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2022 March Madness Bracket, Predictions & Odds

2022 March Madness Odds

Odds To Win NCAA Men’s Championship

North Carolina vs Kansas | 2022 NCAA Basketball March Madness Final Picks and Predictions

2022 March Madness Championship

The 2022 NCAA March Madness tournament is finally here, starting on March 15th. The single-elimination men’s basketball tournament will conclude on April 4th, with the final legs taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

March Madness is one of the most bet on events of the year, as there are so many opportunities to bet as 68 teams are whittled down to two in mere weeks.

The 2022 March Madness tournament will take place in the following phases:

  • Selection Sunday: March 13
  • First Four: March 15-16
  • First Round: March 17-18
  • Second Round: March 19-20
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27
  • Final Four: April 2
  • NCAA Championship: April 4

Now that Selection Sunday has passed and we all have the March Madness Bracket, we can begin to speculate which teams will make their way through the rounds of the tournament. The eight lowest-seeded teams will play the First Four, and those winners will advance to the main March Madness bracket.

The Bracket is divided into four divisions, and the winners of each of these divisions will head to the Final Four. The top four seeded teams are Gonzaga in West Regional, Baylor in East Regional, Arizona in South Regional, and Kansas in Midwest Regional. These are considered the top four teams that are most likely to make it to the Final Four.

However, things don’t always work out that way.

Last year at the 2021 March Madness tournament, an 11th seed, UCLA (beat 1st seed Michigan), made it to the Final Four, which always causes a huge stir.

Will that happen in 2022?

Baylor will be looking to defend their title at the 2022 March Madness tournament, and the odds are not in their favor. They have been listed at +1100 as of Selection Sunday, with Gonzaga, Arizona, Kentucky, and Kansas pulling ahead.

It is statistically plausible that one of these teams will win the National Championship, as 23 of the last 36 No. 1 seed teams have won (since the inception of a 64 team field), but there are always those outliers to keep an eye on, and 2022 is no exception.

Keep an eye on the 2022 March Madness odds and be sure to get your picks in for each game of the March Madness schedule – there will be plenty of betting options available right up until the NCAA National Championship game.

NCAAB March Madness Overview

Since its inception in 1939, NCAA March Madness has driven sports fans wild with its bevy of upsets and unforgettable moments. March Madness betting has become a hot ticket in the college basketball betting world as the tournament runs for a whole month and sometimes includes basketball games for the entire day.

Formally known as the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, March Madness pits 68 teams in a single-elimination style tournament to crown a champion. Several unheralded college teams have gone on to win the tournament or at least upset top-seeded schools.

Traditionally, fans fill out their brackets for a shot to win money or just for bragging rights. Others take to the sportsbook where plenty of March Madness odds and predictions await them ranging from predicting the champion to which teams make the Final Four to betting on each individual game.

March Madness Predictions: What to Bet On

The online sportsbook offers a plethora of March Madness odds ranging from Futures bets or game lines. Betting on Futures means betting on teams to win the tournament before or while the tournament happens as opposed to betting on each individual game. This is a big-picture approach.

Tips for Picking the Perfect 2022 March Madness Bracket

Bet on Who Wins March Madness

One of the most straightforward March Madness picks you can make is to bet the winner of the tournament, outright. You can bet on Gonzaga or Michigan or any team outside the top-25 to win the tournament before or during March Madness.

The odds will change as the season goes, so keep a close eye on the teams you are interested in and keep checking college basketball news, especially during peculiar times like during COVID.

Bet on Who Makes the Final Four

Alternative to betting on who wins the tournament outright, you can bet if a team will advance to the Final Four of the tournament. The Final Four indicates the four winners of their regional brackets. 1-seeds or the top-4 teams in the AP Top-25 generally have the best chance of advancing to the Final Four.

Some Cinderella teams who have advanced to the Final Four include Loyola Chicago in 2018 and George Mason in 2006, both as 11-seeds. Unfortunately, neither won, but made many happy who made them their March Madness picks by getting this far.

