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NFL 2022

103rd Season of the National Football League

2022 NFL Season | Betting Odds, Prop Bets and Futures

NFL Week 3 Odds & Betting Lines

NFL Betting Lines

NFC Conference Futures Odds

Rot Odds to win NFC Conference Moneyline
121 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +275
122 Los Angeles Rams     +600
123 Green Bay Packers     +600
124 San Francisco 49ers     +800
125 Dallas Cowboys     +2000
126 Arizona Cardinals     +2200
127 Philadelphia Eagles     +500
128 New Orleans Saints     +2000
129 Minnesota Vikings     +850
130 Washington Commanders     +3300
131 Chicago Bears     +7500
132 Seattle Seahawks     +15000
133 New York Giants     +2800
134 Atlanta Falcons     +15000
135 Carolina Panthers     +8000
136 Detroit Lions     +5000
All wagers have action.

AFC Conference Futures Odds

Rot Odds to win AFC Conference Moneyline
221 Buffalo Bills     +225
222 Kansas City Chiefs     +375
223 Los Angeles Chargers     +650
224 Denver Broncos     +1200
225 Cleveland Browns     +2800
226 Baltimore Ravens     +900
227 Cincinnati Bengals     +2000
228 Indianapolis Colts     +2200
229 Tennessee Titans     +3000
230 Miami Dolphins     +1200
231 Las Vegas Raiders     +2800
232 New England Patriots     +2800
233 Pittsburgh Steelers     +5000
234 Jacksonville Jaguars     +5000
235 New York Jets     +8000
236 Houston Texans     +12500
All wagers have action.

NFL Week 3 Picks and Predictions | Best NFL Odds, Latest News & Free Picks

NFL Regular Season

The 2022 NFL season, set to kick off on September 8th, 2022, with what could easily be a potential Super Bowl LVII matchup between the defending SB Champions Los Angeles Rams hosting the Buffalo Bills, promises to be one of the most exciting and entertaining in years. If you look at how some of the top Vegas NFL odds makers are already previewing what the first week of action will be like, you can tell that what’s coming our way will definitely be some can’t miss pro football action all across the board.

Just like last season, the 2022 NFL season will have an 18-week schedule in which all teams will have to play their respective divisional foes as well as the teams from another same conference division in a slot of 4 interconference matchups, the teams from a division from the other conference in a slot of 4 intraconference games and one last game in the season against a rival from the opposing conference.

So how will this all break down for football fans looking to make the most not only from their NFL Odds for week 1 picks but for all of the season? Let us break it down for you:

Intraconference: AFC North
Interconference: NFC North
17th game: NFC West.
Intraconference: NFC North
Interconference: AFC South
17th game: AFC North.
Intraconference: AFC South
Interconference: NFC West
17th game: NFC South.
Intraconference: NFC South
Interconference: AFC West
17th game: AFC East.
Intraconference: AFC East
Interconference: NFC South
17th game: NFC East.
Intraconference: NFC East
Interconference: AFC East
17th game: AFC South.
Intraconference: AFC West
Interconference: NFC East
17th game: NFC North.
Intraconference: NFC West
Interconference: AFC North
17th game: AFC West.

This season will mark the second time that the regular NFL season will have one extra game in its schedule, something that should sound like the best news for NFL odds and lines aficionados all around. Now, with all this said, coming up with the best betting strategy to make sure you are making bank at the end of each week of NFL action will be a definite must. This is where keeping up with all the insider’s tips, previews, predictions and picks from our experts over at BetUS TV’s “The NFL Show” could end up becoming the best wildcard for your NFL betting endeavors.

Given that NFL odds can fluctuate in a matter of minutes without any real previous warning, keeping up with our latest odds and picks should become a mandatory move for the season. Take it from us, we know a thing or two about betting and making people win.

NFL Playoffs

Yes, we know, 18 weeks of amazing NFL action is exactly what we all need, but let’s be real, once the playoffs come around, that’s where the true heart-stopping action begins to unfold. Once the postseason comes around, there’s absolutely no room for errors, something that the top NFL odds experts know about.

From the wild-card weekend all the way to the Conference finals weekend, it’s a battle from end to end with every single team battling it out for a spot moving forward without regard for what could’ve happened previously in the season.

