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Odds To Win The Xfinity Series Championship

Rot Odds to Win Xfinity Series Championship 2023 Moneyline
1001 John Hunter Nemechek     -125
1002 Cole Custer     +800
1003 Austin Hill     +900
1004 Justin Allgaier     +220
1005 Josh Berry     +6600
1006 Chandler Smith     +1800
1007 Sammy Smith     +4000
1008 Sheldon Creed     +4000
1010 Sam Meyer     +8000
1012 Daniel Hemric     +4000
1013 Parker Kligerman     +8000
1014 Jeb Burton     +10000
All wagers have action. Others on request.

Bet On 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Odds, Props, Futures, Race Lines

The 75th edition of the series, and the 52nd in the modern era, kicked off with the Busch Light Clash at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Feb. 5. That initial race will precede the Daytona Duel and the 65th Daytona 500. The latter will be the first points race of the season and went off on February 19 at Daytona International Speedway. 

As was the case last season, the playoffs will end with the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race at Phoenix Raceway scheduled for November 5th. 

Next Race

YellaWood 500
Sunday, October 1st, 2:00 PM ET. Talladega Superspeedway.
Talladega, Alabama – 188 laps / 500.08 miles

Is there anything as exciting and truly American as NASCAR in the sporting world? NASCAR races are some of the most thrilling events on the sporting calendar for enthusiasts of high-octane car racing. Ask any fan of the sport about it and you will see the passion and love they have for the racing extravaganza that is a NASCAR Odds race.

If you add to that excitement the fact that you could make some top dollar betting on the fast-driven action, like who the best driver to win the NASCAR Odds is, which racing team will end up winning the Manufacturer’s Championship, or who’s looking best to take the next race in the cup series calendar, then a whole new world opens up. A world is just as fast-paced and exciting as the races themselves.

Betting on the NASCAR CUP Series Championship

NASCAR betting can be a daunting world on its own. Unlike any other team sports wagering action, betting on NASCAR Odds has a few twists and turns of its own, just like the races themselves. In order to dive fully into the world of NASCAR betting, first, some simple concepts must be understood. Each NASCAR season has a 9-month duration including the playoffs and championship series.

There are many ways in which one can make money off betting on NASCAR odds. From picking drivers individually, to head matchups, picking which manufacturer will win each race and the championship at the end,

  • What Type of Bets can I make on NASCAR Odds?

BetUS offers NASCAR Odds for every event during both the regular and postseason to keep NASCAR racing fans who love to bet on the edge of their seats. The most typical option is betting on the money line, in which you basically get to pick out and wager on the driver with the best odds to win each race week after week.

Other types of attractive betting options can be picking who the top finishers of each race will be. While picking a driver to win a race might be difficult, especially considering just how wild and unexpected NASCAR Odds race results can be, playing it a little safer by picking out of the usual 40 drivers who will end up in the top spots can always be a good option for making a couple of bucks off the races.

  • How To Bet On NASCAR Futures

Another option that is always attractive to racing fans, especially those who follow the sport on a daily basis is betting on NASCAR futures. Seen by some as another type of prop bet, betting on future events might come out as a stretch given the volatility of the sport.

Just like betting in the NFL for Super Bowl futures, NASCAR Odds has the same option: basically betting on who has the best odds online to finish out the season as series champion but why stop there? Other interesting future bets include which driver will end up with the most wins during the season and which driver will amount the most points at the end of the season.

  • NASCAR Prop Betting

Prop betting in NASCAR Odds like in any other sport is wagering on specific scenarios that happen exclusively for the sport in hand. With NASCAR prop bets there is no exception to that rule, with popular options ranging from picking the driver that will lead for the most laps in a race to how many caution laps will be taken given the number of crashes that usually happen in these races. And in case you were wondering, yes, another very popular prop bet is how many crashes any given race will have, all in the name of good old betting fun.


NASCAR Cup Series Championship

Bet on 2023 NASCAR Odds - NASCAR Cup Series Championship

How to Bet on NASCAR Odds?

Known as one of America’s favorite pastimes, NASCAR Odds can be an exciting, adrenaline-boosting day if you make your way down to the racetracks. With over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks throughout 48 American states, you will find that there are plenty of NASCAR betting opportunities available throughout the season.

NASCAR has many different racing series, featuring various skill levels for drivers from around the world. The three main NASCAR Odds series that are tested on a national level are:

  1. Sprint Cup Series, which showcases some of the top talent in the world like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. These cars are exceptionally fast, reaching high speeds of 180 miles per hour, depending on the track.
  2. Xfinity Series is the next step down from the Sprint Cup, where drivers can qualify to earn spots into the Sprint Cup. The cars are not as fast, only pushing 750 horsepower to the Sprint Cup’s 850. While it’s a bit slower, it’s still highly entertaining as you will see many familiar names in this race.
  3. Camping World Truck Series takes souped-up pick-up trucks and adds engines that can handle 750 horsepower. They can travel the speeds of the Xfinity but are obviously pick-up trucks that are less stable and difficult to control at those speeds.

To gamble on any of these races, you first will need to learn the ins and outs of NASCAR betting, and how the NASCAR odds work. It’s important to learn as much as you can before creating your betting strategy.

