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July 26th to August 11th, 2024. Paris, France.
Summer Olympic Betting Odds 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Games 

Every four years, the Olympic Games are hosted by a new country, and the world tunes in to watch how their best athletes perform. The next Summer Olympics will be in 2024, hosted by France in Paris. Between July 26 and Aug. 11, the games will open a new patch of betting and Paris 2024 Olympic Games lines.

What makes the Summer Olympics so unique is the variety of sporting events that will take place. There are track and field, swimming events, gymnastics, and cycling, all mixed with more bet-on sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball. Many sporting events will be available for betting, and future bets can be placed throughout the Olympics. 

How Do the Olympic Games Work?

Due to the amount of events that are going on during the Summer Olympics, they can often get complicated. Many events feature different ways of deciding a winner. That will change how some Paris 2024 Olympic Games odds are understood. 

The one thing that will be stable is being able to bet on the winner of any sport. That will always look similar to future bets, but instead of a team’s name, it will be the country and their odds to win an event. Whether it’s an individual event, like racing, or a team sport with tournament play, such as basketball, there will be odds on the gold medal winner. 

In some of the individual events, such as racing, track and field, or swimming, there will be specific names that you can bet on beyond just country. You can still bet on a singular athlete to win a race or event and the country they will be from.    

Betting Strategy 

When it comes to Paris 2024 Olympic Games betting, it often depends on what you are looking for. With so many sporting events, you must choose wisely with whatever knowledge you have to place bets on.  

For most sports bettors, looking at odds for basketball, baseball, and soccer might be the best option. All those sports have leagues to regularly bet on, which can give a fan an advantage, already having knowledge of the betting lines and the key players. On top of that, with those being more team-originated events, there will also be spreads available for every game. 

However, betting on other events can still be made simple. It often involves just picking one name or country to win the gold medal. Usually, qualifying events could help decide the favorites for every sport and aid when making picks.      

Prop Bets

Prop bets could be a little less common during the Olympics. Because many events are individual, such as racing, fighting, or weight lifting, it leaves little room for prop bets.

However, there will be options to bet on times within a race. Those are potential prop bets that could be common during the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Over/under lines can also be created for how long it might take someone or a group to finish a race. 

On top of that, the most common prop bet is picking the country that will finish with the most medals. With athletes getting gold, silver, and bronze medals throughout the tournament, the countries often compete with one another to finish the Olympics with the most.    

Betting Guide

With such a wide range of competitions within the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, it makes sense to talk about how to bet on either type. 

Often, odds are focused on an individual or group favored to win a specific event. For example, the 100m dash, one of the more popular events at the Summer Olympics, will have a list of names, with odds attached reflecting their likelihood to win the race. You can also bet on what country the racer might be from, but the odds diminish due to some nations having multiple runners in the final race. 

That remains the same for all races in the Olympics, cycling or swimming. Even in rowing, a team event, the odds operate the same, but instead of names, you bet on the winning country. 

When it comes to making a bet on the winner, what can help is looking over the qualifying events. Due to so many countries sending athletes to the Olympics, there are usually races before they compete for medals to get the best group of athletes. Based on how someone or a group did in the qualifiers can help predict their performance when competing for a medal. There are no qualifiers for the longer races, so researching favorites is probably the best course of action.    

Another way to bet on these styles of events is the over/under line of how long it takes for someone to complete the race. Similarly, looking at how an athlete qualified for the Olympics or their race during the games can help a bettor choose whether to take the over or under. Some athletes compete in multiple races, like swimmers doing different strokes and distances.  

Team Tournament Events

There are also events with tournament play in the Olympics, like the World Cup, leading to a playoff. The biggest sports that follow this template are basketball, soccer, and baseball. 

These sports and styles of format offer a lot more opportunities for bettors. You can bet on the winner of a group, what teams will make the playoffs, and which country will take home the gold.

Playing team games is also more up a bettor’s ally. Spread bets will be available for many of these games, trying to decide how many points a team will win. 

On top of that, compared to the more racing-centric events in the 2024 Olympic Games, when there are teams and tournaments play, there are a lot more games. Regarding racing, there is only one winner, based on very few events. However, the United States basketball team will have to play multiple games throughout the group stages and playoffs to make the gold medal game. Giving more information to the bettor on what pick they might make. 

This even goes for a sport that a bettor might not be familiar with, like water polo. Someone can watch a lot of the games during the group stages to help them pick a gold medal winner. 

Having professional athletes from the NBA, MLB, or European soccer can also help when bettors want to make picks. They will have prior knowledge of the players in the games, compared to other events that aren’t as followed by the average person.  

Country Parlays

Something that sets the Olympics apart from other sporting events is that there is an even bigger goal to be achieved within the games: Winning the most medals. 

That is something that can easily be parlayed with other bets. If you believe the United States will get a medal in most competitions, you can parlay them winning the most medals with different events. That is a great way to boost your profit throughout the Olympics. 

