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2023 Super Bowl LVII | Super Bowl Odds Futures

2023 Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl LVII Betting Lines

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The Super Bowl is getting close and sports bettors around the globe are starting to speculate on this interesting match-up. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will be facing off on February 13, 2022, to win Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. This Super Bowl is a week later than most years, but surely will be worth the wait as these two teams battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

What makes the Super Bowl one of the most exciting events of the year is the fact that there are so many betting opportunities to take advantage of. Whether people bet on sports regularly or not, it is common to place a wager or two whether online or in-person with friends on the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the most bet on event in the sports calendar – so naturally, plenty of Super Bowl odds on a variety of outcomes and instances will be listed for the main event.

Super Bowl odds are starting to pour in, and the big question remains: who will win Super Bowl 56?

Bengals Super Bowl Odds

To start the season, the Cincinnati Bengals were huge underdogs to win Super Bowl LVI. In September, the Bengals were listed at +10000, (a $100 wager on them at that time would have paid out $10,000) which meant they were pretty well at the bottom of the barrel in terms of Super Bowl faves.

The Bengals haven’t been successful in the past few seasons, they have been downright awful. Last year, they only won four games and placed last in the AFC North. And don’t even get started on their 2019-20 season, where they posted only two wins. How does a team go from winning 6 games total in two seasons, to a 10-7 season, head of the AFC North – let alone the AFC Champions competing for a Super Bowl?

Entering the playoffs, the Bengals entered the Wild Card round, upsetting the Las Vegas Raiders, then the Tennessee Titans and finally the Kansas City Chiefs in an incredible comeback for the AFC Championship title.

If the Bengals win Super Bowl LVI, we will be talking about it for decades as it’s one of the best Cinderella stories we’ve heard thus far.

The Bengals haven’t been to a Super Bowl since the 1988-89 season as well, so the pressure is high for the franchise to finally win a title. Behind a youthful offensive line featuring quarterback Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, the Bengals have a great shot at taking home the Super Bowl title.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds

The Rams are yet again Super Bowl bound in 2022, their last appearance being just a few years ago when they themselves came out of the woodwork to surprise a lot of football fans. They couldn’t manage to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2019 and will be looking for that Super Bowl title on Feb 13th.

The LA Team started the season with a quick 7-1 start, followed by a slump of a three-week losing streak. They started the season with a modest +1400 odds to win the Super Bowl (a $100 wager on them would pay out $1400), and while their odds lowered throughout the season to reflect their ‘winningness’ the odds shot back up to their opening line in week 14.

Also, the Rams faced the Arizona Cardinals, reigning Super Bowl champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the San Francisco 49ers in the postseason. They were giant underdogs against the Bucs, who they managed to devastate in a huge comeback that we’ll be talking about for years to come. And while everyone was expecting a third Bengals vs 49ers Super Bowl, the Rams managed to pull off a win – sealing their trip to the championship.

The opening Super Bowl odds listed the Rams as 4.5 favorites heading into the Super Bowl. Behind Matt Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr, and Aaron Donald, this Rams team seems to have all the right pieces to win the Lombardi. The Bengals defense is not nearly as strong as the teams they faced in the post-season, so they should arguably have a leg up on Cincy.

Quarterback Joe Burrow

All eyes are on quarterback Joe Burrow to lead the team to victory. After coming back from an ACL injury in his rookie season, he was a shoeing for Comeback Player of the year, but as of mid-January, his name has been highly regarded in the MVP award market as well. Not only that, if he wins the Super Bowl, he will be the first NFL player to win a Heisman trophy, be a first round draft pick and a Super Bowl champion in their first two years in the big leagues.

Also, it will be the first Bengals Super Bowl title – ever.

No pressure, right Joe?

The Bengals opened up as 4.5 point underdogs against the Rams, but with how Joe Burrow has been playing, it has everyone talking about how competitive this game is actually going to be. Burrow threw for 4,611 yards in the regular season, and 842 in the few post-season games there have been. He’s looking like a seasoned veteran QB out there and we expect he will keep that up on the 13th.

