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Is My Odds in a Free Online Poker Same as Real Poker?

Nov 13 2 min read

We could write a book on the similarities and differences between online poker and real-life poker at a brick-and-mortar casino. Despite the game’s general rules being identical, there is a lot of core difference between the two gameplay experiences. Some fundamental differences include the speed of the game and the need to learn how to play on a digital platform. Both can be difficult for newly transitioned players to get used to. 

Another area where online and land-based poker differs is your odds of winning. The truth is that the odds are lower that you will succeed online when compared with a land-based casino. There are a few reasons for this which we will explore below. But the key takeaway should be that just because you win poker hands at a casino doesn’t guarantee you success at an online venue. 

Steeper Competition

The biggest reason for the lower odds online is the uptick in competition when you move to the digital space. Franky, land-based casinos don’t attract many high rollers or sharks these days. Long gone are the days of the movie card hustler who hits up various casinos to prey on lesser players. Nowadays, players looking for that kind of action are primarily online. It’s a perfect platform for them to operate and never have to leave their home. 

So, if you are looking for a soft game of poker, you might want to stick to the land-based games or get some practice under your belt. You can also try and play low-limit games as a way to avoid these players or get some head-to-head practice in. For the most part, predatory players do not populate low-limit tables because there is insufficient meat on the bone. You can rest assured that most players you encounter here are casual or novices. You can also practice at sites like WSOP, which offers free games for players to enjoy. The action is the same, but with no financial risk to you. 

Faster Gameplay

Another aspect of online play that affects the odds of winning is the game’s pace. While players at a land-based casino tend to play very slowly, online players go at warp speed.  This can trip up inexperienced players who are trying to learn the game against real-life competitions. Without time to think or read the other players, winning consistently is difficult. There is not much you can do to avoid this. Therefore you must practice on your own before jumping into a high-paced online game. 

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