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Triple Cash or Crash General Information

At the best online casino, BetUS, you expect the best games. So, naturally, we have crash games like the Triple Cash or Crash game by Betsoft. This game has an exciting outer space theme, and all you need for a win is to bet on where your three astronauts will eject through the trajectory of multipliers. If you think they won’t make it far, click on the rocket to auto-eject them!

Game Guide

Triple Cash or Crash offers players excitement, simplicity, and huge wins, so it’s no wonder it’s ranked as the best online casino game of its type. The game is based on a trajectory of increasing multipliers, with a rocket carrying astronauts. We know our players like it when online casinos deliver unique experiences, and this title offers exactly that. The higher the astronauts ascend, the higher the multiplier and the bigger the prize!



How to Play

Triple Cash or Crash is a classic online slot game with a twist! It lets you place a bet on three astronauts, and your astronauts need to bail out before the rocket crashes. The longer your astronauts remain, the larger your win multiplier grows. You lose your bet if the rocket crashes before your astronaut ejects.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

The betting range starts from $1 and rises to $100 per astronaut. Therefore, you can bet as little as a dollar per round or as much as $300. So, if you’re a fan of crash-type online casino games, be sure to launch this rocket-fueled title!

Game Controls

Casino games such as Triple Cash or Crash are becoming more popular due to the simple and fast gameplay and controls. Here’s how you play:

Left/Right Arrows (Bet) – Pick the bet amount.
Left/Right Arrows (Multiplier) – Pick the multiplier.
Half – Bet half your previous bet.
2x – Bet double the last bet.
Max – Bet the maximum amount.
Place Bets – Lock in the current bet amount.
Repeat All Bets – Repeat the last bet.
Gear Icon – Access the settings menu.
? – Check the information menu.

Triple Cash or Crash FAQ's

What is Triple Cash or Crash slot game by BetSoft?

Triple Cash or Crash is a popular slot game developed by BetSoft. It features a unique gameplay mechanic where players have the chance to multiply their winnings or lose them all in a “cash or crash” scenario.

How do I play Triple Cash or Crash slot game?

To play Triple Cash or Crash, you need to set your bet and spin the reels. The game has various symbols that can form winning combinations. Additionally, there is a “cash or crash” feature that triggers after a win, giving you the option to gamble your winnings for a chance to multiply them.

What is the "cash or crash" feature in Triple Cash or Crash?

The “cash or crash” feature in Triple Cash or Crash is a gamble option that activates after a winning spin. You have the opportunity to either collect your winnings or risk them for a chance to multiply them. However, if you choose to gamble and lose, you will lose your entire winnings from that spin.

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What other people say


May 3, 2023

"Triple Cash or Crash is a high-risk, high-reward slot game that never fails to get my heart racing. The gamble feature adds a thrilling element, and the multiplier wheel keeps the anticipation building. While it's a game of chance, the potential rewards make it worth the risk. I appreciate the mobile compatibility, allowing me to enjoy the excitement wherever I go. Give Triple Cash or Crash a try if you're up for some risky, but rewarding fun!"

star review star review star review star review star review


January 26, 2023

"I can't get enough of Triple Cash or Crash! The gameplay is addictive, and the "cash or crash" feature keeps me coming back for more. The chance to multiply my winnings is exhilarating, and the multipliers can be quite generous. The graphics are visually stunning, and the game runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile. It's definitely one of my favorite slot games by BetSoft."

star review star review star review star review star review


November 30, 2022

"Triple Cash or Crash by BetSoft is an adrenaline-pumping slot game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The "cash or crash" gamble feature adds an exciting twist, allowing you to multiply your winnings or risk losing them all. The multiplier wheel adds an element of suspense, and the graphics are top-notch. Get ready for a thrilling ride with Triple Cash or Crash!"

star review star review star review star review star review
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