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2024 MLB Betting Lines & Odds

MLB 2024 League Championship Series Odds & Lines

MLB Betting Lines

Bet on 2024 MLB Major League Baseball Overview

Major League Baseball MLB  is the oldest sport in North America, dating back nearly 120 years, with a long history throughout. Sports betting and MLB odds have been around for almost as long, and to this day, baseball remains the summer sport to bet on due to the frequency of MLB games being played and that there aren’t many of the other big professional sports being played at the time.

When we talk about the frequency of the games – there are over 2,400 Major League Baseball games to bet on as each of the 30 teams will suit up 162 times during the regular season. For each MLB game, there are nearly one hundred betting options available, maybe more, depending on the game.

There are two leagues in Major League Baseball – The National League and the American League. Each league is split into three divisions of five teams – the East, Central, and West. The regular season will complete in early October and the postseason will begin shortly after.

National League

Atlanta Braves Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers
Washington Nationals Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies
Philadelphia Phillies Milwaukee Brewers San Diego Padres
New York Mets St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks
Miami Marlins Pittsburgh Pirates San Francisco Giants

American League

New York Yankees Minnesota Twins Houston Astros
Tampa Bay Rays Cleveland Indians Oakland Athletics
Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles Kansas City Royals Seattle Mariners

The top ten teams will enter the postseason – six teams that placed first in their divisions, and four wildcard teams. The teams will then compete within their leagues until there is an American League and National League pennant champion on either side.

Those two teams then go to the 2023 World Series championship.

MLB Odds and Strategies

When it comes to betting on the MLB and looking at MLB odds, you will want to make sure you know how to bet on the MLB. You can learn how to bet on popular MLB betting options on our How to bet on the MLB tab. We have a great selection of betting odds available, as well as plenty of prop bets that can make any of the 2,400 or more games in the season fun.

While there are obviously plenty of betting opportunities in the MLB, betting on every single game or betting on multiple aspects of every single game can be a bit much. There are so many games in a single day, you can utilize parlay betting on a few options, or just place a few single-game wagers if you choose. Don’t feel that you need to bet on every game, as that’s just simply not a smart betting strategy.

Follow a few MLB teams or even a league or division. You could learn a lot about the teams within a division or league quite easily and figure out how they tick. Once you have a handle on one division and can make smart betting moves there, you can move to another division. By the time the playoffs roll around, you should be very well-versed in how the teams operate and are able to accurately pick the winners throughout the postseason.

Some games can result in a push due to rain delay or cancelation due to rain. The only downside about the games being played outdoors with no dome or coverage is that the game cannot go on in the rain like it would in the NFL. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day to make sure you won’t potentially have your bet pushed.

Don’t always swing for the favorites. There are so many games in a season, even the worst teams in the leagues can pull out 50 or more wins. If you always bet the favorites you miss out on optimal opportunities to bet on some really juicy MLB odds by betting on the underdogs.

Load up your bet slip with a few props to make a stale game a little more interesting. We know baseball can be a dry sport to watch during the regular season, especially because it can be long and drawn out. But adding a few prop bets on some unique circumstances can make things a little more exciting – and even more exciting when you accurately predict a prop!

Betting on MLB is fun and exciting, you can find plenty of MLB vegas odds here at BetUS Sportsbook and we look forward to another winning season all around!

Bet on MLB Major League Baseball 2024 Odds

Learn How to Bet on MLB Odds

Moneyline MLB Odds

When it comes to betting on baseball and MLB odds, you might already be familiar with moneyline betting. Moneyline wagers in MLB betting are the easiest bets to place as there are only two options, and you’re simply picking the winner of the game. There is Team A and Team B and you will need to choose which one you think will win – plain and simple.

If the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks are playing, the odds look like this:

Texas Rangers -150
Arizona Diamondbacks +250

Texas is the favorite to win this game, and Arizona is the underdog. You can identify this by the plus/minus odds. The positive number shows you the underdog team, and the negative odds represent the favored team.

You will know how close the oddsmakers expect this game to be based on the numbers next to the game. The Rangers aren’t huge favorites, but they are expected to win, and the Diamondbacks could potentially win, so this game isn’t going to be a blowout. If the Diamondback’s odds were +900 or something higher, we’d assume they are very unlikely to win.

The American odds will show you how much you would win on a $100 wager or by wagering $100. A $150 wager on the Rangers would pay out $100, and a $100 wager on the Diamondbacks would pay out $250.

Point Spread MLB Odds

In baseball, point spreads actually are called run lines, as there are no points tallied in baseball. The principle is the same as any other sport with point spreads though, you are giving the underdog a slight head start before the game begins to even the playing field. Runline bets work by giving the underdog team an advantage when the odds are stacked against them.