Bet on Each March Madness Game

March Madness betting includes all 67 games in the tournament from the First Four to the National Championship game. You can place your March Madness predictions on games before they take place or while they happen in the form of live betting. Choose from the Moneyline, point spread, and totals (over/under) as well as props.

First Four

The First Four is one of the newest additions made to the tournament. This refers to the four games involving the four lowest-seeded automatic bids facing off and the four lowest-seeded at-large bids playing each other.

Originally, only the lowest-seeded at-large bids squared off beginning in 2001 but since 2011, the tournament format has expanded to include the automatic bids.

Since its inception, eight automatic bids that won their play-in game went beyond the first round with three teams advancing to the Sweet Sixteen and one (VCU in 2011) going all the way to the Final Four.

Round of 64 and Round 32

These rounds of the NCAA tournament are arguably the most exciting due to the potential for upsets. Since the lowest-seeded teams face the highest-seeded, the magnitude of the upsets are bigger. Online sportsbooks have adjusted in recent years and lined March Madness odds more meticulously but several bettors can still come away with magnificent earnings if they bet the right underdogs.

To date, UMBC has been the only no. 16-seed to upset a 1-seed, Virginia in the Round of 64. But seven 15-seeds have upset 2-seeds and 21 14-seeds have upset 3-seeds. And in the Round of 32, only one 15-seed and two 14-seeds have moved on to the Sweet Sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight denote the remaining 16 and eight teams left in the tournament, respectively. At this point, upsets are still common. But in terms of March Madness betting, the odds are not weighed as heavily due to the remaining teams usually being closer to each other’s skill level than the first two rounds.

Prepare For Upsets With March Madness Betting

If there is only one thing you can bet on March Madness, it’s that it will be filled with upsets. That’s why it’s Madness! This is great news for March Madness betting as there will be plenty of opportunities to cash on big dogs. You can bet on them straight-up or stack them in parlays and turn your lunch money into a vacation.

Several underdogs to keep an eye on are the likes of Texas (+2000) with their grinding defensive mentality, Houston (+2400) who has plenty of depth and maturity, and Michigan State (+5000) who, if they get things right, can give the top teams a run for their money.

You can start laying wagers on these teams now or you can wait. The idea is to try and catch them when they’re at their best price, almost like buying stocks. Some teams are struggling and have higher odds while some have lower odds thanks to improving their standing.

It’s important to consider the team’s worst case and best case when making your March Madness picks. Several teams were rated highly by the Associated Press (AP) and coaches but have failed to deliver while some have been ignored but are now making them reconsider.


Bet on March Madness

Sometimes the highest-rated team does win March Madness and sometimes not a single team from the top four even makes it to the Finals. And this year has already been impacted by quarantine and postponements, we’re seeing many teams in disarray while wreaking havoc on March Madness betting odds.

Before doing any March Madness betting, be sure to frequently check college basketball news. You’ll want to be updated on all the latest on player injuries, coaching changes, or additional circumstances in light of COVID.

Find the Best March Madness Odds

There are plenty of March Madness odds from online sportsbooks. The key is to bet them at the right time and to find the best odds. Check with our sportsbook as the odds are updated and snipe the teams of your choice when their prices are right!

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NCAAB Mens Basketball Championship

Bet on March Madness 2022 NCAAB Championship

March Madness Odds: A How-To Bet on March Madness Guide for Sports Betting

NCAA March Madness is filled with non-stop basketball action. Likewise, there are countless markets to bet on March Madness. In fact, you can start March Madness betting anytime as March Madness predictions and odds are available on the online sportsbook.

Like college basketball pick, each type of betting market is different and requires a different approach. You can try your hand and bet everything, but we recommend honing in on March Madness odds one at a time. Like basketball, you can’t learn all the intricacies of the game at once. You have to learn how to dribble first, then shoot, and all the way to the complex offensive and defensive schemes.

We’ll explore all the way you can bet on March Madness including the money line, point spread, and totals (over/under).

You can find all the different March Madness odds including the NCAA title odds under the “Basketball” section of the sportsbook located on the left-hand panel of the home page. Select this category and a drop-down will reveal “NCAAB”, “NCAAB Props”, and other related categories with NCAA March Madness odds.