How to Bet on Olympic Games Odds

A How-To Bet on Olympic Games Guide for Sports Betting

This means that there are plenty of betting opportunities and a huge selection to choose from. But which bets do you place? How do you choose the right betting options for each event?

A good starting point is understanding how to bet on each option, and understanding what they mean before placing your money on any event at the Olympics.

Olympic Games Totals Betting

As we mentioned, moneyline bets will no doubt be the most used betting option during the Olympics games, but we believe that totals will creep in this year as they are growing in popularity across the board. Totals allow you to bet on an outcome that has nothing to do with the actual winner of the event. There will be plenty of over/under wagers to bet on through the Winter Olympics, and you can usually see these framed as over/under totals on points a player may score or acquire in an event.

Totals betting may only be available for select sports, but let’s focus on hockey for our example as it’s commonly used in the NHL already and it may be easier to understand than other events.

When it comes to betting on hockey at the Winter Olympics, we will have two players in a matchup and you will have to decide if the total number of goals for both teams collectively will be over or under the oddsmaker’s line. So if we set a line of 6.5, that means we expect the final score to be around that amount, whether that’s a score of 4-2, 5-1, 3-4 etc. The number will have a half point as this will prevent a push (if the line was set at 6, and the final score was 4-2, no one would win).

Your job here is to determine if you think the total score of both teams added together will be more or less than 6.5. If you choose the over, and the score is 7-1, you would win your wager. If the score was 2-1 and chose the over, you would lose.

Olympic Moneyline Odds

As we mentioned, there will be odds associated with each player and reflect how likely they are to win the match or event. These odds will also determine how much you will receive in winnings if the outcome you predict wins outright.

A helpful trick to understand moneyline odds better is to remember that a positive (+) number like +300 will show you how much you would win on a $100 wager. So if you placed a $100 bet on Team USA basketball at +300 odds, and they won, you would receive $300 in winnings plus you initial stake would be returned. This team would be considered the underdog in most situations.

If you want to bet on a favorite, let’s say France’s soccer team, to win at -120 odds, this number shows you what you need to wager to win $100. So, if you think France will win, you can bet $120 to win $100, plus you would receive your $120 back.

The same can be said about sports that have more than two outcomes, like betting on your favorite swimmer to win the 200M Butterfly event. The odds will likely be shifted as there are more competitors in the race. The same rules apply, you will determine the likelihood of that swimmer winning the race and choose the outcome you believe will occur.

You will see this same style of betting in the form of futures wagers, prop bets, and more.

For example, If Michael Phelps hadn’t retired after Rio 2016, he would be a heavy favorite to win this event in 2024, likely in the -2000 range, meaning his odds wouldn’t even be worth betting on as you would have to risk $2000 to win $100.

You may even see moneyline odds that pit two countries against each other for most gold medals – these will be located in the futures or specials section. For example, you could see odds that put The USA and China against each other for the most gold medals, and you will have to determine which country will receive more.

Olympic Point Spreads

While moneyline bets will be the most popular type of betting at the 2024  Olympics games, we urge you not to sleep on point spreads. You can find a great variety of point spreads on hockey and curling, as it gives the underdog team or athlete an imaginary head start. It really depends on the sport and how points are awarded. You might see a point spread on how many points certain players might acquire in a competition etc.

Live Betting on the Olympics and Prop Bets

Live betting is extremely popular in traditional North American sports, but live betting on the Olympics, especially sports we aren’t overly familiar with betting on, is a whole new level of fun.

The live betting options will be unique and change rapidly for each sport, you won’t find any live betting options that are across the board for all 109 events. This simply allows you to bet on live play or games, which will let you bet on ‘what will happen next at the moment instead of waiting for an outcome to occur.

Prop betting may not be as popular on Olympic sports, but these are fun wagers – they will allow you to bet on certain aspects of a game or event that have nothing to do with who stands on the podium at the end of the event. You might want to bet on whether there will be overtime in hockey, or whether someone will get a perfect score, but you can find plenty of options and value heading into the Winter Olympics.

Now that you have a grasp on how to bet on the Olympics games, head over to the sportsbook and start betting on your favorite Olympic events now!

FAQ’s Paris 2024 Olympics

Why is BetUS an excellent option to bet on the Olympics?

BetUS is a great option for betting on the Olympics because it offers a lot of different lines that are kept up to date. On top of that, BetUS also provides deals to help you get started. 

How to Bet on the Olympics?

First, create and fund an account with BetUS. You can place your bets immediately after you decide what events or countries you would like to bet on throughout the Olympics. 

Who will host the 2024 Olympics?

Paris, the capital of France, will be hosting the 2024 Olympic Games.

Which are the new Olympic sports in 2024?

The four new sports in the 2024 Olympics are breaking (breakdancing), sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing.