team/s is/are doing. You can check on the “MLB World Series 2023” section of the BetUS online sportsbook to see the current odds.

What is a good option to bet on World Series Futures Odds?

There are many decent strategies for betting on the World Series. First, you will have to stay updated with MLB news and by checking the “MLB World Series 2023” page to see if the current odds match how good a team’s chances are.

The BetUS online sportsbook offers many ways to bet on the MLB World Series.

Where can I find the best "To Win" on World Series Odds?

You can find the best “To Win” on World Series Odds from the BetUS online sportsbook. BetUS offers odds on the World Series Outrights from the MLB World Series page.

How to read the World Series Moneyline Betting?

The moneyline or “American odds” is the most popular betting format for the MLB World Series. The moneyline odds are divided into negative values and positive values. Negative values denote either an even “50/50” matchup ( “pick’em”) or a favorite while positive values identify an underdog.

  • Negative values identify how much you need to stake to win $100. If the Los Angeles Dodgers are -150 to win, it means you need to stake $150 to win $100.
  • Positive values identify how much you win when you stake $100. If the New York Yankees are +135 to win, it means you win $135 when you stake $100.