The Basics of March Madness Betting

Learn the basics of March Madness betting by understanding how to read the different betting lines available. It starts with understanding the concept behind how March Madness odds operate.

NCAA March Madness odds, like most sports betting odds, are a translation of implied probability. This means you are betting on the probability of an event happening. The more likely something is to happen, the less the return on your wager. Conversely, the less likely something is to happen, the more you win on a wager.

Underdogs have implied probabilities of less than 50%, meaning they are more likely to lose than to win. But NCAA March Madness betting is so popular because these unlikely teams win and yield lucrative returns on the betting lines.

What Do NCAA March Madness Odds Mean?

March Madness odds display as one of three popular formats: Moneyline, Decimal, and Fractional. BetUS Sportsbook employs Moneyline or American odds. These odds will be displayed for all the bets and March Madness picks you select.

Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds, also known as “American odds”, are displayed with a minus or plus symbol before every number e.g. -150 and +135. These both indicate the favorite (-150) and underdog (+135).

Moneyline Odds betus

  • The minus number here shows how much you have to wager to win $100. So -195 on Marquette means you need to wager $195 to win $100.
  • The plus number shows how much you win when you wager $100. So +170 on St. Johns means you win $170 if you wager $100.

Decimal odds

Also known as “European odds” or “Continental odds”, decimal odds reflect how much is won when wagering $1 as a total payout. This means your wager is included in the payout. You simply multiply your wager with the decimal.

You can calculate your potential winnings by using this formula:

  • Wager x Decimal odd number

Decimal Odds betus

  • If you wager $100 on Marquette at 1.53 odds, 100 x 1.53 = 153. Your total winnings will be $153 for a net profit of $53 from your $100 stake.
  • If you wager $100 on St. Johns at 2.65 odds, 100 x 2.65 = 265. Your total winnings will be $265 for a net profit of $165 from your $100 stake.

Favorites are usually under 1.90 while underdogs are 2.00 and higher.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds or “British odds” or “Traditional odds” are widely used around the globe and are displayed with a “/” between two numbers like 6/1 or 8/1. This means you can win $6 or $8 for every $1 dollar you wager.

You calculate your potential payout with this formula:

  • Wager x (Numerator/Denominator)

Fractional Odds BetUS

  • If you wager $100 on Marquette at 10/19 odds, multiply $100 by (10/19 = 0.53) to get $53, your potential net profit.
  • If you wager $100 on St Johns at 33/20 odds, multiply $100 by (33/20 = 1.65) to get $165, your potential net profit.

Change the Odds Format

You can change the March Madness odds to whichever of the three you prefer. Once you’ve selected “NCAAB” or “March Madness” and displayed the table of odds, you will see “Odds” listed at the upper part of the table. Beside it is a drop down.

Select the odds format of your choice: American, Decimal, or Fractional. Once you’ve made your selection, the page will refresh on its own and reflect the odds in the format of your choice.

Bet on March Madness: Pre-Game Betting

You can bet on March Madness through pre-game betting: When you bet on a result of an individual game before the event. You can also bet while the game is happening through live betting.

There are four main markets here: the point spread, the moneyline, the totals, and the team totals. You can find all these odds from the “Basketball” section where “NCAAB” and “March Madness” will be available as an option.

Point spread

The point spread, also known as an “equalizer” is how sportsbooks make a 50-50 bet between teams. Each team will have a points handicap to them denoting how much is added (+) or subtracted (-) when the final score is tallied.

Odds for both teams here are usually even (-110) unlike the moneyline.

PointSpread Betting Odds

In a game between Syracuse and NC State, Syracuse is -5 and NC State is +5. This means Syracuse’s final score will lose five points while NC State’s will gain five. Syracuse must win by more than five points to cash the wager while NC State cannot lose by more than five.

In the event the final score differential is exactly five points, the bet is a “push” (tie) and the wager will be returned with no wins or losses.

Check the team’s record “against the spread” (ATS) to find out how well they are covering the spread before wagering on them.


