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2023 NFL Draft Odds.
Kansas City, Missouri from April 27th to April 29th 2023

2023 NFL Draft Odds & Lines

2023 NFL Draft Betting Odds

What can we expect for 2022 NFL Draft Odds at BetUS

2022 NFL Draft – Picks and Predictions

Betting on the NFL Draft isn’t nearly as popular as betting on the NFL regular season, but it can make for an entertaining weekend if you decide to tune in and bet on some of the NFL Draft odds and lines. There are plenty of NFL Draft prop bets you can wager on, and you could even try your hand at live NFL Draft betting to bet along with each pick.

The NFL Draft can be a pivotal moment for teams, picking up the best upcoming talent to the NFL, improving their roster depth, and making smart moves that could turn into trades down the road. It’s exciting to see what players are selected early on in the draft, and how their selection spot will affect their NFL career.

How does the NFL Draft Work?

Each team will receive one pick in each of the seven rounds, their order is determined by the previous season’s standings – meaning the last place team picks first.

Teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs will receive picks 1-20, teams that were eliminated in the wild card round of the playoffs receive sports 21-24, the four teams eliminated from the divisional round receive picks 25-28, and the two teams eliminated in the conference finals receive spots 29 and 30. Super Bowl Champions receive the last spot in the round – the 32nd pick, meaning the runner-up team fills that 31st spot.

The league also can assign compensatory free agent picks, which allow teams who may have lost players due to free agency to draft a player to fill those spots. These spots are usually awarded to teams in the middle of the draft, sometimes later.

There is a first round of the NFL Draft where each team will be given ten minutes to make their picks. The second and third rounds will take place on some days later, and teams receive seven minutes to make their picks in these rounds.

If teams are awarded compensatory picks, they will have five minutes to make those picks. By the time round seven rolls around, teams will only have four minutes to make their selections.

Teams are able to trade picks or players at any time during the draft.

2022 NFL Draft Betting Strategy

When it comes to betting on the 2022 NFL Draft Odds, be sure to keep an eye on mock drafts, many professional analysts put a lot of work into their mock drafts and analyze what each team needs, and evaluate the holes in their rosters. They also look at what other teams need, as teams have been known to pick up players with the goal of trading them to a team in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Betting on the NFL Draft live betting can be really fun because you have the time in between picks to really dig in and make your betting decisions, you aren’t flying by the seat of your pants, having bets lock and changing every ten seconds. You can take your time, choose which player you think a particular team might choose, and move on to the next.

Betting on the NFL Draft is just for fun, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and you should never bet money you don’t have. Visit our Youtube official channel

Bet on NFL Draft Odds

How to Bet on NFL Draft Odds: A How-To Guide for Sports Betting

The NFL Draft comes around every spring, reminding us that we are almost halfway through the NFL off-season. While we don’t have any football games to bet on right now, we can take the opportunity to bet on the NFL Draft. NFL Draft odds are listed leading up to the event, and the closer we get to that April 28th start date, we will start to see which players will be first-rounders.

NFL Draft betting is simple – mostly all betting types are forms of propositional or prop bets. You will see plenty of different options, but they all are in that style, whether it’s an over/under bet on which round a player might get drafted, or which pick, or who the first overall pick will be.

We will go over some popular betting types, and how they relate to your NFL Draft betting, before we dig into the NFL Draft props and what those are going to look like this year.

NFL Draft Moneyline Betting

All of the current NFL Draft betting odds are in the moneyline format.

Moneyline betting is as easy as it gets – pick the winner of the outcome. In the case of the NFL Draft, pick the player you think will be selected for that particular pick slot, or pick the player you think will be the first of their respective position drafted.

There will be odds associated with these NFL Draft odds, so you will want to keep an eye on those when making your decisions.

As an example, let’s look at the odds to be selected first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft:

  • Trevor Lawrence -10000
  • Zack Wilson +1200
  • Justin Fields +2000
  • Penei Sewell +3000
  • Trey Lance +6000

The negative number next to Trevor Lawrence’s name means he is favored to be the first overall pick – and the number is big, meaning he is a very, very big favorite. It is almost guaranteed he will be the first overall pick. A $10,000 wager on Lawrence would only end up netting you $100 in winnings, that’s how much of a sure thing it is.

