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2023 Pegasus World Cup

January 2023
Gulfstream Park

2022 Pegasus World Cup Invitational

To Win The Pegasus World Cup

Pegasus World Cup Invitational – Overview

Pegasus World Cup quickly became South Florida’s premier luxury lifestyle and sports event in just five years. Pegasus World Cup is broadcast nationally on NBC and distributed worldwide. It attracts A-list celebrities, fashion icons, influencers, and avid fans to see the sport’s most recognizable event.

The Pegasus World Cup was launched in 2017 by 1/ST as part of its mission to excite and energize the sport of racing for a younger generation. It offers lucrative opportunities for Thoroughbred trainers and owners.

Pegasus has won historic races from some of the most prominent names in Thoroughbred horseracing, including 2021’s Knicks Go and Arrogate. This is a testament to the company’s ability to attract the best entertainment and racing through a constant focus on innovation.

Pegasus is the star of the show.

How Pegasus World Cup Invitational Odds Work

As soon as the running horses have been announced, the 2022 Pegasus world cup invitational odds will be posted. The odds will be displayed next to the horse’s name in fractional odds format. Although Americans prefer fractional odds, they are easy to understand. To learn more about fractional odds, click the How to Bet on the 2022 Pegasus Cup Invitational tab.

Once the lines have been set, they will move and the odds of a horse winning the 2022 Pegasus Cup Invitational will fluctuate based on their likelihood. Fluctuations are normal. However, the odds that you set up when you placed your bet will remain in effect until the end of each race. You don’t own the stock, but you have the option to lock in your odds when you click the “Bet Now” button.

If you want to bet on a horse with 8/1 odds, you will essentially win $8 for every $1 you wager. You can bet $2 and win $16, $50 and win $400, etc.

Pegasus World Cup Invitational

$4 Million Purse Share

This weekend, fans from around the world will make their way to South Florida for The Pegasus World Cup. The 6th edition of the Pegasus World Cup is set for Saturday, Jan. 29th, 2022, at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This year’s purse share is $4 million dollars for the Pegasus World Cup Invitational and Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational. Two percent of the purse winnings will be given back to Thoroughbred aftercare.

Bet on Pegasus World Cup Odds

Learn How to Bet on Pegasus World Cup Horse Racing Odds

Horse Betting is a great way to have a little fun while watching a horse race, and the Pegasus World Cup usually is the opening event of the horse racing season.

There are so many horse betting types and options available, and horse betting is so different from sports betting, so we like to run through some horse betting education before you get started.

As soon as the Pegasus World Cup competing horses are announced and the pole positions are decided, you will want to make sure you get your wagers in. Sometimes horses perform better at certain positions, so you will want to wait until then to place your Pegasus World Cup bets.

Horse betting odds can look a bit different so we want to make sure you understand what you’re betting on, and that you have all the information you need before you start betting.

How to Read Pegasus World Cup Betting Odds

If you aren’t familiar with fractional odds, we suggest you get acquainted, as most horse bets are listed in fractional formatting. Fractional odds can be pretty simple to understand for new bettors, so don’t be afraid to stray away from American odds.

Fractional betting at the Pegasus World Cup will have odds displayed in a fraction. The right side or bottom part of the fraction represents the odds or the risk, and the left side represents your winnings. Let’s use 10-1 odds for our example. For every $1 we wager, we win $10 plus our initial $1 will be returned to us. If you bet $50, you would receive a payout of $550.

Pegasus World Cup Betting Types

Let’s look at some brief examples of Pegasus World Cup odds and betting options you might find on the sportsbook during the event.

Win, Place, Show

This will be the most simple and easy-to-understand betting type you will place on any given horse race. It would be the equivalent of a moneyline wager in sports betting, as you are betting on an outcome straight up.

There are three options for Pegasus World Cup betting:

  • Betting on a horse to win:
    • This is simple: you are betting on a horse to win the race outright.
  • Betting on a horse to place
    • This betting option allows you to bet on a horse to place in the top two spots. It doesn’t matter if the horse comes first or second, as long as it places.
  • Betting on a horse to show
    • This betting type allows for the greatest margin of error as you can bet on a horse to place in one of the top three positions.

How to Bet on the Pegasus World Cup Exotics

Now that we laid out the simplest betting options, you can look at exotics. They can be a little more complicated, and we recommend doing some research before you dive in. You can win pretty big in some cases if you’re savvy and pick the correct horses, so we recommend taking a chance on an exotic at the 2022 Pegasus World Cup Invitational.