The moneyline is the “straight-up” form of betting meaning you simply bet on a team to win. Unlike the point spread, teams you bet on can win by any margin be it one point or thirty. This is the simplest way to bet on March Madness games individually.

But also unlike the point spread, odds here are not even. Favorites will be lined lower than underdogs. In the event both teams are lined at -110, it means both teams are considered even and this is a “pick’em”.

Moneyline betting odds betus

In the game between Syracuse and NC State, you need to wager $225 to win $100 for the favorite Syracuse. But a bet on underdog NC State yields $185 from $100.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals are March Madness odds that deal with the total combined score of both teams. After the final score, add the teams’ scores and see if it goes over or under the oddsmaker’s prediction.

In the event the total is exactly what the oddsmaker picks, the bet is a push.

Totals over under betus

Here, the total for Syracuse and NC State’s game is projected at 147. When the two play, their actual final score was Syracuse 77 and NC State 72. This added to 149 meaning a bet on the “147 -110o” (over) would have cashed.

Team Totals (Over/Under)

Team totals are similar to totals for March Madness betting but deals with each team individually. The concept is the same: predict whether the actual final score of a team will be higher (over) or lower (under) the oddsmaker’s number.

Team total bet betus

Here, the team total for Syracuse is projected at 76 while NC State’s is at 71. Syracuse finished the game scoring 77 meaning the “77 -115o” (over) bet would have won.

March Madness Betting Predictions For All 67 Games

March Madness runs from March 18 to April 5 and all 67 games will be available for betting. You can bet each game individually with March Madness betting odds offered from the moneyline to totals to props.

The NCAA tournament’s bracket progresses this way:

  • First Four
  • Round of 64
  • Round of 32
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Elite Eight
  • Final Four
  • NCAA Championship (NCAA Finals)

Parlay your March Madness Picks

Apart from betting each March Madness game individually, you can put these separate bets into one big bet known as a parlay. These types of bets increase your potential winnings in exchange for adding more risk. To cash a parlay all of the bets on your ticket must win. If even just one bet loses, your entire parlay loses.

Say you bet Syracuse at -265, Nevada at -190, and Baylor at -450 all separately to win. You would need to wager $905 to get a return of $300. That is wagering three times more than your net profit.

If you parlay these bets into one bet, the odds will go up to +157. A bet of $905 will net a $1,420.85 return. Or you simply would have needed to bet $191 to get the $300.

Of course, parlays can be difficult to cash. The more bets you put in your parlay, the harder it is to win. But the potential payout will be greater. You can parlay up to 20 different bets on your ticket.

Alternatively, you can parlay different types of bets like moneyline bets or totals. You can also parlay March Madness odds with other sports like football or ice hockey. You cannot, however, parlay props.

March Madness Live Betting

March Madness live betting works similarly to March Madness pre-game betting (betting on a game before it happens), but this is in-game betting (How to bet Online on a game while it is happening). You will need to be logged in to your BetUS account to access this page.

On the home page, select “Live” and find “NCAAB”. It will populate all the games currently being played that offer March Madness betting odds.

You will need to be quick when betting these games as the odds can change quickly or be taken off the board (OTB). We recommend using our mobile site although the desktop also works great, whichever is most effective for you.

March Madness Odds: Props

For March Madness, props and futures are two betting markets that are popular. NCAA March Madness odds will include a props section for some games.

You can find the props in a tab just below the “Total” column.

Total column betting betus

Open this tab and you will find all the props available for the game.

sportsbook betting lines game betus

These are some examples of March Madness props you can find per individual game. Different games will have different sets of props. Some games will have more while some may not even have any.

The props are self-explanatory.

  • “First to score 20 points” indicates which of the two teams will break the 20-point barrier first.
  • “Last to score” is for the team who scores last, which includes overtime. The score can be anything: field goal or free throw.
  • “Double Result” is betting on which team/s will be winning through half time and at the end of the game. You will need to win the half time result first to carry over to the final outcome. Since there is a “Tie” category here, a tie will result in a loss if you wagered on a particular team.
  • “Winning Margin” is picking specifically how many points the team of choice will win by. The increments are by every three points up until “21 or more pts”.

