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The 5 Most Profitable and Good Starting Hand Types in Blackjack

Dec 13 3 min read

Playing casino table games involves a dealer who deals cards and players who receive them. Most people know that certain hands give you a significant advantage. For example, having a royal flush is the best hand you can have in the game of poker.

Knowing How to Choose the Best Hands in Blackjack

Are you coming over to play blackjack online? Bear in mind that the same rules apply. Not all starting hands are the same, and while some have more advantages than others, a lack of knowledge can cost you. In this article, we will be looking at five crucial and profitable starting hands in blackjack.

Starting Hand 1: 21 (Blackjack)

The natural 21 is the most rewarding starting hand in the blackjack game. This starting hand profit payout in a standard 21 game is 3:2, or 150% of a player’s initial bet. The cards that make up the natural 21, also called a blackjack, are the 10-value card and an ACE.

There are four cards valued at a 10. These are 10, J, Q, K. There are only two possibilities when a player has this starting hand. It is rare that a player is dealt this card, but it is party time when given. You can either tie the game with the dealer or win outright. This hand can only tie or win; it never loses.

Starting Hand 2: Soft 18

The soft 18 is another good hand to start with when playing blackjack online.
There are two types of games for which soft 18 have different strategies. First, how you will play the soft 18-hand in a double and multi-hand deck will be different from a single-deck game.

An example will be to double down on soft 18 if the dealer’s upcard is either a 3, 4, 5, or 6 in a double-deck game or single-deck game. Proper application of the right strategies will see players having more winning edge than losses over the dealer.

Starting hand 3: Hard 11

This is one of the most profitable starting hands when playing blackjack online. Hard 11 has four variations. There can either be a 6-5, 8-3, 9-2, or 7-4. In the real sense, these totals have a probability value of 0.6674 of the initial wager of a player.

In the long run, players are set to gain $666.74 for every $1000 they bet. The player holding a hard 11 in a blackjack online game only has one choice. Regardless of your dealer’s upcard rank, it would help if you double down on your hard 11. There are, however, little tips and tricks to properly optimize this good hand. All a player needs to do is memorize them, and they are good to go.

Starting hand 4: Hard 20

The hard 20 is one of the most profitable hands when playing blackjack online. This card can only occur when a player is dealt two 10s. These totals have a probability of 0.7910 of the player’s initial wager with this card. This means that a player stands a chance to win $790.18 for every $1000 they bet.

The only hand that can beat a hard 20 is the natural 21. Sometimes the dealer will draw to this total in various ways, such as by drawing a 7 after drawing a 6 for a total of 14 (the hole card total).

Starting Hand 5: Soft 20

The soft 20 is one impressive and profitable starting hand when playing blackjack online. When you are dealt a soft 20, an ace with a value of 11 is placed next to a 9 in your hand. These card pairings can also lead to this soft total: 3-5, 7-2, and 5-4-A. Since these totals are mild, a different playing approach is needed from the hard 20.

The value of the soft 20 is 0.7918 of the initial wager or the same as a two-card total of 20. In the long run, this means that for every $1000 wagered, the player will profit by $790.18.
Final Thoughts.

Every starting hand in blackjack online has a mathematical value. Getting to know the best starting hand a player can have, is a key aspect of playing blackjack. This also gives you an edge when you next play a game. You can predict when these circumstances may arise and how best to approach them from all we discussed in this article. To Play Blackjack online, visit BetUs online casino.

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