Quarterback Matt Stafford

Thirteen years into his NFL career, Matt Stafford finally is heading to a Super Bowl. After just one year (to the day) since joining the Rams, Stafford helped lead his team to a Conference Championship – something he could only dream of in his time with the Lions. Actually, winning a single playoff game would have been a step up for the quarterback. Now, the real question is: can Stafford do what Jared Goff couldn’t three years ago?

Well, he isn’t the only new factor the Rams have to thank, but he surely is making a huge difference at QB. With an absolute weapon in Cooper Kupp, as well as OBJ and Sony Michel, you have some great options on the ground and in the air – and luckily Stafford has veteran experience to utilize those weapons properly.

Who will win Super Bowl 56?

While this match-up will certainly be a tight one, we can’t say for sure. This may be one of the most likable matchups we have seen in the past few years – usually, there is a team most fans are rooting against. We believe the Rams have the experience and skill to defeat the Bengals, but the Bengals are pretty scrappy and have a ton of heart, so it could go either way.

Whichever side you choose to bet on at Super Bowl LVI, take advantage of the exciting betting options and props we have over on our sportsbook!

Super Bowl LVI Odds

What: Super Bowl LVI
When: February 13, 2022
Where: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California

SoFi Stadium was originally supposed to have hosted Super Bowl LV, but construction delays caused by the pandemic meant the game had to change venues, and Tampa Bay was next in line. Barring calamity, next year’s game will certainly be played in Los Angeles county.

As the offseason progresses, you’ll find NFL futures here at BetUS on everything you can think of. We’ll have division winner odds, conference winner odds, NFL MVP odds and so much more. We always have options for NFL betting because, with BetUS Sportsbook, there is no offseason.

Make sure to keep checking our NFL news section all season to keep up with everything you need to know

Bet on Super Bowl LVI Odds

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Baseball has its World Series. The NHL has the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The NBA has The Finals. The NCAA has March Madness. College Football has its Playoff Championship. Nothing, however, compares to the Super Bowl.

It is America’s Game and Super Bowl Betting Sunday is the biggest day in sports, on many platforms.

Super Bowl LVI will be played in Inglewood, California, on Feb. 13, 2022. SoFi Stadium will play host to the battle between the NFC and AFC for NFL supremacy. And there will be plenty of ways to get involved at BetUS Sportsbook offering the latest Super Bowl Odds. You can try ATS, Totals, or jump into the bettors’ banquet of props in and around the game, or any game all season.

Some more history:

Through the first 55 Super Bowls, the NFC and AFC have gone 28-27. Yes, we know the earliest games were technically the AFL-NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots have the most Super Bowl wins at six, while the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers both have five. Favorites have gone 36-18 straight up and 29-21-2 against the spread in the Super Bowl. The largest upset came in Super Bowl III (1969) when the New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 as 18-point underdogs.

The totals have gone 27-27 in the first 54 Super Bowl matchups. No total was posted on Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

The halftime act is always a major draw, even for those who know nothing about the game itself. One can be certain there will be musical betting props on the songs the artist chooses as well as the annual favorite on the Over/Under for the time of the national anthem. And, don’t forget to get in on the coin toss at BetUS, where you can always find bonuses that will make you a winner before you even get started. Get in on the action with our Super Bowl Odds and every other major event nationally and internationally.

Super Bowl Odds: A How-To Guide for Sports Betting

Everything you wanted to know about the basics of Sports Betting for the Super Bowl but were afraid to ask

Sports Betting can be possible with the best Super Bowl Odds


The simplest type of wager is the moneyline bet. Sometimes called a straight-up bet, you pick who wins the game. It’s that simple. If the team you chose straight up wins, so does your bet. And for the Super Bowl Odds, like all NFL playoff games, the best part is there are no ties. They play until someone is crowned champion.

But not all teams are created equally, sometimes even between the two elite conference champions that play in the Super Bowl Betting event. Since one team is usually better than the other, sportsbooks use betting odds to balance the handicap/action/money between two teams.

Picking winners can depend on how well you understand the teams and sport, but the better you understand the sports betting odds, the better your chances of getting more value from your bets.

