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Betting on UFC– Overview

Established in 1993, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been showcasing the top MMA talent not only from the United States but around the world. The multi-billion dollar company has put on over 500 UFC events – plenty of opportunities to bet on UFC fights.

The UFC has grown over the past few decades, hyping up fight nights and cards with top talent and rivalries. As if mixed martial arts alone isn’t entertaining enough, they add plenty of publicity stunts and drawn-out rivalries. With Dana White at the helm as President, the growth has been exponential and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

The UFC registers fighters on a roster – there are currently 71 countries being represented.

The UFC season runs year-round, with big UFC fight nights occurring regularly, drawing in millions of pay-per-view viewers as well as a huge volume of sports bettors. Sportsbooks offer plenty of UFC betting odds for each fight card and each fight within that card. Any given fight night is a great opportunity to place a few wagers that will build your bankroll.

UFC Betting is fairly straightforward – you can bet on who will win the fight straight up, props and futures. There will be plenty of betting options on each of the fights on a single card (there can be up to 12 fights in one night).

There is a handful of upcoming UFC fights on the agenda, which will make for an exciting summer. One fight in particular that will take place this summer is the Poirier vs. McGregor fight taking place on July 10th. This is the third time these two fighters will step into the octagon together, and each has a victory under their belt. This will be the deciding bout, which will make for an exciting fight.

How does UFC fight odds work?

Before heading over to our How to Bet on the UFC tab, we recommend first learning how the UFC odds work. There are three odds formats – American, Decimal, and Fractional. They will show you how likely the instance you are betting on will occur. For example, how likely a fighter is to win about on a simple moneyline wager.

In the American odds format, a negative number will represent the favored fighter, or favored outcome that you are betting on. The negative number will represent it’s more likely that this instance will occur, meaning that a wager on that instance might not pay out as much. The higher the number, the more likely it is.

A positive number represents an underdog fighter, or that an instance is less likely to occur. While it’s not impossible, a wager on a big underdog could pay out big money. You could find yourself betting on an underdog that you believe will win a fight and receive a huge payout based on the number that’s next to the positive sign.

UFC Betting Strategies

Once you’ve been betting on the UFC for a time, you will develop your own strategy to betting on the UFC. You will figure out a method that works for you, and that has a proven record for winning. Until then, be sure to keep the following in mind:

You don’t need to bet on every fight in a card. Or bet at every UFC fight night. While it can be fun to bet on all the fights in a card, or even parlay them into one big-ticket that could win big, you don’t have to bet on a fight that isn’t worth placing any money on.

Bet responsibly on UFC fights and ensure you aren’t betting money you can’t afford to lose.

Weigh in on both fighters, don’t follow the crowd. Usually, there’s a substantial amount of hype around a specific player in a fight, and whether they’re favored or not, they might not win. Make sure you go with your gut and do plenty of research.

Take advantage of UFC prop bets and specials. There are more wagering options than just betting on the winner of the fight. You can find plenty of different options including the method of victory, how many rounds the fight will last, and bet the fighter by round. Include some variety on your bet slip!

Bet on UFC Fights Odds

It’s most popular to simply bet on the winner of the fight, which we will outline below, but there are some other options available for UFC betting. Informing yourselves how the different UFC betting types work and understanding all the options available to you are important in developing a strategic UFC betting plan.

Sometimes there isn’t much value in betting on a fighter to win, especially if they are a huge favorite. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on that fight at all – you can use different betting options to still get a piece of the action on that fight, without making a bad bet on a huge favorite to win.

UFC Moneyline Betting

Let’s start by explaining the most popular UFC betting type, which is the moneyline bet. When you bet on moneyline UFC odds, you will be betting on the fighter you think will win the bout. It’s important to do all the necessary research before the fight begins, including reviewing matchup reports and even tale of the tape articles. You can understand a fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, size variables and how that might affect the fight and their opponents.

When you are betting on the moneyline, you don’t need to predict how the fight ends, you don’t need to predict how many rounds there will be, you simply must pick the fighter whose arm is raised at the end of the bout.