In the playoffs little matters how much of a favorite or an underdog each team may be going into the clashes, because at the end of the day, what matters most is what happens on the field that day and who eventually is able to outplay their opponents, simple as that.

But how will the playoffs work this season?

Simple and easy. Just like last season, the top seeded team in each conference will have a bye for the initial round of the playoffs and hold home field advantage throughout the playoffs all the way to their respective conference finals if they were to reach them. The other remaining 12 teams in the playoffs, 6 per conference, will have to battle it out from Wild Card weekend onwards hoping to make it to the biggest game of the season, Super Bowl LVII.

Already excited for what’s to come? It’s ok, we are too, just make sure you are doing all of your NFL betting moves with BetUS Sportsbook and you’ll be good to go.

Super Bowl LVII

The biggest game of each NFL season. The most important, yearly sports-entertainment spectacle in the world. There are many ways to describe the Super Bowl and even with the 2022 season still some time away, we can already feel like Super Bowl LVII will be a great game.

Super Bowl LVII, set for Sunday, February 12th, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is the most important event in all football fans’ yearly schedule. Even if your favorite team might not make the cut to make it to the game, it’s a given that this game is a must-watch event from anywhere you see it.

Given the magnitude of the event, it’s no wonder why this is also one of the most important, if not the most important sports betting event of the year.

As millions and millions of NFL odds fans all around flock to their preferred online sportsbook to wager on the vast variety of betting options that come with the game, the NFL Championship game holds an even bigger value for everyone around.

While last season’s winners, the Los Angeles Rams are looking as early favorites according to the top  NFL odds makers to try and go for the repeat, you cannot count out Tom Brady’s Buccaneers and Aaron Rodgers’ Packers for one second in the NFC Conference.

Even teams like the 49ers, Cowboys, and Eagles could come in from out of nowhere and surprise everyone, which is why keeping up with all the action for the season will be of the utmost importance.

But let’s not only talk about the NFC. Over in the AFC, all the Super Bowl buzz going around is gravitating towards what Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills could do this season. Alongside the Bills, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers, and Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos could also end up surprising everyone with a trip to Super Bowl LVII.

At the end of the day, whichever two teams end up making it to SB LVII will surely put on an amazing show for sure, one where betting with BetUS sportsbook is an absolute must.

Bet on NFL Odds

How to Bet on NFL Odds: A How-To Guide for Sports Betting

If you’ve found this page, you’re looking to learn how to bet on the NFL. NFL betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on, especially during the Super Bowl and at BetUS Sportsbook, we make it easy to bet on your favorite NFL teams and offer some great bonuses to get you started.

But first, let’s look at the odds and betting types available for NFL betting.

How to Read NFL Betting Odds

It always helps to start new bettors off with introducing them to The Juice. We’re referring to that number in the parenthesis next to your moneyline, point spread or total – it’s the odds of your bet to win.

NFL odds will be displayed next to the team’s name and will be a positive or negative number. This will show you how likely they are to win by that key identifier (+/-). Positive numbers will indicate that the team is less likely to win, and the negative number represents the favored team that is most likely to win out of the two.

If you have the Philadelphia Eagles at +300 and the Washington Football Team at -200, that means that Washington is favored to win that game, and the Eagles are the underdog. A bet on Washington wouldn’t pay out as much because the risk is much smaller. A bet on the Eagles would pay out more because there is much more risk in placing that bet.

The plus and minus number will represent how much you would need to bet to win a certain amount. In the case above, you would need to wager $200 on Washington to win $100 (a total of $300 as you get your initial stake back). You would win $300 on a $100 wager if you decided to take the risk and bet on the Eagles.

A helpful NFL betting tip: when you’re looking at the negative number, that is what you’d have to bet to win $100, and when looking at a positive number, that is what you would win on a $100 bet.

Moneyline NFL Betting

The Moneyline is the most popular way to bet on a variety of popular professional sports, especially when you’re NFL betting though. When betting the moneyline for any NFL Odds, you’re betting on which team will win the game outright. If you want to bet on the New England Patriots to win over the Miami Dolphins, all you have to do is select the Patriots.

