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Donald Trump Futures: Odds Remain Steady Despite Multiple Indictments

Love or hate him; there is no denying that former President Donald J. Trump finds himself in quite the pickle, legally speaking. I am also in a predicament as I try to navigate writing this story without ticking off half of the nation. So bear with me as I attempt to cover Trump’s political odds while resisting the temptation to share anything but facts and figures.

Here goes nothing.

Donald Trump Futures: Odds Remain Steady Despite Multiple Indictments
Former US President Donald Trump | Timothy A. Clary / AFP

Charges Against Trump

After a grand jury in Georgia indicted the former POTUS with felony racketeering and several conspiracy counts related to his effort to overturn the 2020 election. While many presidential candidates would pack it up at this point, if Trump is anything, it’s persistent. He shows zero sign of giving up despite this being his fourth indictment in recent months.

Trump is also dealing with a Federal indictment for four felony counts related to his alleged election tampering, 32 felony counts in Florida for alleged mishandling of top secret documents, and 34 felony counts related to his failed payoff of porn star Stormy Daniels.

Again, any other presidential candidate would be out the door so fast that their shoes would be on fire under this mounting legal pressure. Yet Trump continues to see the lion’s share of attention regarding GOP candidates.

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Political Odds Movement Following Indictments

I can’t decide what is more shocking, that somebody running for president has dozens of felony counts pending against them or that said candidate is still leading the political betting market at -350 to become the Republican nominee for the 2024 election.

Ron Desantis (+600) is the only other name close regarding political lines. Still, word on the street is his numbers are crashing due to a combination of boring speeches and extreme unlikability on the campaign trail.

Longshots include Tim Scott (+2200), Glenn Youngkin (+2500), and Nikki Haley (+3000).

The fact that the odds barely budged despite four pending indictments on felony charges is mind-boggling. Whether you believe the chargest, in what world does all this happen, and nobody changes their opinions? The sportsbooks are banking on the loyalty of Republicans to back up a man who has been disloyal to his voters.

If I had to make political picks for the 2024 presidency, it would certainly not be Trump. With so many dark clouds swirling around him, the odds should be far lower than they currently are. The only reasonable explanation that Trump’s odds aren’t in the toilet is that the GOP has no other suitable candidate to offer voters.

I don’t imagine things will get any better for The Don in the coming months, so if you plan to take a risk, I recommend waiting for his odds to catch up to all the bad news he’s been receiving. See where the lines are when the dust settles.

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