Now, if we end up in a weird situation where the Jaguars flip the script, and decide to draft Justin Fields, for instance, he has underdog odds meaning a bet on him would earn you a great payout. The positive sign next to the player’s name indicates they are less likely to be selected in that particular draft spot. So, if you decided to take the risk, and bet $100 on Justin Fields, you would come out with $2,000 in winnings.

Basically, with moneyline bets, all you need to remember is a negative sign means you will have to bet that amount to win $100, and a positive sign means you will win that much on a $100 wager. You can obviously bet any amount you want, this is just a quick way to figure out how much you might win, and how likely it is that a player might be selected.

You can also find moneylines on each team’s first picks, and whether those picks will be an offensive player or defensive player. For example, the Buffalo Bills odds to pick an offensive player are +175, meaning they are more likely to pick a defensive player with their first pick, albeit they are picking 29th.

NFL Draft Totals Betting (Over/Under

When it comes to these particular over/under wagers you see on the NFL Draft odds board, you would need to keep in mind these are not standard over/unders. Each of the more popular players will have their own odds, and you will have two choices: you will need to decide if the player will be drafted in a spot above or below the oddsmaker’s chosen draft spot.

For example:

In the 2021 Draft, Devonta Smith has odds listed:

  • Over 11.5 Draft Number
  • Under 11.5 Draft Number

This means the odds makers are asking you to choose: do you think Devonta Smith will place over or under 11? The half point prevents a push if he is actually drafted 11th overall.

The Heisman Trophy winner is expected to fall to the New York Giants at 11th, hence the odds, but he would no doubt be a great fit in Miami, so if the Dolphins decided to grab him at 6th pick, and you selected the under, you would win. However, the Eagles could potentially be in the market for the Alabama star, so if they decided to snatch him at 12th, you would lose. However, if you picked the over and he fell to 12th, you would win your wager.

You can head over to the BetUS Sportsbook and check out the NFL Draft odds before the event begins on April 29th!

NFL Draft Prop Bets

Depending on the event, prop betting can be the most exciting and popular betting options on the board. Prop bets are fun and unique wagers you can place on outcomes that don’t affect the game, score or the event itself. In the case of the 2022 NFL Draft, where it’s not a sporting event or game, you would be betting on draft placements, first overall picks, and betting on the rounds of the draft.

Leading up to the NFL Draft, analysts and sports writers do plenty of mock drafts, and speculate on the outcome of the draft. Simultaneously, oddsmakers at your sportsbook will be updating and adjusting NFL Draft prop odds based on the same information.

Teams trading draft positions and adjustments will affect these prop odds, as it could mean a player might be projected to be drafted sooner will be drafted later because the team doesn’t require someone at that specific position.

The NFL Draft can usually provide a few twists and turns – it’s not always completely predictable, hence why it can be fun to bet on the NFL Draft and lightheartedly bet on NFL Draft props for a change of pace.

How to Bet on NFL Draft Props

As we mentioned, prop bets are unique wagers you can place on instances that occur at the NFL Draft. You can bet on things like which player will be drafted first overall, or wager on where a player might be drafted by placing an over/under wager.

These NFL Draft prop bets will have odds associated with them, which will show you how likely a player is of being drafted at the position listed at the sportsbook. If the player has a negative number like -150, they are favored to be picked at that spot. If the player has a positive number such as +500, they are less likely to be selected at that spot. Huge favorites could have odds up to -15,000, or huge, longshot underdogs could have odds up to +50,000.

First Overall NFL Draft Props

If we look at the 2021 NFL Draft prop odds to go first overall – Trevor Lawrence is a huge favorite to be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars at -10,000. You would need to wager $10,000 to win $100 if you bet on Trevor Lawrence. If you thought that the Jaguars would throw everyone off and pick Justin Fields first overall, with odds at +2000, you would win $2,000 on a $100 wager.

Other props that will be available are the first and second overall picks, the first running back drafted, the first wide receiver drafted, the first offensive lineman drafted, first safety drafted, first linebacker drafted, as well as the first cornerback and first defensive player to be drafted.

Draft Selection NFL Draft Props

There will also be over/unders on certain top recruit’s draft selection numbers. For instance, we are anticipating that Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith will be selected in the 11th round, so if his sportsbook odds are over/under 11.5, and he was picked at 11, an under wager would win in this case. If he was picked 12th, an over wager would win.