If you have Donald Cerrone (-200) matched up against Alex Morono (+165), Cerrone is the favorite based on his Sports Betting Odds, so a bet on him wouldn’t return a huge payout – a $200 wager on Cerrone would return $100 in winnings. In this case Morono is an underdog, meaning he’s less likely to win the match. A $100 wager on Morono would end up paying out $165.

Another moneyline option is to bet on the rounds of the bout. You can follow the same rules, you’re just betting on which fighter would win a certain round. So, an early striker would likely do better in the first round and could win that round specifically. You can bet on all the rounds available.

UFC Round Totals

Also known as Over/Unders, totals betting is very similar to any other sport, you are just betting on the total number of rounds that the bout will last. The oddsmakers at the sportsbook will set a line, predicting the total number of rounds they believe the fight will last, and you will need to decide whether you think the number of rounds in the fight will be higher or lower than that line.

If the Cerrone vs. Morono fight has a total of 5.5, and you think the fight will go six rounds, you would pick the over. If you think it will only last 4 rounds, select the under. If the total is only a half point, this would include halfway through the first round, so if a fighter got knocked out before the halfway point of the first round, you would pick the under and win. If the fighter got knocked out at exactly the 2:30 mark, your bet will push and you would receive your stake back.

Method of Victory

The method of victory wager is a popular option, but there are plenty of different ways the fight could end. When betting on the method of victory on UFC odds, you will choose between KO/TKO, submission, by decision, or any other finishing method. You will choose which fighter will win, and how they’ll win. There are so many options available that the UFC betting odds will be higher and more likely to pay out more than a regular moneyline.

Each option will have odds and let’s say a fighter is expected to win by decision, that option would be favored, but the odds would still pay out decently. The bouts are unpredictable sometimes, and it can be fun and exciting to bet on options that many analysts or oddsmakers aren’t expecting.

Let’s look at the Cerrone vs. Morono fight again, and let’s say Cerrone is heavily favored to knock out Morono at +165 odds, and if he KO’s Morono, a $100 bet on Cerrone to win by KO/TKO would pay out $165 plus your initial stake will be returned to you.

UFC Futures Betting

When a big fight card is announced, futures will be released on the fights – essentially these are moneyline bets, but just available months or weeks in advance. Futures in UFC are not as hyped up as they are in other sports.

If you picked Cerrone months in advance of the fight, and something changed between your bet and the fight, you would have locked in those sports betting odds you chose. If Cerrone lost another fight and it was expected that he might not win after all, you could potentially cash out your bet, at a reduced price, if you changed your mind.

Ready to Check out Some UFC Betting odds?

Since you now have a bit more knowledge when it comes to the UFC betting options available to you, the next step is to open an account at our online sportsbook. You can head over to the sportsbook and do so now, make your first deposit and get started right away! There are welcome bonuses available for new bettors to take advantage of.

Let’s look at some fun UFC prop bets that you can take advantage of on any given fight night. UFC prop bets are other instances that might happen in a fight or at an event that are unique or have no effect on the outcome of the game. UFC prop bets usually have to do with rare instances that don’t normally occur in UFC fights, but still happen occasionally, or specific things that a fighter might do during the fight.

Prop bets are meant to be for fun, nothing you should take too seriously. If you’ve placed your regular moneyline, spread or totals wagers, and you want to put some play money on some UFC prop bets, we advise you have a little fun with it.

You can bet on things like whether the fight will go the distance or the method of victory – these are popular UFC prop bets you will find over on our sportsbook. If you’re new to betting on the UFC, you might be inclined to head to the props section as you don’t have to have a huge familiarity with the fighters to earn a profit.

Popular UFC Prop Bets

Let’s go over the popular UFC prop bets that you might see on our BetUS Sportsbook:

Method of Victory Prop

When you are betting on the UFC, you are able to bet on the method of victory. With this betting option, you can select which fighter will win, and how they will win the fight. It’s basically a juiced up moneyline – you are picking the winner and exactly how they will win from the list of options (TKO/Knockout, decision, submission).

If you are looking at a fight between Chandler and Oliveira, and you see the method of victory UFC prop odds that look like this:

  • Chandler to win by KO, TKO, DQ or Submission (+200)
  • Chandler to win by Decision or Technical Decision (+500)
  • Oliveira to win by KO, TKO, DQ, Submission (Even)
  • Oliveira to win by Decision or Technical Decision (+600)
  • Draw (+8000)

So, these UFC odds tell us that Oliveira to win by KO, TKO, Disqualification or Submission is the most likely occurrence that will happen in this fight. Let’s say you have a good feeling of Chandler winning by decision – you could place a $100 wager on him to win by decision you would be looking at a $500 payout.