Understanding the Betting Odds to win the Super Bowl LV:

First, pick the type of Super Bowl Odds you’re most comfortable with. Betting Odds can be shown using three different types, just various ways of saying the same thing. Just like ½ (a fraction) is the same value as 0.5 (a decimal), different betting odd types represent the same thing.

You can pick the type of Sports Betting Odds displayed using the drop-down box found on every Sportsbook odds page, just above the games on the right, next to the reload button. It shows the three types of betting odds, two of them already mentioned: Decimal, Fraction and, the most commonly used, American.

American (US) Betting Odds / Lines

It’s important to understand how American (or US) betting odds work, since the United States and many other parts of the Sports betting world use that as its standard. (They are American odds, after all.) If you haven’t changed the default of the way they’re displayed, American betting odds are what you’re looking at.

For example, here’s what the American moneyline odds looked like for Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs:

San Francisco 49ers +105
Kansas City Chiefs -125

The idea behind US sports betting odds is to simplify understanding the payout for the bettor. So they’re based on a practical example of “betting a hundred bucks.” The key is whether the betting odds are negative (-) or positive (+).

Take the positive San Francisco 49ers, for example, if you wagered $100 on the Niners and (in an alternate universe) San Francisco won the game. In American sportsbook odds, if you win your bet, you will win back how much you risked plus the amount of those betting odds. In this case, you would win your $100 plus an additional $105 (the same amount as the +105 odds) for a total of $205.

Negative sports betting odds are flipped around, and represent how much you have to wager in order to win $100. So to bet the Chiefs, wagering $125 on Kansas City (the same value as their -125 odds) would win $100 plus your original risked wager of $125 — a total of $225.

The team that pays out less is considered to be the favorite over the team that pays out more. In US betting odds, the team with the lowest number (the Chiefs minus 125) is the favorite. San Francisco’s odds of plus 105 are greater than the negative number, which means they’re the underdog.

The math might seem confusing at first, but to figure out how much you would profit from winning on a favorite to win the super bowl, simply divide the amount of your wager by the betting odds. For example, if you bet $100 on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl (and they did) you would get back your original money risked ($100) plus the wager divided by odds ($100 ÷ 125 = $80) — so, $100 + $80, or $180.

Decimals and Fractions

If that’s too much math, decimal betting odds might be more your flavor. Here are the same odds, showing the same values of that Super Bowl Odds, but in decimal format:

San Francisco 49ers 2.05
Kansas City Chiefs 1.80

Notice how the Kansas City Chiefs 1.80 matches the $180 at the end of all that math. That’s because decimal betting odds show how much you win overall. If you bet $100, and won, you’d win $100 ✕ 1.80 = $180.

It’s the same with the 49ers odds: If you bet $100 and won with the Niners, you’d win $100 ✕ 2.05 = $205. (In decimal betting odds, the original wager that’s returned to you when you win is already worked into the number.)

Finally, sports betting odds can be shown in fractions. Though they’re not as often used, some people find them easier to understand at first. Here’s the same game once again but in fraction format:

San Francisco 49ers 21/20
Kansas City Chiefs 4/5

In this case the nominator (the first number) represents how much you would profit if you risked the denominator (the second number). So, if you place a super bowl odds bet $5 on the Chiefs to win, they would pay $4 profit, and you would win a total of $9. Betting $100 is 20 times more than $5, which works out to be the same as the other odds (20 ✕ $9 = $180).

Or, for San Francisco, risking the second number ($20) would profit the first number ($21), collecting $41. Notice that risking five times that amount would be $100, and would win five times our example, or $205 (5 ✕ $41 = $205) — the same as the other two types of Super Bowl odds.

Having said the same thing three different ways, pick the Super Bowl Betting odds type that works best for you. Different maths work better for different people. For our purposes here, we’ll use American odds the rest of the way. (But don’t forget you can change them on-screen with the click of a drop-down box.)

Now that you’ve mastered super bowl odds, let’s move on the more nuanced bets. Like not just on who’s going to win, but by how many points.