Where the odds come in for Moneyline betting, and where it can get a little confusing, is that you might not really make any money if you’re betting the Patriots as a favorite if the line looks something like this:

  • New England Patriots (-350)
  • Miami Dolphins (+500)

You will need to wager $350 to make $100 in profit on the Patriots – is that worth it? Not usually. But if you decided to wager on the Miami Dolphins and they ended up winning, you’d make a pretty penny ($500 plus your $100 bet back) by betting on the underdog.

NFL Point Spreads

NFL point spreads are gaining momentum fast. They are beginning to be one of the top betting types for recreational sports bettors in more recent years but have always been quite popular among the professional sports bettors. This one can be a little more complicated but still relatively easy to understand. In addition to the juice or vig, you’re going to see another number next to each team that usually ranges from 1 to 15 in the NFL respectively.

This number will represent how many points a favored team is expected to win by. So, if we keep in mind that the negative number will represent a favored team, they will be expected to win by that many points. The positive number will give the underdog team that many points as a head start before the game begins. The underdog must lose by less than the point spread number or win the game outright for an underdog point spread to cash.

For example, if the lines look like this:

  • Minnesota Vikings (+3)
  • Green Bay Packers (-3)

In this situation, the Green Bay Packers are the favourite and they’re projected to win the game. If you bet on the Packers, they will have to win by more than three points for your bet to cash. If you bet on the Vikings, who are the underdog in this situation, they will have to win by more than three points OR lose by less than three points. If the final score ended up being a spread of exactly three points, which will be a push and you would get your initial bet back.

NFL Totals

When it comes to NFL betting, there can be instances where you can’t quite risk your betting dollars by picking a team to win. Whether you’re looking at a close or unpredictable game, you can usually rely on the totals to still get your bet in.

Betting the total is also known as the Over/Under, which is exactly how it sounds – you bet whether the total score for both teams will be over the sportsbook’s predicted score, or under. Totals betting is great for beginner bettors, who might not know the teams well enough to place a outright winner or point spread, and can provide great value to parlays if you choose wisely.

If you have a total of 51 on a game between the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions, and you noticed that the Vikings defensive line does very well against pass game, and the Lions heavily rely on their pass game, you might be inclined to take the under as there may not be as many points as expected. If the game’s final score is 28-19, that would be a total of 47, and you would win your bet. If the final score was 34-20, you would lose your bet.

This one is easy to understand and great for first time bettors looking to get their feet wet.

NFL Parlays

A popular NFL betting option that many use to increase the risk and reward of their sports betting strategies include parlay bets.

If you want to up the ante and are feeling good about a few different games, you can combine the odds  for two to 15 single game wagers to make a parlay bet. You can select any NFL betting options, a medley of moneylines, totals, point spreads and even prop bets, and link all their odds together for a much bigger payout than if you bet on all of those games individually. The catch with parlays, is that all of your bets have to cash. If you have a four-game parlay, and only 3 of your bets cash, you lose all of your potential winnings.

NFL Futures

Futures are another easy and fun betting option, where you can bet on the outcome of a certain event or season, months in advance. Usually the day after the Super Bowl, NFL futures odds are released for the following season, with each team’s odds to win the next year’s Super Bowl. There are plenty of futures available on any given day, but there is a surplus of futures wagers around big events or marquee events.

The benefit of betting on futures is that you are betting on one team to win the Super Bowl out of a list of every NFL team. Some are favored, but even the favored teams have pretty substantially high and risky odds – so even a modest wager on these NFL odds will payout extremely well. The only downside is placing your wager and waiting the entire season for the result to pan out.

NFL Prop Bets

Prop bets are gaining popularity year after year and sportsbooks are taking notice and coming up with more and more options – especially here at BetUS. Prop bets usually only occurred around big events like the Super Bowl, but now there are prop bets for almost every preseason, regular season or playoff NFL game, college football game, and you’ll find the same with every professional sport. Prop bets are meant to be fun and you are never able to place huge bets on them, so naturally, there are tons of options available, and you can usually bet on a few different props at once.

A common NFL prop would be predicting the Gatorade color or coin toss at the Super Bowl. They even have crazy half time prop bets you can place as well.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the NFL betting options that are available to you, you can head over to the sportsbook and get started. As soon as the season begins and the NFL odds start popping up, you can expect some great NFL bonuses and promotions. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to ensure you stay up to date on all the best NFL lines and odds.

