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Bet on the Spanish League:

2023 Spain La Liga Betting Lines

Rot To Win Spain La Liga 2023/2024 Moneyline
1 Real Madrid     -110
2 Barcelona     +125
3 Atletico Madrid     +900
4 Sevilla     +30000
5 Real Sociedad     +20000
6 Villarreal     +25000
7 Real Betis     +30000
8 Athletic Bilbao     +10000
9 Osasuna     +50000
10 Celta Vigo     +50000
11 Mallorca     +100000
12 Valencia     +25000
13 Rayo Vallecano     +50000
14 Getafe     +100000
15 Girona     +8000
16 Almeria     +200000
17 Granada     +250000
18 Cadiz     +100000
19 Las Palmas     +250000
20 CD Alaves     +150000
All wagers have action.

Bet on the MLS:

2023 USA MLS Betting Lines

Bet on the German League:

2023 German Bundesliga Betting Lines

Rot To Win Outright German Bundesliga 1 2023/2024 Moneyline
1 Bayern Munich     -500
2 Borussia Dortmund     +1400
3 RB Leipzig     +1000
4 Bayer Leverkusen     +1100
5 Union Berlin     +15000
6 Eintracht Frankfurt     +25000
7 SC Freiburg     +25000
8 Borussia M'gladbach     +50000
9 Wolfsburg     +15000
10 TSG Hoffenheim     +50000
11 Mainz     +100000
12 Cologne     +50000
13 Werder Bremen     +50000
14 Bochum     +100000
15 Augsburg     +100000
16 VfB Stuttgart     +10000
17 Heidenheim     +200000
18 Darmstadt     +200000

Bet on the Italian League:

2023 Italy Serie A Betting Lines

Rot To Win Italy Serie A 2023/2024 Moneyline
1 Inter Milan     +110
2 Napoli     +600
3 Juventus     +500
4 AC Milan     +330
5 Roma     +5000
6 Lazio     +6600
7 Atalanta     +3300
8 Fiorentina     +6600
9 Monza     +30000
10 Torino     +30000
11 Udinese     +75000
12 Sassuolo     +50000
13 Bologna     +50000
14 Salernitana     +100000
15 Cagliari     +100000
16 Frosinone     +100000
17 Lecce     +125000
18 Empoli     +150000
19 Verona     +100000
20 Genoa     +100000
All wagers have action.

Soccer Major Events Odds

Soccer Odds is wagered worldwide and has the largest international following, with huge fanbases from Europe to the Americas. While we would argue that American Football is the most popular sport in the world, it truly is the true football – or soccer, that wins the popularity contest on a global scale. There are also so many professional soccer leagues, it’s understandable why the fanbase is so significant and widespread.

Let’s take a look at the top soccer leagues:

Commonly called the Primera Division in Spain, La Liga is the highest division of football in Spain and is one of the oldest leagues – it’s been around for over a century!

If you’re looking to bet on soccer, you should definitely include games from La Liga as a high priority in your soccer betting strategy. The season runs from August to May, alongside the EPL.

La Liga is an important league for sports bettors as there are plenty of betting options and popular players in the league.

Premier League Picks Matchday 6 | Premier League Odds, Soccer Predictions & Free Tips

The England Premier League (EPL) is arguably the most popular soccer league globally, showcasing legendary talent across 20 teams. Each team will play 38 matches from August to May each year, vying for the revered Championship title. Top teams like Manchester United and Chelsea hail from this league – we’re sure you’ve heard of them before.

Premier League odds are available year-round on our sportsbook, you can find all popular betting types as well as a variety of EPL props and specials.

Check out our Premier League Page for more detailed info.

USA Major League Soccer MLS Odds

The MLS is much younger than the European leagues, but it did successfully bring soccer to the United States and provide a stage for top American and Canadian soccer talent to showcase their skills on North American soil. The MLS league runs on the opposite schedule as the European leagues, which helps give soccer betting enthusiasts a year-round soccer betting experience.

The league runs from March until November, where 26 teams (23 located in the United States and three in Canada) compete for the MLS Cup. With such a vast schedule, you can find plenty of MLS odds on our Online Sportsbook.