There are plenty of other Basketball Props not listed here. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Game Total: Odd or Even
  • 1st Half Winning Margin
  • Team With Highest Scoring Quarter
  • Highest Scoring Quarter
  • First To Score
  • Player Props

Player Props

Player props are props dedicated to the individual stats of a specific player. These aren’t too common with March Madness or NCAA basketball but are sometimes available.

Here are some examples of these props, all with the totals (over/under) format:

  • Cade Cunningham (OKST) Total Points
  • Ayo Dosunmu (ILL) Total Points+Rebounds+Assists

Players must play for the bet to be eligible otherwise it becomes a push.

Alternative Lines

Another benefit to using props for March Madness is to find alternate spreads for some of the games. An alternative spread or line is like the point spread but at a different number. These can go higher or lower than the original spread and likewise, the odds will go up and down.

If Baylor is a -10.5 favorite to win, you can find an alternative line that reduces the spread to -9.5 or -8.5. This means Baylor will need less than 10 points to cover the spread and cash the bet. However, the odds will go down from -110 (the original odds of the original spread) to -135 or -150.

Conversely, the alternative spread also applies to underdogs. If Connecticut is a +4.5 underdog, an alternative line can put them at +3.5 or +2.5 giving them less leeway to lose. But the payout will also go up from the original -110 to something like +110 or +125 depending.

March Madness Odds: Futures

Futures are another kind of March Madness betting market that goes beyond the outcome of one game. A Futures bet predicts the outcome of a team beyond winning one game such as winning the NCAA title or placing in the Final Four.

You can find all kinds of Futures from NCAA title odds to Final Four odds from the same place you found game odds, from the “Basketball” section of the BetUS sportsbook. There will be separate sections for the March Madness Futures labeled “NCAA Men’s Championship” or “NCAA Final Four”.

Unlike pre-game March Madness odds, Futures are opened early before teams even qualify for the tournament. These could open as early as before the NCAA men’s basketball season even starts.

Keep an eye on the March Madness betting odds here as they are always changing. Some things to keep in mind when considering a bet on a team:

  • Injuries or absences from the team’s roster
  • Coaching changes or missing staff
  • COVID fallout – the risks of players or coaches missing games because of
  • Winning and losing streaks
  • The draw for the NCAA tournament
  • Betting record versus regular season record
  • Recent history

Any or all of these factors affect the change in betting odds for teams. As the odds tend to be high for NCAA title odds, we recommend placing a bet on two or more teams.

The Final Four odds are a bit different and some teams will have low odds noting just how big of favorites they are.

Betting on March Madness Odds

There are many strategies when it comes to betting on March Madness odds. Just like how fans have a different, sometimes totally random, way of making their college basketball picks, you get a chance to bet on the NCAA tournament odds in your own way.

Through the sportsbook, you get a generous lineup of promotions and contests you can qualify for, which can help you with the bevy of options for betting NCAA March Madness.

This includes picking the tournament winner outright. You can bet which teams you think will win the NCAA tournament or make the Final Four, respectively.

If you want to get into the games, check out the game lines for March Madness odds. Every game comes complete with the point spread, money line, totals, team totals, and props.

BetUS Sports Betting also gives you a cheat sheet. Select “Matchup” to view critical statistics for each team including their betting records, key stats, and trends.

If you do your research and manage your bets properly, you can win enough March Madness betting odds to net a tidy profit. If you put in enough work, you’ll come out big just like an underdog.

Bet on NCAA Tournament Odds

Betting on the NCAA tournament can be a fun thrill ride or a walk through the haunted house. You won’t win all your bets, but you can still get a chance to cash out if you figure out how to place your wagers right.

You can bet on every game and every round in the March Madness tournament. It’s up to you how you approach it. You can look for the best underdogs and bet them or you can parlay the best favorites until you get a lucrative return.

Either way, keep up to date with the NCAA tournament odds and college basketball news, avail of BetUS’s perks, and learn the upset probabilities based on each round.

Round of 64

This is where the bulk of the upsets happen. By March Madness odds, you’ll want to look out for 6-seed vs 11-seed matchups and 5-seeds vs 12-seeds where there is better than a 1-in-3 chance the lower seed wins.

