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Friday, July 23, 2021. Tokyo, Japan.

Olympic Betting Odds 2021

2021 Olympic Games Odds

2021 Summer Olympic Games Odds

While the 2020 Summer Olympics was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it thankfully was rescheduled to take place from July 23rd to August 8th, 2021. Remaining in Tokyo, Japan as the host city, this is the first time that the Olympics has been postponed and rescheduled instead of simply canceling the games.

The 32nd Summer Olympic games will have 339 events across 33 sports with 5 new sports being added to the 2021 event for the first time. New additions include baseball/softball, sport climbing, karate, surfing, and skateboarding. Wrestling was removed from the Summer Olympics despite its ancient history being tied to the Games.

11,091 athletes are expected from over 206 nations, so the assurance that COVID-19 will not pose a problem in July is of the utmost importance for the Olympic Committee.

While Russia was banned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for doping at the 2018 Winter Olympics, in February 2021 it was announced that Russia will be represented by the “ROC” (Russian Olympic Committee). 173 athletes will attend the 2021 Summer Olympics in 19 sports and will be labeled as neutral athletes (they cannot technically be referred to as a Russian delegate while competing).

Needless to say, the event has been highly anticipated after being delayed for a year, and the 2021 Summer Olympic Games odds are starting to roll in, and we can’t be more excited to start our Olympic betting!

Most Summer Olympics Gold Medals by Country

  • USA – 1,022
  • Russia/Soviet Union – 590
  • Germany – 428
  • Great Britain – 263
  • China – 224
  • France – 212
  • Italy – 206
  • Hungary – 175
  • Australia – 147
  • Sweden – 145

Evidently, the USA shines at the Summer Olympics, doubling the number of medals as the second-place Russia/Soviet Union. Though China has been performing very well at the Summer games rising from 11th to 7th after the 2016 Games, they could pick up a hefty number of medals at the 2021 Olympics and rise in the ranks yet again. Keep in mind that China has only attended 10 Summer Olympics to the USA’s 27.

Olympics Betting Strategies and Tips

While betting on the Olympics, in general, hasn’t been quite as popular in previous years, we’ve seen a growing uptick of sports bettors betting more and more since the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. It’s fun to bet on your favorite team, but betting on your country to win gold AND make some money? Sounds like a win/win for us.

It’s strongly advised to go into the Summer Olympics with a betting strategy, specifically one that includes plenty of research into the athletes or teams you choose and making sure you aren’t betting on an athlete just because they represent your country. Needless to say, the USA does extremely well at the Summer games as we mentioned, so you shouldn’t have huge amounts of risk betting on American athletes.

Olympic Games Odds and Betting Options

You can bet on your fair share of moneylines, point spreads, totals as well as some other fun specials and props during the Olympic odds games, as well as some great exclusive props like the country’s medal counts. What can be tricky is the unfamiliarity with foreign countries and players – while you may know all about North American athletes and can accurately handicap their gameplay, it can be hard to really analyze gameplay if you aren’t familiar with their competitors.

If you’re looking at the Summer Olympic Games odds and you see huge differences between the odds for certain sports to others, let’s say from basketball to fencing – it’s nothing against fencing – sportsbooks are just used to creating lines for professional or collegiate sports and it’s familiar. Odds on lesser-known sports will definitely be more on the modest side – you probably won’t see any crazy lines.

You have 339 events, give or take depending on how COVID-19 or other circumstances affect the schedule, but that is a monumental number of betting opportunities in a two-week span. Not to mention some events can have over a hundred or more betting options per event.

If you have repeat competitors, it can be helpful to look at their performance at the last Olympics, though a lot can change in four years (five this year). Many of the top athletes manage to stay competitive and rise up to the occasion year after year like Michael Phelps did year after year until he retired in 2016.

It’s important to stick to the sports you know and never make any crazy betting decisions without doing the research. Try some fun prop bets or futures and enjoy yourself while betting on the 2021 Summer Olympic Games odds.