Betting on NASCAR Options

While it can be as cut and dry as predicting who will win the race, there are some other NASCAR Odds options you should familiarize yourself with. You can bet on plenty of different outcomes that occur during the race, much like horse racing betting, which allows you some alternative options if you aren’t really sure who will win outright.

Outright Win

We can start with the easiest and most popular option since we’ve already talked about it above. Betting on who will win the race is as simple as it gets, you choose a driver, if he wins, you win and if he doesn’t, neither do you. There will be several different drivers listed with all different Nascar odds based on their likelihood of winning the race.

For instance, if you like Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win the race, and he has -400 odds since he’s a mega favorite in this particular race, you will need to bet $400 to win $100. Essentially to bet on a favored driver, you will need to bet the odds amount to win $100.

Let’s say his odds are +250, he could still be a favored driver, but just not so much of a longshot. When you see the positive number, you will know that is how much you will win if you bet $100.

You can bet any amount, obviously, it’s just a quick and easy way to figure out how much you’d win. You can bet on multiple drivers as well – which can cover your bases if you aren’t totally sure which will win.

Pole Position (Fastest Qualifier)

Where a driver starts in a race is important in the grand scheme of things. Drivers prefer certain pole positions and will compete in qualifiers before the race to determine where they will start the race. They are judged on their lap times and the fastest lap is awarded the first pole position.

Before you dig into your main event NASCAR Odds, you can bet on these qualifiers as a warm-up, just like the drivers are doing. This could be an easy bet to place as you could potentially pick a sure winner based on past performances.

Podium Finish

Much like horse racing, which would be the closest sport to car racing, we see similarities in NASCAR Odds as well. If you’re new to racing and the podium, there are the top three spots and those three drivers will step onto the podium at the end of the race. Obviously the first place driver will have the top spot and the second and third place drivers will be on the lower blocks.

You are able to bet on a driver to have a podium finish, which means you are betting on a driver to be standing on that podium at the end of the race. It doesn’t matter which block they stand on, just as long as they finish in the top three. The odds will be shorter in this sense as you are taking more risk out of the wager, but it’s handy if you think your driver might choke on the final lap.

Driver Matchups

It’s common in individual sports betting online where there are plenty of players on the field (or racetrack in this case) to be paired up and compete against each other by sportsbooks. When you don’t have direct competition between two people, it lacks the ability to be predictable, so NASCAR Odds introduced driver matchups. If you’re familiar with golf, they do this in major events in the form of moneyline wagers.

Again, you don’t have to pick the winner of the race, you just have to pick a driver to do better than another driver. All he has to do is place above the other.

Ready to Start NASCAR Betting Odds?

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YellaWood 500
Sunday, October 1st, 2:00 PM ET. Talladega Superspeedway.
Talladega, Alabama – 188 laps / 500.08 miles

Bank of America ROVAL 400
Sunday, October 8th, 2:00 PM ET. Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course.
Concord, North Carolina – 109 laps / 252.88 miles

South Point 400
Sunday, Oct.15th, 2:30 PM ET. Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Las Vegas, Nevada – 267 laps / 400.5 miles

NASCAR Cup Series Race at Homestead-Miami
Sunday, Oct.22 230:PM ET. Homestead-Miami Speedway
Homestead, Florida – 267 laps / 400.5 miles

Xfinity 500
Sunday, Oct.29, 2:00 PM ET. Martinsville Speedway
Martinsville, Virginia – 500 laps / 263 miles

Frequently Asked Questions – NASCAR Odds

Is betting on NASCAR Odds legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to bet on NASCAR odds and races. While sports betting may not have taken off in your state yet, you can bet online at our online sportsbook on any major race.

How do you bet on NASCAR Odds?

Betting on NASCAR odds is easy! You can place a wager on any driver in the event to win the race. The drivers will all have odds associated with their likelihood of winning the race, and if you select the winner of the NASCAR race, you will win your wager and be looking at a pretty hefty payout!

How do you bet on NASCAR Online?

To bet on NASCAR online, you will need to first create an online sports betting account at BetUS. THe process is fast and easy, and once you fill in some personal information, you can make your first deposit and head over to the sportsbook and bet on your favorite NASCAR drivers.

Can I bet on NASCAR?

Yes, betting on NASCAR online is simple and easy at the BetUS Sportsbook. As long as there is a NASCAR event going on, you will be able to bet on it.

What determines the starting position in NASCAR?

The major NASCAR races have qualifiers that will determine the starting positions. Many of the races are determined by their fastest lap in their previous race, as well as their finishing position. Two other factors include the owner of the car’s record, and the car’s previous finish in its last race (cars don’t always have the same drivers for every race).

Why is Dodge banned from NASCAR?

In 1971, the Dodge Charger was banned from NASCAR because it was a mechanical masterpiece, dominating the races and leaving other cars in its dust – with one car specifically clocking over 200 mph. The Plymouth Superbird was also banned alongside the Charger.

Who is the most popular NASCAR driver?

The NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award has been awarded to the most popular driver throughout the NASCAR Cup Series events. The award is voted on by U.S. citizens and was awarded to Justin Allgaier in 2020. Bill Elliott holds the record for most NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award with 15 between 1984 and 2002.