Point Spread:

Point-spread wagers use betting odds, but they also specify by how many points a team will win (or lose) a game. Here’s an example from Super Bowl LIIV between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams:

New England Patriots -3 Ev
L.A. Rams +3 -120

The first number is the point spread, the number of points taken or given to a team as a handicap. In this case, the negative number next to the Patriots (-3) means they’re favored to win by three points. Wagering on the New England point spread is a bet that they will win by at least three points. So if the Pats won by four or more, so would your bet New England Patriots -3 bet.

If the number is positive, like next to the Rams at +3, that means they’re an underdog and can still cash the sports bet provided they either win the game or don’t lose by more than the points given to them. In this case, if the Rams lost by only one or two points, they would still win the point-spread bet. (Winning a point-spread bet is also known as covering. We say, for instance, the favorite covered the three-point spread.)

Notice right after the point spread is another number, which is a US sports betting odds value of how much that bet pays out. With the Rams, if you bet them at +3 -120 (and they won or only lost by 1-2 points) your bet would pay out at -120 US odds. (A $100 wager would pay out $183.33.)

In the above example, the Patriots have an “Ev” as their sportsbook odds, which is shorthand for “Even”. “Even” is another way of saying +100 in US odds, and are the simplest odds to grasp since you always profit the same amount you risked. (In this case, a winning $100 wager on New England would return $200.)

Move to the front of the class if you’re wondering what happens if the game ends on the exact number as the point spread. What would happen with one of these bets if, say, New England won by a score of 13-10? In this case, it’s a tie — or a push as it’s called when a point spread ties. In this case, the amount of your original wager is returned to you.

Some point spreads come with a clever means of making sure they can’t push (or tie) and that’s by taking (or giving) a half point. Going back to the 2020 Super Bowl odds, here’s the point spread from that one:

San Francisco 49ers +1½ -110
Kansas City Chiefs -1½ -110

Of course, you can’t score a half point in football, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to adding (or subtracting) the point spread for a team’s points scored. A negative point spread means the team is favored and giving points. If a point spread is positive, it means the team is the underdog and taking points.

In this case, if you bet the San Francisco 49ers at +1½, your point-spread wager cashes if the Niners win the game outright or even if they lose by only a single point. You add (or subtract, if it’s negative) the point spread to the score, and if the result would be a win, then the point-spread bet is a winner.

For example, if Super Bowl Odds are placed for this game ended with the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl by a final score of 21-20, 49ers +1½ point-spread bets would be winners. Adding 1½ points to San Francisco’s score of 20 makes 21½, and beats Kansas City’s 21. (Or subtracting 1½ from the Chiefs score gets the same result. Just remember, you only apply that handicap to one side, not both.)

In a case like that, where you win or lose by just a half point, that half point is known as the hook — an easily understandable nickname once you win or lose a sports bet by that small a margin.

Once you’ve mastered super bowl odds and points spreads, the rest of your wagering options are relatively easy to understand. Like betting on the total points to be scored.


Wagering on totals for the Super Bowl is a prediction of the total number of points scored by both teams added together. Given a number (the total) you pick if the combined points scored by both teams will be over (more) or under (less).

For example, here is what the total looked like for the betting board of Super Bowl LIV:

San Francisco 49ers 53 -110
Kansas City Chiefs 53 -110

The total, in this case, is the first number, 53. Betting the over 53 would win if 54 or more combined points were scored in the game. Betting the under 53 would win if 52 or fewer combined points were scored in the game.

And, of course, if exactly 53 points were scored, that’s a tie (or a push — and the same rules apply in that your original wager is returned). Totals can also be set with half points, which prevent pushes.

One more point to remember: Game totals will include the points scored in overtime, should one occur. (Only one Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime, but that’s how totals’ bets are scored.)

Team Total:

Maybe you have an opinion about how many points one team will score but don’t trust the other team enough to guess how many they’ll put up. No problem, wager on a Team Total instead. Like totals bets, team totals are a prediction on if the team will score more (over) or fewer (under) points than the posted total.