Betting on the 2021 Summer Olympic Games will be an exciting and action-packed two weeks, and we look forward to betting with you!

Bet on Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 Odds

Olympic Games Odds: A How-To Bet on Olympic Games Guide for Sports betting

With so many different events and sports being played in such a short amount of time, the Olympics proves to be a huge opportunity for sports bettors to take advantage of every two years. Many sports bettors are starting to see the potential that Olympic sports betting has, with a huge uptick in bets placed on both the Summer and Winter Olympics since 2016.

With 339 events, and plenty of options per event, you can make some serious cash betting on the Olympics, but also with so many options it can be hard to determine which sports you should bet on.

First, it would be imperative to determine how to bet on the Olympics, and specifically learn how each popular Olympic betting type works. We are going to break down Olympic sports betting by team sports and individual sports and give detailed examples how you would execute each betting type.

How to Bet on the Olympics

There are so many sports in the Olympic Games, it would be hard to outline betting options for each individual one. We are going to focus on the main betting types featured on Summer Olympic sports and give you examples of which sports offer odds on these types.

Olympic Moneyline Betting

The moneyline wager is one of the easiest sports bets to place. There are two outcomes available in certain sports (team vs team or matchup events) and your job is to choose which team or competitor will win the matchup.

Easy sports to look at for moneyline wagers that you might already be familiar with betting on are basketball, soccer/football, boxing, tennis, volleyball, and rugby. These are all team sports that will likely have round robin formatting or will play a number of other competitors or teams and you will have to determine the outcome of each event.

Ex: Team USA soccer could be playing against Argentina and you would have to determine which team will win.

When it comes to other sports like golf, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, diving, weightlifting, etc. where you have many players competing at the same event trying to beat a time, or distance or race, you will also see moneyline odds, but each player will be an outcome. These closely resemble futures wagers which is where you can predict the winner of an event or overall who will win the gold medal far in advance.

In the case of golf, let’s say, you will have a list of golfers competing in the event and each player will have odds based on their likelihood of winning the event. Your job is to determine which golfer will win the event, which might be challenging depending on how many competitors are in said event.

It will be common to have this style of moneyline as there are plenty of individual sports where players will be competing against many other competitors at once, like track and field sports and aquatics.

Olympic Moneyline Odds

As we mentioned, there will be odds associated with each player and reflect how likely they are to win the match or event. These odds will also determine how much you will receive in winnings if the outcome you predict wins outright.

A helpful trick to understand moneyline odds better is to remember that the positive (+) number like +300 will show you how much you would win on a $100 wager. So if you placed a $100 bet on Team USA basketball at +300 odds, and they won, you would receive $300 in winnings plus you initial stake would be returned. This team would be considered the underdog in most situations.

If you want to bet on a favorite, let’s say France’s soccer team, to win at -120 odds, this number shows you what you need to wager to win $100. So, if you think France will win, you can bet $120 to win $100, plus you would receive your $120 back.

The same can be said about the sports that have more than two outcomes, like betting on your favorite swimmer to win the 200M Butterfly event. The odds will likely be shifted as there are more competitors in the race. The same rules apply, you will determine the likelihood of that swimmer to win the race and choose the outcome you believe will occur.

You will see this same style of betting in the form of futures wagers, prop bets, and more.

For example, If Michael Phelps hadn’t retired after Rio 2016, he would be a heavy favorite to win this event in 2021, likely in the -2000 range, meaning his odds wouldn’t even be worth betting on as you would have to risk $2000 to win $100.

You may even see moneyline odds that pit two countries against each other for most gold medals – these will be located in the futures or specials section. For example, you could see odds that put The USA and China against each other for most gold medals, and you will have to determine which country will receive more.

Olympic Totals Betting

While moneyline wagers will no doubt headline the 2021 Summer Olympics, we should talk about totals betting as it will be an option for popular sports like basketball and soccer especially.

