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Touchdown Blitz™

Let’s introduce Touchdown Blitz™, a new world of online casino games for real money wagers! Inspired by the NFL, this game brings the excitement of football to our casino. Watch as the football flies through the field, and with each moment it stays in the air, your potential multiplier grows. Win a multiplier of up to 10,000x in this must-try game, available at the best online casino, BetUS!

Touchdown Blitz™ Game Guide

We know you love online casinos that deliver the best entertainment, and that’s what you get with Touchdown Blitz™. As the football takes flight, your multiplier intensifies, starting at 1x and potentially reaching 10,000x. It’s a test of nerves as you decide when to claim your prize, but remember, waiting too long might lead to a “fumble” and a lost opportunity.

Online casinos are all about fun, and that’s what we deliver day in and day out!

How to Play the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

Playing Touchdown Blitz™ is simple; trust us on this one. Start by selecting your bet amount, and then hit the Play button to launch the football. As the ball speeds through the field, a growing multiplier is displayed. You decide when to cash out, either claiming a small prize or going for the chance of a massive reward. It’s all about your strategic choices in this exciting casino game.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

We have the best online slots and games, and this Touchdown Blitz™ release is yet another that welcomes players of all budgets. You can place small stakes or opt for larger bets, obliging both casual players and high rollers. The flexible bet limits ensure an inclusive and fun experience for everyone—just like it should be!

Game Controls for the Touchdown Blitz™ Game

Touchdown Blitz™ offers all-action gameplay that hits all the boxes for the famous “crash” design. Adjust your bet amount effortlessly using intuitive controls, and then begin this online casino game with the click of a button.

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Dragon Fortune Frenzy Slot

A world of fire awaits you in Dragon Fortune Frenzy™, a game celebrated as one of the best online slots in the Asian category right now. This mythical adventure, available here at BetUS Sportsbook online, invites you to aim for the top 25,000x reward. Discover the magic with each spin as you meet three baby dragons that might just guide you to red-hot riches!

Dragon Fortune Frenzy Slot Game Guide

Dragon Fortune Frenzy is one of our online slots real money titles. It features a 5×3 layout and 10 paylines, offering exciting gameplay with medium volatility. This online casino favorite includes special Bonus Dragon Egg symbols, which become central to securing big rewards in this mythical-inspired game.


  • Dragon Wild
  • Green Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon
  • Blue Baby Dragon
  • 3 Coins
  • 2 Coins
  • 1 Coin
  • Ace-10
  • Any 3 Baby Dragons

How to Play the Dragon Fortune Frenzy Slot Game

We all enjoy an online casino with real money game experiences, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Trigger the Free Spins round by landing 3 Scatters on the grid. This can also be retriggered for more spins. The presence of Bonus symbols and Wilds can drive you toward the maximum prize of 25,000x your bet.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Dragon Fortune Frenzy Slot Game

It’s this type of game that makes us one of the best online casino sites out there. It speaks to all players with its wide betting range. Whether you’re budget-conscious or looking to place larger wagers, the game accommodates bet sizes ranging from $0.10 to $20, making it ideal for every bankroll.

Game Controls for the Dragon Fortune Frenzy Slot Game

The gameplay is centered around a prominent spin button that you can’t miss. Tap the plus icon to access Max Bet, Turbo Mode, and Auto Spin options, while the burger menu icon leads you to the paytable and detailed feature explanations. 

Dragon Fortune Frenzy is available here at BetUS Sportsbook online and sits proudly alongside other top-rated online casino games.

Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™

Prepare to be charmed by the world of Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ Hold & Win! It’s easy to see why this is being hailed as one of the best online slots in the magic theme category. The legendary Merlin is at its core and it includes the beloved Hold & Win feature, with many bonus spins to unlock. It’s time to jump into the magic of casino games with Merlin by your side!

Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ Hold & Win Slot Game Guide

This slot is set to be featured at all the top online casinos, which is why we have it right here at BetUS, your best online casino! It’s a 5×3 slot game with 40 paylines for many winning opportunities. It includes the following symbols:

  • Wild Cat
  • Merlin
  • Owl
  • Candle
  • Scroll
  • Bottle
  • Bag
  • 5 Colored Stones

How to Play the Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ Hold & Win Slot Game

Securing wins on Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ at BetUS Sportsbook online is not challenging. Trigger the Hold & Win feature with 6 or more Bonus symbols and keep collecting them for Respins. 10 free spins in another bonus game can also be retriggered to help keep the experience varied.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ Hold & Win Slot Game

Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ is now available at online casinos with real money play options, and we have a flexible betting range for all budgets. Players can expect to play from $0.20 to $100 per spin.

Game Controls for the Merlin’s Sphere of Fortune™ Hold & Win Slot Game

Simple controls make the online casino experience more enjoyable. You can easily adjust your bet total using the intuitive icons, while the main button starts the game and provides access to additional settings. The handy layout lets you interact with this excellent online casino game with no trouble at all!