For example, under the team-total column of the odds page, you’ll see something like this for each team:

27 -120o
27 -110u

This is the Team Total for San Francisco from Super Bowl LIV. The Niners’ team total is set at 27. If you bet the 49ers’ over the team total, you’d win if they scored 28 or more points. Or if you played that team total under, you would cash if they score 26 or fewer points. (And if they scored exactly 27, that’s a push and you get your wager amount back.)

The payout for the over and under are noted by the letters ‘o’ and ‘u’ next to the Super Bowl Odds, shown here in the US format.


Looking for a bigger reward? Then combine more than one wager into a single bet and cash at even higher odds. Learn about the two kinds of “multiple” bets which can offer much higher odds than a single bet.

When online betting, clicking on the bet you want to make places it in the “Bet Slip” section, where you have more options to choose from. So far, what we’ve covered are single bets, also called Straight bets. In the bet slip, you can also choose a Parlay bet or a Teaser bet.


A parlay is a bet with multiple wagers. You can bundle at least two different wagers in the same bet, which increases your payout. All the wagers of a parlay bet have to win in order for the bet to cash.

Making a wager on both the point spread and the total on the same bet is a parlay. In this Super Bowl, if you bet a parlay card with the Kansas City Chiefs -1½ and under 53, and both those outcomes occur, you win your bet at odds of +260. (Or 13/5 in fraction odds, or 3.60 in decimal.)

Once you select the parlay option on the bet slip, the website keeps track of and calculates odds for all your wagers in one. If you keep adding wagers, the higher your payout odds — and if you can string together a streak of wins, those odds can quickly skyrocket.

At standard odds of -110, choose three correct wagers on the same parlay and your winning odds will be +600. A four-wager parlay card pays out at +1200. Five has odds of +2500, and so on. All the way up to a 20-team parlay paying odds of a staggering 4000 to 1. (A $5 stake would payout at $20,000 if you can pick a string of 20 wagers on the same card correctly.)

Best of all, to Bet Online at BetUS Sportsbook simply make your selections, and see how much your wager will pay out. Wagers made on lines that are not set at standard odds of -110 will pay out according to those odds and be different from the examples above. The payout will be higher if you pick underdogs (positive odds) and lower if you pick favorites (negative odds).

One rule you should know: While you can put many wagers on the same parlay card, some combinations aren’t allowed. For instance, you can’t play a “game total” and a “team total” of the same game on the same bet because they’re correlated, or directly correspond with each other. (The computer also keeps track of that, and warns when you try to mix wagers you can’t. It will not allow them to be placed.)


For big, single-game events like the Super Bowl, the teaser is an excellent way to bet.

Like a parlay, a teaser combines two or more wagers into a single bet but with a twist — you get extra points and even a choice of how many.

For an example, go back to Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons in 2017. The odds for that game were:

New England Patriots -3 -105 57½ -110
Atlanta Falcons +3 -115 57½ -110

If you had bet on the Atlanta Falcons and the under that day, you came away disappointed. (New England won 34-28 in an unprecedented comeback.) But not if you bet a teaser.

With teasers, you receive points in your favor. How many points? You choose. Teaser bets normally receive six (6) points, but at BetUS Sportsbook you can choose between 6-to-9½ points added to your football bet — or even a mini-teaser of three points. Here’s how they work.

Playing a 6-point teaser on the Atlanta Falcons +3 and the under 57½ would give you a bet of Atlanta Falcons +9 and under 63½ — six points added in favor of your picks. Both wagers need to win in order for your bet to cash, in this case with payout odds of -120.

The more points you buy, the steeper your odds but the greater your chances of winning as you add points to your selections. The more wagers you add to the single bet, the more those odds continue to grow. For instance, the odds in that example with just two wagers were -120, but combining six wagers into one 6-point teaser bet pays at +700.

Just like parlays, the teaser math of adding points and calculating odds is handled automatically by the web site. Click on your selections, try out different point combinations, and see for yourself how much you stand to win.

Live Betting:

Even after the game kicks off, the action doesn’t stop. There’s in-game betting too.

During the half and at each commercial break, new Super Bowl odds will be posted, taking in account the current status of the game with a point spread and total to bet as the game progresses. See something in the game you think will give you an edge? You can bet it in real-time when the Super Bowl Odds are posted in between practically every possession (and sometimes even in the middle of one).