Will the Fight go the Distance?

Choosing to bet on the distance of the fight is a simple prop bet that everyone can take part in. You will see two options – yes or no, and you will need to decide whether you think the fight will go the full number of rounds in the fight. This also means that no one will be knocked out during the fight.

If you choose no, and the fight ends in a knockout in the 3rd round, you will win your wager.

UFC Round Betting Prop Bet

Round betting is a fun way to make each round of a particular fight interesting. You can place a wager on each fighter winning each round. Each fighter will have odds of winning that round, and each round after that. If you have the Chandler vs Oliveira fight, and round one odds list Chandler at +500 to win, and Oliveira at +400 to win, you have a really good chance of winning some great money if you bet on either side.

Now that you have an idea of the most popular UFC prop bets available at BetUS Sportsbook, you can head over to our UFC section and start betting on the next fight!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do UFC Odds work?

UFC betting odds are simple to understand, and you can bet on more than just selecting the fighter to win the bout. UFC odds will show you which fighter is favored to win, and which fighter is the underdog for that particular bout. The odds are a reflection on the fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, statures, and past fight results.

How to read UFC Odds?

When you’re looking at UFC odds, you will see that there is a positive number, and a negative number. The negative number represents the favored team for that particular bout, and the positive number shows you the underdog for that particular bout. It depends which odds format you choose, whether that be American, Decimal or Fractional. We recommend reviewing our odds format guides before choosing which option you want.

Where to find Vegas Odds for UFC?

You can find Vegas odds for UFC fights online, and receive the same betting experience you would as if you were on the Las Vegas Strip. You can sign up at the BetUS sportsbook and bet easily from the comfort of your own home.

When is the UFC?

The UFC season runs almost all the time. There are regularly scheduled bouts all year long, depending on fighters’ and organizers’ schedules.

Can I bet on the UFC Odds?

Yes, you can head over to the sportsbook tab and bet on the UFC odds once you create an account and fund your account. YOu will see all available betting options for each UFC fight.

Is Betting on the UFC Odds Legal?

Yes, betting on the UFC is totally legal, especially if you live in a state that has legalized sports betting. If you don’t, never fear – BetUS Sportsbook has you covered. You never have to worry about whether sports betting is legal at BetUS

Where can I bet on the UFC Odds?

If you click the Sportsbook tab, and scroll down to the UFC/MMA menu option, you can find all the UFC odds available online. There will be plenty of options available on many different fights within a particular card.

Is there any betting strategy to use for the UFC Odds?

Before you bet on the UFC, make sure you do plenty of research on the two fighters so you have a good idea how they might pair together. A strong striker can be a weapon in a fight, but if the opposition is known for their defense, you will need to take that into account.

How to Bet on the UFC Odds?

You can bet on UFC odds by first selecting which betting option you would like to place money on. Ensure you read our How to Bet on the UFC section, as there are a few different options available. You might prefer to bet on the total number of rounds or the method of victory wager over selecting which player will win the bout outright.

Why would I bet on negative UFC Odds?

The negative UFC odds represent a favored fighter. You will choose to bet on negative UFC odds if you feel that the favored fighter will win the bout. If the odds are -165, you would have to bet $165 to win $100 on that selected fighter. Underdog fighters don’t always win, so betting the negative odds are crucial to any bettor’s strategy.

How can I make a UFC Parlay?

Yes, you can make a UFC parlay by betting on each fight within a fight card. It’s a great way to turn your correct picks into a huge payout. You will combine the odds to create one big bet slip, and all legs of that UFC bet must win for your bet to payout any winnings. Commonly, people place a wager on each fight within a fight card.

Why is BetUS a good option to bet on UFC Odds Online?

BetUS Sportsbook has a great selection of UFC odds and betting options. You will find everything you need at the BetUS sportsbook, without any worry of safety and security. You can bet safely and take advantage of some great promotions and bonuses.