Exacta Bets

An exacta allows you to try to predict the top two horses and where they will place in the race. Not to be confused with a Place wager, you will need to pick the first place horse, and the second-place horse. If you pick Horse 5 to place first and Horse 3 to place second, the horses will need to place in those exact spots for you to win your wager.

Quinella Bets

Quinella bets are similar to the exacta but styled more like a show bet. You will pick the top two horses but it doesn’t matter which position they end up placing, as long as they’re in the top two. If you use the same horses as above, if Horse 3 places first and Horse 5 places second, your quinella bet would win.

Trifecta Bets

If you want to try your hand at betting on three horses at once, you should look into placing a Trifecta bet at the 2022 Pegasus World Cup Invitational Odds. Like an Exacta bet, you will have to predict the top three horses in order. There is no room for error on this bet, so you have to be absolutely sure!

Superfecta Bets

Superfectas are the next step up from the Trifecta. You will have to predict the top four horses in order. These will be even riskier than the Trifecta, so your payout will be substantially larger.

Pegasus World Cup Futures

Futures wagers can be placed weeks or months in advance – whenever the horses are qualified and listed for the races. As the first race of the season, you have a good idea which horses are performing well at major events, and can determine which horse might be in good shape come January.

The Futures odds will be listed and show you which horses are favored to win the Pegasus World Cup, and will change many times before the race and even during the race qualifiers, depending on their performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on the Pegasus World Cup?

Yes, you can legally bet on the Pegasus World Cup.

Where to find Vegas Odds for Pegasus World Cup?

You can find Vegas odds for the Pegasus World Cup right here at the BetUS Sportsbook. We will have a great selection of Pegasus World Cup betting odds, as well as specials, futures, and props.

How to read Pegasus World Cup Odds?

If you’re familiar with horse racing betting, you can find standard options and specials for the race, including win, place show bets, and exotics. If you’re looking for somewhere to place your Pegasus World Cup wagers, BetUS Sportsbook has a great selection of odds.

When is the 2022 Pegasus World Cup Invitational?

The 2022 Pegasus World Cup is taking place on Saturday, January 29th, 2022 opening the horse racing season for the year.

Where is the Pegasus World Cup?

The Pegasus World Cup is held annually at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Is Betting on the Pegasus World Cup Legal?

Yes, betting on the Pegasus World Cup is legal, whether you’re placing wagers at the actual Gulfstream Park racetrack, or online. Depending on which state you reside in and your state’s gambling legislation, you can bet on horse racing from the comfort of your home.

Where can I bet on the Pegasus World Cup?

BetUS Sportsbook has a great selection of betting odds for the 202 Pegasus World Cup. This means you can place wagers online, instead of visiting a horse betting parlor or needing to visit a racetrack.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on Pegasus World Cup Odds Online?

Betting on Breeders’ Cup Championship odds online allows you to place wagers safely and securely online, without needing to leave your home. BetUS Sportsbook has a great selection of Breeders’ Cup odds and some excellent bonuses to get you through the two-day event.

How to Bet on the Pegasus World Cup?

First, you will need to familiarize yourself with horse betting options, including popular betting types and rules. We recommend researching the horses and their past few races to determine how they may perform at the Pegasus World Cup. Once you have an idea of which bets you want to place, sign up at BetUS Sportsbook and start betting.

Who is the favorite to win Pegasus World Cup?

We’re tracking the odds for each thoroughbred from the time of opening up to the big race in January. Early odds are led by Knicks Go at +125.

How do Pegasus World Cup Odds work?

Once the post positions are set for the Pegasus World Cup, you will see which horses are favored to win the race. Our oddsmakers will determine how likely it is that a horse might win and set lines for the main race and each horse racing on January 29th. Once the Pegasus World Cup odds are set, you can place wagers on horses you believe will win the race. The odds will determine how much of a payout you will receive if you predict the winner.

Who are the contenders for the Pegasus World Cup?

Participating horses in the 2022 Pegasus World Cup have not been released yet.

Is there any betting strategy to use for the Pegasus World Cup?

Do plenty of research before betting on the Pegasus World Cup. It can be challenging to predict a horse race for beginners with no strategy, so ensuring you have some research completed before betting will help in the long run.

Why would I bet on negative Odds?

Negative odds represent a favored horse, so by betting on the negative odds you are agreeing with oddsmakers that it is highly likely that horse will win the race.