Betting Tips:

Remember, when you place a bet with a point spread, or a total, or whichever line you bet — that number stays the same for you, regardless of changes that may happen in the future. It is the number on which the bet will be graded. Know also that the odds and lines and totals posted at the sportsbook are fluid and can change.

If you watch carefully on the days the game approaches, those Super Bowl Odds and Sports Betting Lines can move in (or against) your favor. So if the odds move, and give you a better price on the side you want to play, your payout is locked in at the time you make the bet, regardless of what happens on the betting board afterwards.

And if you need advice handicapping the game or looking for an edge for your Sports Betting Picks, the BetUS Sportsbook staff has you covered with expert picks on dozens of different wagers, expectations for the game and all kinds of insight at the click of a button.

The Best Way to Bet on the Super Bowl

There is no sense betting hundreds or thousands of dollars on a Super Bowl favorite such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs too early in the year when an injury could derail the entire season. The NFL odds have the potential to significantly change as the season unfolds. It is, however, always a good time to put a little bit on teams you think should have higher odds. Play the percentages you perceive.

The best value is on the teams with significant talent, easy schedules, and a realistic chance of going all the way. As an example, if the Buffalo Bills were to trade for a defensive tackle or if the Cleveland Browns were to deal for a wide receiver to replace the injured Odell Beckham, either team would pique the interest of experienced gamblers.

Keep in mind, there was no home-field advantage in this year’s playoffs as crowd capacity was limited to 20% or less throughout the majority of the league. It appears as though the second (third?) wave of COVID-19 is spreading across the United States as well as the rest of the globe so fans might not be permitted into home teams’ stadiums in the months to follow. Keep up to date on NFL COVID-19 updates here.

If you do not feel comfortable placing a football futures bet this early in the season, there is no harm waiting until later in the year to place an online bet on one, or even several teams. When the games get here, you can even wager on prop bets such as the player to score the first touchdown, the team leading at the end of the first half, the over/under point total, the point spread, and so on. In the meantime, be sure to check out the NFL lines weekly, as we will have Week 1 and Week 2 lines up long before even the preseason starts and you are sure to find a couple of NFL matchups that catch your eye.

NFL Betting Made Easy

Regardless of how you would like to play, BetUS is here to facilitate wagering with unparalleled Vegas sportsbook action. We are the leading online sportsbook and gambling destination in the United States and beyond. Our fully licensed sportsbook makes it easy to wager on Super Bowl LV and other sports events. We provide NFL betting along with live NFL odds and even no-cost picks throughout the entirety of the season. Check out our futures wagering opportunities along with our prop bet options and you will find there are plenty of ways to get in on the action.

Even if you won’t wager on football games leading up to the Super Bowl, it doesn’t hurt to make your deposit today. You might see a game that has odds you just need to jump on. Create an account, deposit funds and you will be ready to go once Super Bowl LV is here. Who knows, you just might fall in love with a long shot to win the whole thing, place a futures bet well ahead of the big game, and rake in the cash on February 6th.

Super Bowl Prop Bets:

Super Bowl prop bets are the king of sports props and are the originator of this special type of sports betting item. Prop bets are now widespread and are found in every sportsbook including the BetUS sportsbook, which offers some of the best prop bets.

Prop bets are short for “proposition” bets and are bets that deal with the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event in the game that is not directly tied to the final outcome. Among these prop bets are the popular game props, which deal with the different occurrences between teams and players.

BetUS sportsbook offers plenty of these props along with plenty of NFL odds. Unique to the Super Bowl is the NFL Super Bowl coin toss odds, which lets you bet on whether the initial coin toss will land heads or tails and the odds are dead even.

Betting on Super Bowl prop bets is fun, easy, and potentially lucrative.

How To Bet Super Bowl Prop Bets?

To bet on Super Bowl prop bets, find the “Football” menu on the left-hand panel of the BetUS sportsbook page. Select the panel to reveal “Super Bowl Props”. Select this option to find all the best Super Bowl prop bets available from BetUS.