Betting the totals involves the oddsmakers at your sportsbook setting the line for how many points will be scored collectively by both teams – this is based on the case of a matchup between two teams. Now, this will vary greatly depending on the sport and how points are awarded, so you will need to make sure you read the instructions and ensure you’re betting the totals properly.

For basketball, it will follow traditional NBA and collegiate basketball totals protocols. The oddsmaker will set a line of the total number of points they believe both teams will score, and you will need to determine if both teams will collectively score more or less than that number. You can choose the over or under, and each will have odds associated with that.

In many cases, the most popular totals betting option you will see at the Olympics is the medal totals which will be listed as an Olympic special wager. You might see charts with all the countries listed and be asked “which country will win the most gold medals?”, or “How many gold medals will Team USA receive”.

Olympic Point Spreads

Again, point spreads will likely be more popular for the more popular sports that we are all used to betting on. Basketball and soccer will likely have the most point spreads as oddsmakers are familiar with setting lines of this type, and these sports are pretty commonly bet on during their respective professional seasons.

The point spread gives the underdog team an imaginary head start, which means that if a line is set at -3/+3, the underdog team starts the game with 3 points. The favored team will have to win the game by three points for your bet to win, and the underdog team will need to lose by less than three or win the game for that bet to cash.

Live Betting on the Olympics and Prop Bets

This is where Olympic betting gets fun.

Live betting is exactly as it sounds and provides you an opportunity to bet on things as they happen. You can log into your account and bet on each play as it happens, instead of waiting for the final outcome or even waiting for your futures wagers to cash.

If you stick to the more popular sports like basketball, soccer, golf or tennis, there will be a huge variety of live betting options as the game progresses.

Prop bets are fun wagers you can place on instances in the game that don’t affect the outcome. These can literally be wagers placed on anything – individual athlete performances, arguing with referees or judges, a golfer hitting a hole in one, the top goal or point scorer, or total events won by a swimmer. There will likely be more prop bets than you can ever imagine, so be sure to check them out and take advantage of the unique opportunities.

Olympic Games Picks

Olympic Games Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Tokyo Olympics?

The Tokyo Summer Olympics will be held from July 23rd to August 8th 2021, one year after they were originally supposed to be held before they were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Can you bet on Olympics?

Depending on where you are trying to bet, you should be able to bet on the 2021 Olympics online at a reputable sportsbook such as BetUS.

Who will host 2021 Olympics Games?

The 2021 Summer Olympics will be hosted by Japan. The games will primarily be held in Tokyo, in several different locations close to the capital city.

Where can I find the best odds to bet on the Olympics Games?

BetUS Sportsbook will have a variety of odds and specials throughout the duration of the Summer Olympics. It’s important to do your research before betting on the Olympics as there are so many options available.

How many nations are participating in the Olympics Games?

There will be 11,091 athletes in 33 different sports participating in the 2021 Summer Olympics from 206 nations.

Is it legal to bet on the Olympics?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the Olympics – it hasn’t really been popular until 2016 when Nevada finally got on board with openly wagering on Olympic games.

What Olympic Sports Are Covered By BetUS Sportsbook?

There will be odds on all 33 sports at the 2021 Summer Olympics. With over 339 events taking place, you can imagine there will be plenty of betting opportunities.

Will Fans Attend The Tokyo Olympics?

The organizers of the 2021 Summer Olympics are still in a debate over whether spectators from other countries will be permitted to attend the Olympics. Currently tickets are to be offered to Japan residents.

Who has won the most gold medals?

The United States has the record for the most gold medals won at the Summer Olympics with 1,022 gold medals in 27 events. This number doubles the second place nation, Russia/Soviet Union, which shows the power the USA holds at the Summer games.

Which sports are best for Tokyo Olympics 2021 betting?

Popular sports to bet on during the Tokyo Summer Olympics include soccer/football, basketball, swimming and tennis.