The top 3-seeds tend to get away unscathed here although the 16-seed UMBC Retrievers most recently became the first to eliminate a 1-seed in the round of 64.

Round of 32

Upsets can continue happening in this round though not as frequently as the first round. Low-seeded teams that continue past this stage are “Cinderella” teams.

Some low-seeded teams that have won their Round of 32 games include 2013’s 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast and 13-seed Bradley in 2006. However, the 12-seeds and 11-seeds can continue to go on winning here against 4-seeds and 3-seeds, respectively.

Sweet Sixteen

This is the part where March Madness odds begin to stabilize a little in large part due to the big underdogs all being eliminated by this point. Some Cinderella teams can still exist, but their chances of winning start to thin out as the rounds deepen.

Look for the 1-seed vs 4-seed matchup here. 1-seeds have a 70.7 percent chance of beating 4-seeds, meaning three out of every ten matchups, the 4-seed will win.

Elite Eight

This is also called the Regional Finals and will decide which two teams from each of the four brackets advance to the Final Four.

At this point, most of the teams left are mostly top-four seeds. You’ll hardly find big March Madness betting odds for underdogs here. As of 2020, only four double-digit seeds have made it past this stage (all 11-seeds).

Final Four

It’s already considered prestigious to advance to this stage of the tournament. Each winner of their Regional Bracket will face each other for a chance to get to the National Championship.

As of 2020, no double-digit seed has made it past this round.

NCAA Championship

This is the final game of March Madness and there will most likely be a 1-seed here. As many upsets happen in the NCAA tournament, 1-seeds usually still emerge victorious. As of 2020, they have won 63 percent of the time.

2-seeds are a distant second at 14 percent while 3-seeds win at 11 percent. There have only been four champions who were lower than a 3-seed with 8-seed Villanova being the lowest back in 1985.

Keep all these stats in mind when making your NCAA tournament bets!

March Madness Prop Bets

The NCAA March Madness is like the Super Bowl of college basketball betting: there is a plethora of prop bets available and for almost every game. Find these prop bets from the BetUS online sportsbook all offered at some of the best odds.

Prop bets are short for “proposition” bets, which are bets you make on whether something will or will not happen as it relates to the team, the players, and the game. It usually does not coincide with the game’s outcome though some props deal with this.

There are many kinds of March Madness prop bets but you can categorize most of them into one of three groups:

Player props: props related to individual players e.g. how many points and rebounds will Luka Garza post?
Team props: props related to the team e.g. what will be the winning margin of North Carolina?
Special props: also known as “exotic props”, these are props that go beyond the game and deal with extracurriculars; sometimes these props have their own category from BetUS e.g. who will win the John Wooden Award?

These prop bets are available throughout the tournament and may differ from game to game. Here are some examples of the most popular prop bets offered by BetUS:

Team – First to Score 20 Points
Player – How Many Points and Rebounds will post?
Player – How Many Points will score?
Team – Last to Score
Team – Winning Margin
Team – Double Result (bet what the result will be per half)
Player – Which Player Will Score More Points?
Game – Highest Scoring Quarter?
Game – Highest Scoring Half?
Team – Team with Highest Scoring Quarter?
Game – Game Total: Odd or Even?

March Madness Prop bets are fun but also quite specific. We advise focusing on a specific category or niche such as a single player. The more specific a prop bet is, the harder it is to win but also the bigger the potential payout as with most online sports betting odds.

BetUS also offers a “cheat sheet” called “Matchups”, which is a tab you can select beside the prop bets. This will reveal the different statistics from both teams including how they perform both on the floor and the betting lines.
You will also find the statistics of the different players and the team’s recent performances. Use this to your advantage to find an “edge” when looking for prop bets. Lastly, keep a close eye on college basketball news and rumors as you could get a lead on “intangibles”, which may affect the game’s outcome outside of stats.

Additionally, BetUS can also offer “Bracket Props”, which are prop bets that are much like betting on the NCAA Championship props. These are more like “Futures”, where you bet on an outright outcome of a tournament result more so than the details of a game.