What Are The Prop Bets For Super Bowl 56?

BetUS has plenty of Super Bowl 56 prop bets. You can bet on player stats, team stats, or other miscellaneous occurrences to happen. These are known as “Game Props”.

Here are some example of the prop bets you can make from BetUS:

  • Over/under for the total touchdowns a quarterback throws
  • Over/under for the total turnovers a team makes
  • The scoring method of the game’s first score
  • The first offensive play called: Run or pass
  • The last scoring play: touchdown or field goal or other
  • Player to score first touchdown
  • Team to have more turnovers
  • Team to have the highest scoring quarter
  • Team to have more penalty yards
  • Quarterback to have more passing yards

How To Place Super Bowl Prop Bets?

To place a Super Bowl prop bet, simply select the checkbox of the prop bet you wish to make. This will place the prop bet of your choice over to your bet slip on the upper-right hand of your screen. Once the prop bet is on there, you can either select more prop bets or select “Place my bets” to officially place your Super Bowl prop bet.

Where To Bet On Super Bowl Prop Bets?

You can bet on Super Bowl prop bets from the BetUS sportsbook. The best Super Bowl prop bets are offered including hundreds of game props and other NFL special props that have their own betting section.

Where To Place Super Bowl Prop Bets?

You can place your Super Bowl prop bets using BetUS’s easy wagering system. Simply select the Super Bowl prop bet of your choice to add it to your betslip. From there, you can choose to finalize your bet by selecting “Place my bets” or find more Super Bowl prop bets to add.

How Do Super Bowl Prop Bets Work?

Super Bowl prop bets work just like regular bets. Place your Super Bowl prop bet and you will receive your winnings if the prop bet wins. Super Bowl prop bets are different from regular bets in that they can be quicker to decide meaning the game does not have to end for the bet to be settled.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Prop Bets?

To bet on Super Bowl prop bets, select “Football” from the BetUS sportsbook sports menu on the left to reveal the dropdown menu. Select “Super Bowl Props” to reveal all of the current Super Bowl prop bets available. Alternatively, other prop bets have their own menus such as the Super Bowl coin toss.

How To Do Prop Bets For Super Bowl?

Doing Super Bowl prop bets are easy with the BetUS sportsbook. Simply select the prop bet of your choice and add it to your bet slip on the upper righthand corner of the page. Once there, you can select “Place my bets” to finalize your bet or shop around for more prop bets to add just like selecting items to purchase on an online store.

How To Make Super Bowl Prop Bets?

To make Super Bowl prop bets, find the bets from BetUS sportsbook’s football section on the left-hand panel. Select the props section to find all the available props and select the prop bet of your choice by clicking the checkmark box beside it. Once selected, it will populate your bet ticket on the right hand side. Once on there, select “Place my bets” to make a Super Bowl prop bet.

What Are Prop Bets For Super Bowl?

There are plenty of prop bets for the Super Bowl. These prop bets can be opened early as “Early Props” or happen during the game as “Game Props”.

These props can range from determining how players perform based on stats (e.g. passing yards, rushing yards etc.) or which team will do better per individual stats (e.g. team with more turnovers, total yards a team gains). Other props have more to do with non-game occurrences (e.g. color of Gatorade bath, will a fan streak the field etc.)

What Are Some Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Some Super Bowl prop bets are non-related occurrences. These are usually released early known as “Super Bowl Early Props” per the BetUS sportsbook. Some popular Super Bowl prop bets include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The color of the Gatorade bath
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl half time show?
  • The length of the national anthem
  • Will the Super Bowl MVP go to Disney World?
  • Will the Super Bowl coin toss be heads or tails?

What Are The Best Super Bowl Prop Bets?

The best Super Bowl prop bets tend to be the ones that have some game-related ties to it. Player stats or team stats can be easier to bet on with some betting research. As fun as prop bets about wardrobe malfunctions and fans streaking the field are, they are arbitrary and the odds are lined in a way that there isn’t much value to them.