Mr. Irrelevant NFL Draft Prop

You can also bet on the position of ‘Mr. Irrelevant’  — the player who is picked last in the NFL Draft. There will be a moneyline option that will allow you to choose if you believe that the final player selected at the NFL Draft will be an offensive or defensive player.

Team’s First Pick NFL Draft Prop

Each of the 32 teams at the NFL Draft will have their own prop allowing you to guess whether the first player selected by that team will be an offensive or defensive player. These can be fun and profitable as you can likely tell where teams stand and what positions they need to fill.

For Example:

Pittsburgh Steelers – First Pick

  • Offense -400
  • Defense +250

The Steelers obviously have some gaps to fill on offense, so the odds of them picking someone on the O-line is likely.

Number of Positions Drafted

You can place a wager on how many of each position will be drafted in the first round. This wager will be framed in an over/under betting type, meaning you will have to decide if you think more or less of the oddsmaker’s line will be drafted in that first round.

For example:

First Round Wide Receivers Drafted

  • Over 4.5 (-350)
  • Under 4.5 (+225)

This means that it’s highly likely that more than five wide receivers will be drafted in the first round. There is a chance that only four could be drafted, in that case the under would be the winning wager.

Head to Head Player Matchups

If you’re familiar with golf betting, there are matchups that pit two players against each other, but they aren’t in direct competition. The same bets are placed on the NFL Draft. You can pick which player you think will be drafted first from the matchup determined by the oddsmakers.

For example:

You could have a matchup between Jaycee Horn and Micah Parsons – again, these players are not in direct competition with each other, it’s just a matter of who is drafted first.

  • Jaycee Horn -175
  • Micah Parsons +135

Both Horn and Parsons are expected to be drafted 13th, with the expectation that another team could potentially scoop one of them up sooner. They are comparable, so they make a great matchup for sports bettors.

NFL Draft Props are fun and can make draft day a little more exciting. Now that you understand how all the NFL Draft props work, you can head over to the sportsbook and start betting! Be sure to take advantage of one of our welcome bonuses if you’re new to BetUS!

Frequently Asked Questions – NFL Draft Odds

When is the NFL draft 2022?

The 2022 NFL Draft will take place from April 28th to April 30th.

Can you bet on the NFL Draft?

Yes, you can bet on the NFL Draft – it’s actually quite fun and exciting! You can bet on which teams will draft a certain player or which round a player might be drafted. Betting on the NFL Draft live can be fun as you can bet along with each round and make your picks as the franchises will be making theirs.

Is betting on the NFL Draft Odds legal?

Yes, betting on NFL Draft odds is totally legal. As long as your sportsbook offers NFL Draft odds (BetUS Sportsbook absolutely does!) you can bet on the NFL Draft legally.

Where can I bet on the NFL Draft?

The BetUS Sportsbook offers a great selection of NFL Draft odds as well as NFL Draft props that can make things a little more interesting. You can bet on the NFL Draft from your phone, tablet or computer which can be extremely convenient if you’re on the go.

How long is the NFL draft?

The NFL Draft takes place over a three-day period. The first round of the draft occurs on the Thursday, the second and third rounds on the Friday, and the fourth to seventh rounds on the Saturday. The first round offers teams the longest time to make picks (10 minutes), and the second and third offer seven minutes to each team, so they take longer and need their own evening.

What are the odds of getting drafted to the NFL?

The NFL only accepts the top collegiate talent and sadly, many NCAA football players don’t make it to see the NFL Draft. There is a 2.0% chance or one in 50 chance of making it to the NFL Draft, and even being drafted doesn’t guarantee a successful NFL career.

What are the odds of NFL draft picks being successful?

If you do plenty of research and plenty of mock drafts, you should have a good idea of which players a team might pick. To give specific odds would depend on a specific pick, but generally you have a great chance of winning your NFL Draft picks.

How is NFL draft order determined?

The NFL Draft order is a reverse order of the previous season’s standings. The last place team in the previous season will pick first. The teams who didn’t make the playoffs will pick next, then the teams eliminated from the wild card round, divisional round and conference rounds. The two teams in the Super Bowl will pick last.

Where is the NFL draft?

The 2022 NFL Draft is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is there any betting strategy to use for the NFL Draft?

Pay attention to holes in rosters. Make sure you understand what positions a team might be gunning for and ensure you look at the mock drafts that professional analysts have been running. It can really be helpful in determining how the 2022 NFL Draft might pan out.