Let It Ride Poker

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    Let It Ride Poker - Game Guide

    Let It Ride Poker is a classic variation of Poker where players use 3 dealt cards and 2 community cards to create a payout hand. The hand dealt along with the community cards has to qualify for a payout based on a payout table. The dealer doesn’t receive a hand, rather the two cards placed onto the table are community cards and are used by all players in order to create a qualifying payout hand.

    If no payout hand can be created from the 3 cards and 2 community cards, the player loses. The most important aspect about Let It Ride Poker is that you have the ability to take down bets based on each card. See below in the How to Play section for detailed information about the take down process.

    Let It Ride Poker - How to Play

    The player decides on the base amount that he wants to bet. For example, if the base amount chosen is $10, then the player lays $30 onto the table with $10 laid separately 3 times. Each $10 matches up to each of 3 cards that are dealt face up.

    The two community cards are dealt face down. The dealer gives the player the choice of taking down one of his bets. The player can either take down the bet, Let It Ride, or go All In. The player is given the choice of taking down the second bet. The player can let the second bet ride along with the first bet and third bet (going All In).

    The two community cards are revealed. The player is paid if the remaining cards and the two community cards create a payout that’s listed on the payout table.

    Let It Ride Poker - Bet Types

    The player has to lay down triple the base wager for each hand. If the base bet is $10, then the player must lay $30 onto the table. Each $10 represents each of 3 cards dealt. The player can Let It Ride for one or two of the $10 base wager bets, take down two of the three bets, or go All In, letting the entire $30 ride.

    Let It Ride Poker - Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts

    The minimum base bet amount for Let It Ride Poker is $1 ($3).

    The maximum base bet amount for Let It Ride Poker is $100 ($300).

    Let It Ride Poker – Payouts

    Let It Ride Poker payouts are based on an up to 5 card poker hand. You don’t play against a dealer’s hand. The hand is made up of at 2 community cards and up to 3 dealt cards.

    Let Ride Poker Payout Table
    Royal Flush 1000:1
    Straight Flush 200:1
    Four of a Kind 50:1
    Full House 11:1
    Flush 8:1
    Straight 5:1
    Three of a Kind 3:1
    Two Pairs 2:1
    Pair of 10s or Better 1:1

    Let It Ride Poker - Strategy/Tips

    Since you don’t play against a dealer hand, the real strategy for Let It Ride Poker is in studying the payout table and deciding on when to take down your bets, Let It Ride, or go All In.

    For example, if you’re showing a King, 6 and 7, then it’s going to be very difficult to make something with the two community cards out of the 6 and 7 that will payout since payouts start with a pair of 10s or better. You will want to take down the 6 and 7 (if you can!) and simply work with the King and the two community cards.

    Money management is the key to success in Let It Ride Poker. You will only want to go All In if you’re showing a strong hand before the community cards are revealed.

    Poker – Glossary

    act – To check, call, play, fold, open betting or raise. In Three Card Poker, you can only play or fold.

    action – A bet.

    ante – The minimum bet before a game of poker begins.

    deal – The act of distributing cards to players.

    face cards – Cards in the deck with “faces”: the Jack, Queen and King.

    flush – A hand where all of the cards are of the same suit: all cards are diamonds, clubs, hearts or spades.

    fold – Giving up on the hand, admitting that you’ve lost.

    four of a kind – Four cards of the same value. Four Aces constitutes four of a kind.

    full house – In a 5 card game of poker, having a pair and three of a kind.

    hand – The cards that each player holds. Example: if you’re dealt a King, Queen and Jack, your hand is a King, Queen and Jack.

    high card – The card with the highest value in a hand.

    hole – The cards dealt face down.

    off-suit – Cards not in the same suit.

    pair – Two cards of the same value.

    play – To play means to bet or raise in a game.

    push – A tie or draw.

    raise – To increase your wager.

    royal flush – When your cards, in a 5 card poker game, are a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace and are all of the same suit, all of the cards are hearts, for example. A royal flush is the best possible hand in the game of poker.

    shuffle – Mixing up the cards before they’re dealt.

    straight – When your cards in order. For example, a 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in a 5 card game of poker constitutes a straight.

    straight flush – When all of your cards are in order and of the same suit. For example, a 6 of clubs, 7 of clubs, 8 of clubs, 9 of clubs and 10 of clubs in a 5 card game of poker constitutes a straight flush.

    table limit – The maximum and minimum wagers allowed in a game.

    three of a kind – Having three cards of the same value, three 9s, as an example.

    two of a kind – A pair, two cards of the same value. Example: two 8s constitute a pair of eights.