What Are The Prop Bets For The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl prop bets range from in-game props that deal with player or team performance via stats or the occurrence or non-occurrence of events throughout the game. You can bet on how many passing yards a quarterback will throw or which team will gain more rushing yards as examples.

For the Super Bowl Odds, this is just the beginning. Every NFL matchup comes with a number of proposition bets, known as prop bets. Prop bets involve practically every aspect of the game, but are irrelevant to the final score.

How many yards with a running back gain? Will there be a missed field goal? Will either team score three times in a row? These and hundreds of other prop bets are available to be played for most NFL games, but no other contest is close to the Super Bowl when it comes to the amount of proposition bets.

Game Props

Obviously, every stat imaginable is tracked for the Super Bowl Odds. And you can bet on those stats before the game begins. You could bet on the total number of rushing, passing or receiving yards. Or whether or not a safety will be scored, or be the first score in the game; it happened once, and paid 50-1.

Player Props

For the Super Bowl, practically every player can have their own prop. You can wager on the total yards passing by a quarterback. Or bet on the length of the longest punt. Most of these are kinds of totals bets where you choose over or under a line.

For example, Patrick Mahomes might be playing in a Super Bowl, and the sportsbook sets a line on his passing yards for the game, let’s say 275. They will also post odds for the over and under bets made against that number of 275. If you bet the over, and Mahomes throws for more than 275, you get paid out at the odds for that over bet.

Entertainment Props

Exceptional to the Super Bowl are the entertainment props. As the Big Game approaches, prop bets appear on every imaginable aspect of the action around the game. You can bet on commercials. Or wager on which celebrities will make an appearance on the television. Take a position on the over or under number of times announcer Jim Nantz might refer to something.

There are so many exotic Super Bowl Prop Bets this year, that betting on the color of gatorade poured on the winning coach or the length of the national anthem now seem like well-established Super Bowl proposition bets.

Every year brings different locations, halftime shows and circumstances, and each day leading up to the Super Bowl is worth looking to see what new interesting propositions are up for betting at the books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most MVP's in Super Bowl?

The player with the most MVP awards in a Super Bowl is Tom Brady with four. Joe Montana has won three, and Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw and Eli Manning each have two Super Bowl MVPs.

What teams have never won a Super Bowl?

The 12 teams in history that have never won a Super Bowl are Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings.

What teams have never been in the Super Bowl?

The only four teams that have never been in a Super Bowl are the Browns, Jaguars, Lions and Texans.

Has any player ever had the team he was on win three Super Bowls in a row?

Ken Norton Jr. did when he was on the Dallas Cowboys for back to back wins in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII and on the San Francisco 49ers when they won the following year in Super Bowl XXIX.

What was the age of the youngest player to start in a Super Bowl?

Bryan Bulaga was an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers and started in Super Bowl XLV at the age of 21 years and 322 days.

What QB had the most passing yards in a Super Bowl?

The most passing yards in a Super Bowl was done by Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII for 505 yards.

What running back had the most rushing yards in a Super Bowl?

Timmy Smith of the Washington Redskins had 204 yards in the Super Bowl XXII win over the Denver Broncos 42-10.

What is the fewest rushing yards in a Super Bowl by one team?

The New England Patriots had the lowest rushing number ever in a Super Bowl with 7 rushing yards in a loss to the Chicago Bears 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.

Who is the youngest quarterback that started and won a Super Bowl?

Ben Roethlisberger won Super Bowl XL with the Pittsburgh Steelers at 23 years and 340 days.

Who is the quarterback that has the most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl?

Steve “Air” McNair of the Tennessee Titans ran for 64 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV when they lost to the St. Louis Rams 23-16.

Who are the teams that had the most combined net yards, rushing and passing in a Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots (613) and the Philadelphia Eagles (538) combined for 1,151 net yards, which is an all-time record in regular or postseason.

What is the longest time between Super Bowl championships for a player?

Ray Lewis won Super Bowls with the Baltimore Ravens at Super Bowl XXXV and XLVII which was 12 seasons apart.

Who was the player that had the most sacks in a single Super Bowl game?

The Pittsburgh Steelers L.C. Greenwood had four sacks in Super Bowl X when the Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17.