The German soccer league is called Bundesliga, and while it may not get the attention that the EPL or La Liga might draw, German soccer fans pack stadiums in the tens of thousands each and every game. You can find record-breaking soccer attendance in Germany – making the atmosphere absolutely electric. The season runs alongside the other European leagues, from August to May, with games usually being played on Saturdays and Sundays.

While Bundesliga isn’t hugely popular outside of Germany, there are still some great soccer odds on the sportsbook if you choose to place a wager.

Serie A is the professional Italian soccer league that showcases some of the top talents in the world. The league was founded in 1898, making it one of the oldest soccer leagues in the world, and contests a round-robin tournament each year from September to May. 20 teams make up the Serie A football league, and many teams share stadiums as only 17 venues are official league sites.

The UEFA Champions League contests top European clubs through group play and knockout formatting. Also referred to as the European Cup, the league was founded in 1955 and became one of the most prestigious soccer tournaments to date. The contest begins in late June after the European leagues finish, and concludes in August before the European leagues start up again. Champions League Odds is a popular soccer betting event, as the top talent are facing off from different leagues.

Champions League futures are popular soccer betting options. The odds are released almost as soon as the previous year has concluded.

Europa League is another annual UEFA tournament, founded in 1971. Europa League is the second tier to the Champions League and allows teams who might not have qualified for the Champions League to still compete for a title.

Betting on Soccer

When it comes to betting on soccer, there are always plenty of options available. Soccer betting has a rich history in European countries, going back decades in some leagues. Sportsbooks don’t hesitate to offer a huge variety of soccer odds and lines, and of course, the BetUS sportsbook has a great selection for you to take advantage of.

Luckily, soccer betting is a year-rserieound venture, with leagues playing long seasons, and the Champions League filling in the gap. With MLS on an opposite schedule from the European leagues, you can find plenty of soccer betting opportunities year-round. We recommend heading over to our How to Bet on Soccer tab to learn more about soccer betting options and how to place a soccer bet.

Soccer Odds Betting Guide

Betting on soccer has been a huge market since the beginning days of sports gambling. Soccer is massive in European and South American countries, but has been growing exponentially in the United States. With huge National soccer championships occurring like the FIFA World Cup and the Euros, sports bettors around the world tune in to place bets on soccer events.

The first step you need to take if you want to start betting on soccer is to learn how to bet on soccer. While it’s not very complicated, and not a whole lot different than other sports, it’s important to know a few key betting types, and how to place a wager using these types.

Soccer Three-way Moneyline

You might be familiar with the regular moneyline wager where you have two options – Team A and Team B and your job is to pick a winner. With soccer, it’s customary to use the three-way moneyline.

The three-way moneyline has the same principle, but where soccer games can end in a draw, that option is added in. The draw is unlikely in most cases, and the odds will be quite risky. But, it does affect the team’s odds because your 50% chance of winning will turn into a 33% chance.

The draw will include the extra time after the 90-minutes of regulation is up. So if your game goes into extra time, your bet will still cash. If a team scores during extra time, it’s still considered a draw in terms of betting.

Here’s an example of a three-way moneyline:

  • England -140
  • Croatia +220
  • Draw +400

In this example, England is favored to win the game, Croatia is the underdog, and the draw is fairly unlikely to occur. A $140 wager on England would win $100, a $100 wager on Croatia would win $220, and a $100 wager on the draw would win $400.

Soccer Spread Betting Odds

Soccer spreads tend to be called goalline wagers, as they are similar to hockey in the sense that they track goals instead of points. A goalline wager or spread in soccer is also extremely low due to the low-scoring aspect of the game. Higher scoring games can occur at the national level, but in professional leagues like the MLS or Champions League, you don’t see many blowout games.

You might see a spread of +1.5/-1.5, which means the oddsmaker is expecting the favored team (-1.5) to win by 2 or more goals. If you were to bet on the underdog(+1.5), you would need them to win the game outright, or lose by one goal.