The line will be set by our oddsmakers, and they will determine how many points they think the favored team will win by. They might set a line at -5.5/+5.5. Let’s say the Rangers are -5.5, and they are still the favored team, and the Diamondbacks are +5.5 and they are still the underdog.

What this means is that the Rangers will need to win the game by more than 6 runs. If you decide to place that -5.5 bet, you aren’t betting on the rangers to win by any margin – you are betting on them to win by more than six. If you think the game will be closer than that, or that the Diamondbacks will win, you should bet on the underdog +5.5. This means that the Diamondbacks can either win the game outright by any amount or lose by less than five runs.

Over/Under MLB Odds

Another great option for sports bettors who don’t want to bet on the outright winner of the game might be more inclined to bet on the totals. The totals will be determined by the oddsmakers and show you what they believe will be the total collective score for both teams. So, if you are betting on those same two teams as above and the oddsmakers are predicting that it will be a final score of 8-3 for the Rangers, it doesn’t matter so much that the Rangers win, it matters that the total of 11 hits.

When the total is set at 11, you will need to decide whether you think the actual total is going to be higher or lower than 11. If the final score is 5-2, the under will be the correct wager. If the final score is 10-3, the over will be the correct wager.

Betting on totals is easy when you aren’t sure which team will actually win, but you are familiar enough with the players to know if they will do well and get runs against their opponents.

MLB Prop Bets

If you’re looking for something even more exciting, you can bet on MLB prop bets or specials during the game, as it’s occurring. You can bet each inning, you can bet on certain player props, such as which players might get a home run or any other unique instance that may occur during the game.

There are so many prop bets for each MLB game, you will have a hard time choosing which option you want to bet on.

MLB Futures Betting

Last but not least, we want to look at the MLB Futures board, which is one of the most exciting MLB bets you’ll place all year. You can bet on who you think will win the World Series, American, and National Championships, and even divisional rounds months before the postseason even begin.

Betting on MLB futures can set you up for a huge payday if your team isn’t heavily favored – which rarely happens. Many times, the teams will all be listed with quite generous odds, as it’s hard to determine which team will have success in the upcoming season.

Correctly choosing the World Series champions months in advance is a huge feat – it’s rare to correctly predict, but it’s not uncommon for bettors to luck out and cash in a huge prize.

Now that you have a better idea of how to bet on the MLB, you can head over to the sportsbook and test out your new MLB betting knowledge. Try your luck in the 2023 MLB season and pick a few winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on MLB?

Yes, you can bet on MLB from anywhere you have a smartphone and WiFi. Online sports betting sites like BetUS offer you a great avenue to bet on sports legally from the comfort of your home, the baseball field of the game you’re betting on, and more.

Where to find Vegas Odds for MLB?

You can find Vegas odds for MLB at BetUS Sportsbook. Whether you’re looking for moneylines, totals, runline bets, or props, you can find everything you need each and every MLB game at BetUS Sportsbook.

How to read MLB Odds?

MLB odds are easy to understand as long as you’re familiar with other sports and how odds work. Odds will show you how likely it is that a team will win or if that outcome will occur. You can choose from three different odds formats – American, Decimal, and Fractional.

Is Betting on the MLB Legal?

Yes, betting on the MLB is totally legal in the United States as long as your state has legalized sports betting. You can bet online legally from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you have a cell phone signal.

Where can I bet on the MLB?

You can bet on the MLB safely and easily at BetUS Sportsbook. There are plenty of betting options, some you wouldn’t find at other sports betting sites or local sports parlors. BetUS has the best MLB odds and promotions throughout the MLB season.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on MLB Odds Online?

You will always find the best and most plentiful MLB odds at BetUS Sportsbook. You can sign up quickly and easily, make a fast deposit, earn big bonuses on your deposits, and take advantage of the loyalty programs and promotions that are always on the go.

How to Bet on MLB?

Depending on which betting option you want to wager on, you can easily bet on the MLB by creating an account at BetUS Sportsbook and heading over to our How to Bet on the MLB tab to learn more about how to bet on moneyline odds, runlines, totals and more.

How do MLB Odds work?

MLB odds will show you how likely it is that a team will win the game, or that a particular outcome will occur. You might be betting on an outcome that isn’t so clear-cut, like a total, that doesn’t matter which team wins, so you will want to bet on that specific outcome.

Is there any betting strategy to use for MLB Odds?

Pay attention to the teams and the players. Follow injury reports. Make sure you are not betting for the sake of betting, only bet games that you are familiar with the teams.

How can I make an MLB Runline Bet?

When making an MLB runline bet, you are essentially following the rules of the point spread. You will be choosing if you think the favored team is going to win by a certain amount set by our oddsmakers, or if you think the underdog will win outright or lose by less than the spread set by the oddsmakers