Frequently Asked Questions – NFL Odds

How to bet on NFL Odds?

Betting on NFL odds isn’t complicated, you will be presented with a number that reflects the team’s odds of winning, and you will have to decide which team will win the game. When it comes to NFL betting odds like totals and point spreads, you will have to assess how many points a team might get in a game, or both teams collectively.

Can I bet on the NFL online?

Yes, you can bet on the NFL online from just about anywhere! You can sign up at the BetUS Sportsbook and bet on NFL odds from your smartphone or computer..

Is Betting on the NFL legal?

Yes, since the legalization of sports betting in the United States, it is perfectly legal to bet on the NFL online, or in person at a brick and mortar sportsbook if you choose. Online sports betting is easy and convenient and allows you access to a wide variety of NFL odds.

How to read NFL Odds?

NFL odds can be displayed in a few different formats: American, Fractional, and Decimal. You first will need to understand how to read NFL odds before you bet, and which type is the easiest to understand for you. American odds are the most popular in the United States, and look like (-110), this means you will have to bet that much on a favored team to win $100.

How do NFL Odds work?

NFL Odds represent the team’s likelihood of winning a game, or the likelihood of your bet winning. If you are betting on an underdog to win a game, you will likely have some long shot odds, and the less likely they are to win, the odds will increase to a higher number – but, would equal a bigger payout if the bet does win.

Are NFL spreads the same as betting odds?

NFL point spreads have betting odds associated with them to display how much you will win by making that selection. If you are betting on a point spread of -5.5, you would have odds of -110 or something of that nature. This will show you how much you would need to bet to win $100 on that wager, and will show the likelihood of your bet winning.

How to pick betting odds for NFL?

It’s important to do your research into matchups before you bet on the NFL. Keeping an eye on the NFL betting odds will help, as you can see line movement and which side the money is going on. Making your NFL picks should be calculated and factor in all the important metrics like offense vs defense, home/away, and team’s past performances.

Why would you bet on negative odds?

Negative odds represent a favored team. Underdogs don’t win as much as you would want them to, so it’s important when betting on the NFL to pay attention to the negative odds just as much as the positive. Favored teams tend to win more often, and if you are only looking to bet on underdogs, you won’t win very often.

How much money would you win if you bet $100?

It depends on what side of the wager you are betting on. If you bet $100 on +300 underdog NFL odds, you would win $400. If you bet $100 on +1000 odds you would win $1100. Negative odds are the opposite, you would need to bet $110 to win $100. Or for -300, you would need to bet $300 to win $100.

How can I make an NFL Parlay?

NFL parlays are extremely popular each NFL Sunday, and it couldn’t be more simple to do. Choose between two to fifteen bets and combine the odds on your bet slip by creating a parlay. You will need all of these bets to be correct for your bet slip to pay out. Choose the NFL odds that you believe will actually win, and try not to get greedy by picking a bunch of longshots.

Can I use crypto currencies to bet on NFL Games?

Yes, many online sportsbooks accept Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc for betting on NFL games and sports betting in general. They function like any other currency, and funds can be made available in your account quickly.

Can I bet on NFL games online legally?

Yes, betting on NFL games is legal and a very popular betting option – especially on Super Bowl Sunday. NFL odds are the most bet on sport in the United States, and have been growing exponentially since 2018.

Can I legally bet on NFL games?

Yes, you can legally bet on NFL games during the NFL season. NFL odds will be made available starting in the preseason, and run all the way to Super Bowl Sunday. Once the Super Bowl concludes, you can bet legally on NFL futures to potentially earn some big bucks.

What are some tips to know before betting on NFL games?

Paying attention to team’s records and performances will help you with your betting decisions. Some dynasty teams struggle against certain offensive lines, keep in mind that pass game and run game are defended against differently by each team, and don’t bet on huge favorites.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet NFL Odds online?

BetUS sportsbook has a great selection of NFL odds available during the season, along with a huge selection of prop bets and specials. You can find great NFL odds and betting types, and the sign up process is easy. You can also look forward to seasonal bonuses which include special NFL promotional codes.

Can I Place a Parlay Across Multiple NFL Bets?

Yes, you can bet on multiple NFL games on the same parlay bet slip. You won’t be able to place two wagers on the same game for instance, but you can bet on several different games, even games on different days of the week.