Here are some popular prop categories regarding the NCAA March Madness brackets with an example of the prop bet:

Final Four Props – will Baylor make the Final Four?
Team-specific Props – will North Carolina make it to the Sweet Sixteen?
Conference Props – how many Round of 64 games will the Big Ten teams win?
Seed Props – how many games will a no. 14 seed win?
Keep checking BetUS to see what prop bets have been placed.

How to Place March Madness Prop Bets

To place March Madness prop bets, select the “Basketball” tab on the left-hand panel of the home page. Select “Props” to reveal all the available prop bets for basketball including March Madness.

Alternatively, you can select “NCAAB” to reveal all the college basketball matchups. The games with prop bets will have “Show Props” just below the “Total” column. Select this to reveal all the available game props.

Some props will also have their own tab and will be labeled by their own category e.g. “John Wooden Award” to bet on which player you think will win the John Wooden Award or “NCAA Mens Championship” to bet on which team will win the NCAA March Madness.

March Madness Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betting on March Madness Legal?

Yes, it is legal to bet on March Madness. Betting using the BetUS online sportsbook is legal. The sportsbook along with the Racebook and Online Casino are all legally licensed. The book has an office in San Jose and is regulated by the governments of Curacao and Costa Rica.

When Does March Madness Start?

The NCAA March Madness tournament typically starts in the third week of March. The next tournament is scheduled to start on March 13th, 2022, and will take place entirely in the state of Indiana.

The First Four will be played at the Mackey Arena in West Lafayette and the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall in Bloomington. The tournament concludes with the National Championship in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on April 5.

Who is the Favorite to Win the March Madness Tournament?

Per the online sports betting odds from the BetUS sportsbook, Gonzaga and Baylor are the co-favorites to win the title at 3-1 each. The two are ranked no. 1 and no. 2 by the Associated Press and have deep rosters that can score throughout the game.

Next to Gonzaga and Baylor are Villanova and Michigan at 10-1 each then Texas at 12-1. These teams are all capable and either have strong defenses or prolific offenses that can push them to an upset over the top two.

What was the Biggest Upset in March Madness History?

The biggest upset in March Madness history just took place recently in 2018 when the UMBC Retrievers became the first 16-seed to upset a 1-seed in Virginia. According to college basketball betting odds, UMBC’s odds to beat Virginia were as high as 40-1.

The Retrievers were 22-point underdogs and Virginia was ranked as the top team in the country and the favorite to win it all. UMBC not only defeated Virginia, they destroyed them along with everyone’s brackets.

How Many No. 1 Seeds Win The March Madness Tournament?

March Madness may be known for its upsets, but no. 1 seeds still win the tournament overwhelmingly. According to the stats, 21 out of the 34 winners were no. 1 seeds since the tournament expanded to its 64-team format. This is a 61.8 percent chance a no. 1 seed will win the tournament as of 2019.

What Seed Has Won The March Madness Tournament the Most?

No. 1 seeds have won the NCAA March Madness tournament the most. Since the tournament expanded to 64+ teams in 1985, a no. 1 seed has won March Madness 21 out of 34 times. This means that three out of every five tournaments, a no. 1 seed will emerge victorious.

Which Team Has Won the Most March Madness Tournaments?

While UCLA has won the most National Championships overall at 11, Duke has won the most March Madness tournaments with five championships: 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, and 2015. Next to Duke is a tie between their archrival North Carolina and Connecticut with four each. North Carolina won in 1993, 2005, 2009, and 2017. Connecticut won in 1999, 2004, 2011, and 2014.

Who Won The Last March Madness Tournament?

The Baylor Bears won the 2020-21 NCAAB Championship dominating the high-stakes game, which turned out to be relatively low drama, and defeated the Gonzaga Bulldogs 86-70 in the last game.

How Much Do Americans Bet on the Tournament?

According to Reuters, Americans bet a combined $8.5 billion on the March Madness tournament in 2019. A reported 47 million Americans took part in the betting. More than $5.9 billion of this was bet from the eight states that legalized online sports betting in the US including Nevada.