These are great options as you are given a slight margin of error if you like an underdog team but aren’t sure if they will win outright (moneyline).

Soccer Totals Betting

Totals wagers allow you to bet on the total collective goals in a given game. If a total is set at 3, and your job would have been to predict if you thought the total would be above or below three goals for both teams. If the score ends in a 2-2 draw, the total is four and you would lose your wager.

While soccer totals follow the same general principles of other professional sports, the low-scoring nature of the game makes it difficult when totals of soccer games can oftentimes end up being 1 or 2 goals. Soccer totals tend to be in multiples of .25, so you might see totals of 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, etc.

Soccer Odds Prop Betting

When it comes to betting on soccer props, there are a number of instances within any given game that you can bet on. You could place a wager on the first player to score in the match, or an over/under on how many goals a certain player might score, for example.

There will be plenty of team related props, which include instances that could occur in the game that relate to a team, or player props, which revolve around player statistics or rare occurrences that might happen in the match.

There will also be plenty of soccer prop bets on the major events, including the championships for all leagues, national championships and tournaments. There are usually a huge slew of props that would involve something occurring in the tournament like who will win the Golden Boot at the FIFA World Cup or Euros.

Soccer Futures Betting

Futures are wagers you can place on a tournament or league winner, months or even a year in advance. They have huge payouts if you are correct as they are highly risky.

Each professional soccer season will end in a tournament or playoff. Futures allow you to try to predict the winner of the season, or championship tournament months in advance. Sometimes you can even bet before the gameplay for the season begins. In addition, and probably a more popular option, major tournament futures are released.

Odds to win the FIFA World Cup, Euros, Copa America, etc are all released once the previous season wraps up, and you can try to predict the next to win a title. All teams will have odds that reflect how likely it is that they’ll win the tournament, and all you do is bet on the team you like to win, and wait for the championship! You can cash out your futures bet at any time during the season or tournament if your team isn’t quite performing up to your expectations, but you will only receive a portion of your wager back as the odds will have moved to reflect their likelihood of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on Soccer Odds?

Yes, soccer odds are available on the BetUS Sportsbook for all professional soccer leagues in Europe, the United States, South America, and more.

Where to find Vegas Odds for Soccer?

You can find Vegas odds for soccer on the BetUS Sportsbook – there are plenty of options to choose from, including moneyline wagers, goaline or spread betting, totals, props, live betting and more.

How to read Soccer Odds?

Soccer odds can be displayed in multiple formats, the BetUS Sportsbook allows you to toggle which odds format you want to view, whether you want decimal odds, American odds or fractional odds. We recommend familiarizing yourself with odds formatting before getting started with your soccer betting.

Is Betting on the Soccer Legal?

Yes, you can bet on any soccer games or matches from around the world, as long as you have an internet connection and sports betting is legal in your state. You can create a BetUS sports betting account and get started betting on soccer today.

Where can I bet on the Soccer?

You can bet on soccer at BetUS – the most trusted online sports betting site in the United States. We offer a safe and exciting environment where you can bet on soccer year round, across all different leagues around the world.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on Soccer Odds Online?

BetUS offers the best live betting platform in the industry, as well as countless props and in-play wagering options. We offer every professional soccer game in the market, and you can bet on international soccer as well.

How to Bet on Soccer?

We recommend visiting our How to Bet on Soccer tab to learn the ins and outs of each soccer betting option, and how the soccer odds work.

How do Soccer Odds work?

Soccer odds are set by the sportsbook and allow you to see how likely it is for that team to win a game. Positive odds represent an underdog team and negative odds represent a favored team. The higher the numbers on either end of the scale, the more likely or unlikely it is that it will occur.

Is there any betting strategy to use for Soccer?

We recommend following beat writers that specialize in soccer odds and soccer betting content. There are so many different leagues we can’t provide a fluid soccer betting strategy, but we can recommend following along your league’s activity and following teams you like to bet on!

How can I make a Soccer Parlay?

To make a soccer parlay, you can add any soccer games or wagers you like to a bet slip and combine them into a parlay wager. You can bet on games across all soccer leagues and place bets on multiple leagues at once!