Double Dragon Roulette™

Welcome to a fiery twist on American roulette with Double Dragon Roulette™, a welcome addition to our collection of online casino table games. Select your numbers and witness the dragon animate each round with fiery breath, targeting numbers and igniting them with multipliers. This game is available right now at your favorite casino online and promises a roulette experience unlike any other.

Double Dragon Roulette™ Slot Game Guide

Double Dragon Roulette™ combines the timeless appeal of American roulette with innovative gameplay, making it a must-play for those seeking an online casino with real money options. It retains classic roulette elements, including inside and outside bets like red/black, odd/even, split, and dozens. Plus, it also introduces modern concepts, setting it apart from the best online slots and traditional table games.

How to Play the Double Dragon Roulette™ Game

This will quickly become a top choice among our many online casino games, with straight-up bets that can award payouts up to 500x your stake, surpassing the standard 35:1. As the wheel spins, the dragon may shoot fireballs at the table that target up to five random numbers. If your chosen number hits, the payout multiplies accordingly. It’s clever features like this that showcase why this game is a gem that’s worth checking out at the best casino online!

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Double Dragon Roulette™ Game

Available at BetUS Sportsbook online today, Double Dragon Roulette™ is open to a wide range of players with its versatile betting options. The minimum bet is set at $1.00, ideal for those who prefer lower stakes. For high rollers, the game offers a maximum bet of $500.00, providing plenty of opportunities for larger wagers.

Game Controls for the Double Dragon Roulette™ Game

Double Dragon Roulette is an exciting addition to our online casino offerings and features intuitive controls for a classy gaming experience. Adjust chip sizes effortlessly and access game rules with ease. The highlight is the prominent Play button, which animates the dragon, adding a fiery experience to every roulette round.

Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks™

Who’s ready to take on the Tycoons and become the real winner of casino games? Betsoft’s Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks gives players the chance to do just that. Powered by the Hold and Win feature and backed up with Respins and Wilds, this is an online casino experience that promises endless entertainment.

Step into the billionaire’s world and see if you have what it takes to grab some iconic wins right here at BetUS Sportsbook online!

Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks™ Slot Game Guide

We know you want the best online casino experiences, and that’s what we have for you here. The game has 25 paylines, 5 reels, and a high volatility rating that promises a wild ride as you aim to spin and win as much as possible. We know our members look for online casinos packed with choice and entertainment, which is why we have slots like this available to play!


• Wild Logo
• Scatter Briefcase
• 4 x Tycoons
• Bag
• Barrel
• Phone
• Wine

How to Play the Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks™ Slot Game

Finding at least 6 of the Gold Bonus symbols activates the Hold and Win feature, giving you Respins aplenty in this casino online game. All Bonus symbols lock in place, and any newcomers instantly reset the Respin counter to 3. Wild symbols are also in play to help you pick up wins.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks™ Slot Game

All our online casino games are designed to be fair and accessible, and the betting limit on this one ranges from 0.25 to 35 coins.

Game Controls for the Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks™ Slot

Betsoft is no stranger to the best online slots, so you can expect action from the very first spin. To do that, use the plus and minus icons to adjust the bet total, and then spin to get the reels in motion.

Are you ready to live the tycoon life? Come and join us for some epic online slots real money gameplay today!

Plinko Rush™

The excitement of Plinko Rush™ is like no other game you’ll find here at our online casino. It’s the latest phenomenon, grabbing the attention of players worldwide. Forget the best online slots for the moment because this is an experience you’ll want to try. Bet and watch as each ball navigates through a maze of pins, increasing your chance of a payout with every bounce.

We’ve got all sorts of online casino games here, but this brand-new experience with Plinko Rush™ is sure to get our members excited!

Plinko Rush™ Game Guide

The game keeps things simple. Watch as each ball descends toward a variety of multipliers determined by your tailored board setup. The excitement peaks as balls bounce and move away from the center, increasing multipliers and potential payouts. This strategic feature adds an exciting element to every drop as you aim for big payouts at the best online casino, BetUS.

How to Play the Plinko Rush™ Game

We love casino games that offer a customizable gaming experience, and Plinko Rush™ allows players to adjust the game to their liking. You can control the number of lines, set your preferred risk levels, and choose the number of rounds to play. This flexibility ensures that each game is tailored to just how you like it.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts for the Plinko Rush™ Game

If you want to play our online casino with real money, then you’re in luck. Flexible options range from $0.10 to $10 per play. Simply set your desired bet amount and hit “Bet” to release the ball. Use multiple balls at the same time for dynamic play. If you prefer a hands-off approach, opt for auto-play and watch it all play out in front of you!

Game Controls for the Plinko Rush™ Game

Plinko Rush™ comes with user-friendly controls for an easy, entertaining experience when playing our casino online. Central to most of our casino games is the “Spin” button, and this one has an “Autospin” option for continuous play. Easily adjust your bets using the plus and minus icons. Need a rules refresher? The menu button provides quick access to game instructions.