Video Bingo

    Get the Bingo edge by playing up to eight 5x5 cards! Play Video Bingo 8 Cards in the online casino!

    Video Bingo - Game Guide

    Now you can play Bingo in the online casino. But it’s not just regular Bingo that you can play, you can play Video Bingo 8 Cards where you can play a total of eight 5x5 Bingo cards for every game!

    The minimum bet is one card at .25 cents and the maximum bet is eight cards for a total of $2! Get in on the Bingo action via your computer or mobile phone! Play Video Bingo 8 Cards in the online casino!

    Video Bingo 8 Cards - How to Play

    Bingo is a game that most of us played growing up. It’s as simple as it gets! You choose up to eight cards that you wish to play. Numbers are drawn and if the numbers drawn creates patterns on your cards, you win!

    The first thing you do is decide your coin value. You can play from a coin value of .25 cents all the way up to a coin value of $5. If you play all eight possible cards at a $5 dollar coin value, your total play will be $40 since 5 x 8 = 40.

    Once you’ve decided on your coin value, you decide how many cards to play. You can play up to eight cards. You decide to play Bet One or Bet Max and then you watch the numbers come in! If the numbers on one of your cards creates the Now Playing pattern, you win!

    Video Bingo 8 Cards – Game Features

    The game features for Video Bingo 8 Cards are designed to make it easy and fun to play. At the top is the Now Playing box. The Now Playing box lists the pattern that you are playing. For example, if you are playing an Airplane pattern, the box will say “Airplane” along with the shaded pattern that will yield a win!

    To the right of the Now Playing box is the Bingo Board where the numbers light up as they are drawn. Below the Bingo Board are your cards and to the left of the Bingo Board is a payout board.

    The way it works is that the Match number is determined by how many numbers are drawn. A matched pattern has to occur on the same card. If you match 22 off of 22 numbers, you win 5000 coins. If you match 1 number off of 70 numbers drawn, you win 1 coin.

    Video Bingo – You Win When

    You win when you match numbers to create the Now Playing pattern. Depending on how many numbers it takes to create the Now Playing pattern determines how many coins you win. The less numbers it takes you to create the pattern that leads to win yields more coins.

    Video Bingo 8 Cards – Strategy and Tips

    The strategy for winning at Video Bingo 8 Cards is similar to the strategy for winning at Video Keno. The main difference is that you want to pay attention to the cost per coin when playing Video Bingo. If you choose to play the coin max, $5 per coin, and you play 8 cards each time, you’ll be wagering $40 per round. The cost to play will add up quickly.

    Make sure to manage your bankroll through the max coin played because you will always want to play the max cards allowed, which is eight. The more cards you play, the better your chances of getting a Bingo on at least one card.

    Video Bingo – Glossary

    bingo – If you hit the Now Playing pattern on one of your cards, you are said have gotten Bingo!

    bingo board – The board where the numbers light up in a game of Bingo.

    bingo card – Cards with numbers in a game of bingo that provide a pattern. If you hit the pattern that is being played, the Now Pattern, you get a Bingo and that cards wins.

    pattern – The pattern being played in a game of bingo at the time. Examples of patterns are airplane, checkers and diamond. Video Bingo 8 Cards tells you the pattern in the Now Playing box at the top of the screen.