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Blackjack Split Rules & Tips: When and How to Split

Dec 14 3 min read

A crucial weapon in the player’s struggle against the blackjack dealer is how to split bet. If we were to summarize the blackjack strategies into one straightforward principle, this: if the dealer appears vulnerable, you should be aggressive and place as much money as on the table.

In this article, we will explain what splitting is when playing blackjack online, the rules guiding splitting, and when and how to split.

Understanding What Does Splitting Mean? and When to Split in Blackjack?

When a player’s initial two-card hand has two identical cards, one gameplay option available to the player is splitting. Splitting allows a player to divide the cards into two different hands, after which the dealer will deal one more card to each hand.

To split in blackjack, the player must make an additional wager on the newly formed hand equal to the bet they made at the game’s outset. Alternatively, if you have the opportunity, split if the dealer shows an upcard like a 4, 5, or 6. This means you should double down with a larger number of cards than usual. This is because you now have twice as much money on the table, which is ideal if the dealer’s upcard appears weak. This is the primary advantage of dividing.

When to split in blackjack?

There are various hands in the blackjack game where splitting is recommended based on probability. Additionally, there are some hands in which you should never split and others in which you should base on the dealer’s up-card.

Although following these guidelines would not guarantee victory every time, doing so will increase your chances of succeeding.

Always split Aces

In playing blackjack online, splitting aces is a good option. This is because 10-value cards are many in the blackjack card deck, making your likelihood of having a better hand more feasible.

Always Split Eights

An opening hand of two eights is fairly weak when playing blackjack online.

Playing your pair of eights as one hand limits your room for movement. You will get busted if your score exceeds five. On the other hand, suppose you split them, and your chances of having a strong hand increase.

Never split Tens

It is improbable that you will improve with either of your split hands if you split tens because doing so destroys a very strong hand.

Never split Fours

The most you can receive with a pair of fours is 19, which is a respectable score. If you split, your hands can only become better with three cards: your original pair of fours, a five, a six, or a seven. Your chances of winning that round would be significantly reduced if you are not dealt those cards.

Other guidelines include the following:

Never split 5s
Never hit on hard 18
Always split your 6s

Blackjack split rules

Always examine the blackjack regulations for the variation you are playing and any modifications at the physical or online casino where you are playing.

Below are some of the rules to check for before playing blackjack online:

In some casinos, dividing 10-value cards is only permitted when they are of the same rank. Splitting a 10-10 hand is acceptable, but not for a jack-queen hand.
It may be against the rules to double down or split additional hands after the initial split.
A non-blackjack 21 could be defined as an ace and a ten-card following the initial split.
You are typically only allowed to hit once after splitting aces.

Final Thoughts

In playing blackjack online, you must come to terms with the fact that the dealer may still get lucky and win even when you play sensibly and follow all the split rules discussed in this article. You must accept that splitting is a requirement of the game and that you made good choices in the long run. Avoid being frustrated because you follow your basic strategy and see yourself becoming better at the game.

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